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The 2018 California Open: Real Time Feed

Watch this live event!



1st Place $3,000

2nd Place $2,400

3rd – 4th Place $1,250

5th – 8th Place $850

9th – 12th Place $225

13th – 20th Place $100

Best Game in SemiFinals/Finals $100

High Run in SemiFinals/Finals $100

Best General Average in SemiFinals/Finals $200

The 2018 California Open Top 8 Finals

The 2018 California Open Top 20 Semi Finals

Robinson Morales
Luis Carranza
Allen Castillo
Alberto Avila 
Ricky Carranco

Pedro Piedrabuena
Raye Raskin
Allan Lys Jensen
Andy Nguyen
R. Meza

Vicke Pineda
Gabriel Rojas
Guillermo Sosa
R. Olmos
Tung Nguyen

Francisco Palafox
Gilbert Najm
Mike Kim
Ignacio Barajas
Stan Lee




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