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Poker Pro, Anthony Pirone To Play Efren Reyes

October 30th & 31st

The Broken Rack / 6005 Shellmound St. #160, Emeryville, CA

Live Stream: www.povpool.com

The cues are clashing away on this final day at the 37th Annual U.S. Open, in Virgina Beach, who’s remaining 4 players will battle it out on Accu-Stats’ live stream all day today! 

Alex Pagulayan  / Shane Van Boening / Dennis Orcullo / Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes

Meanwhile on the West Coast, Emeryville’s Broken Rack Sports Bar and Pool-hall is getting ready to host a 2-day event, featuring a One-Pocket Match between 1 of the 4 remaining U.S. Open players, Efren Reyes and  Poker Pro/Pool Player Anthony Pirone.  “I been a pool-player since the age of 10 and I’ve never quit…” says Anthony,  “In addition to year-round play, I generally take 3 or 4 months of every year to seriously focus on the game, which includes playing world class champions like Francisco Bustamante, Scott Frost, Jose Parica, Efren Reyes and others. I like to think of these sessions as very important lessons of the sport.”  

With, Reyes being heavily favored in this even game of One-Pocket, Tony ‘Piranha’ Pirone should serve to remind those who have the luxury, of what its like to ‘step-up’ and play the game for reasons other than winning. Tony states, “Efren is the greatest pool player of all time and even now at about 60 years old is one of the top 2 or 3 one-pocket players in the world.  He’s one of my idols and I am absolutely thrilled and honered to play him.  I have no delusions of winning at all but it should be a competitive game if I play well.” 

Hopefully for Tony, Efren will arrive in Emeryville with a ‘rotation stroke’ for the first few hours, who has fought his way to the final 4 players of the U.S. Open 9-Ball event. Once finished, Efren will fly to Los Angeles and head to Bellflower’s, Hard Times Billiards venue for 2 days of One-Pocket tune-up; then it’s off to Northern California on Tuesday morning for the match with Pirone. 

Thankfully, the staff at The Broken Rack will accomodate POV Pool with the space and internet connection for the live stream of this action for the entire event. POV Pool would like to thank, The Broken Rack staff, Rex Goulet, Alex Bradley, Tony Torres, Anthony Pirone and Efren Reyes for all of their help in making this event possible.

Spectators Welcome / ALSO FREE 

WHAT: Efren Reyes VS Anthony Pirone

WHEN: October 30th / 31st  @ 12pm – 8pm  PST

WHERE: The Broken Rack6005 Shellmound St, #160 / Emeryville, CA  / 94608  / 510.652.9808

FREE LIVE STREAM: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/povpool

 ~Watch Here~

Video streaming by Ustream

Hard Times, Sacramento Gears Up For Markulis Event!

The 5th Annual Chuck Markulis Memorial Jamboree!

October 11th – 15th, 2012 @ Hard Times Billiards, Sacramento

One of the most anticipated memorial tournaments in California rapidly approaches, with this year’s event boasting a whopping $6,000 added prize fund. The 5 day event consists of a 3 day, One-Pocket Tournament open to a field of 32 players and overlapped by a 3 day, 9-Ball tournament open to 192 players. This will be the 5th annual event since Chuck’s passing, which is expected to draw the likes of BCA, Hall Of Famers, Jose Parica and Francisco Bustamante, Rodney Morris, Amar Kang, Oscar & Ernesto Dominguez, Raj “The Hitman” Hundal, Dave Hemmah and not to mention, many ‘dark horse’ contenders from all over the U.S. Last year’s champions include Jose Parica in One-Pocket and Rodney Morris winning the 9-ball portion of the event. In 2010, audiences to the live streamed event were treated to a magnificent showdown between the two Philippine  giants, Francisco Bustamante and Efren Reyes. 

The event is always open to all professional and amateur players and the staff at Hard Times Billiards has requested some of the industry’s most trusted servants to assist with the operations, such as the professional referee services and direction of Ken Shuman and Janet Okamoto. Hard Times, Sacramento Manager, Tony Torres with Brian La Flamme are also working with Hard Times, Bellflower in order to insure that registrations can be submitted at both locations with the additional help of Sam Kim and Marie Lim. Registration forms can also be downloaded below and mailed in. 

Honoring the late, Chuck Markulis who passed away in 2008 at the age of 71, he was responsible for bringing some of the biggest billiard action to California after opening a chain of 4 pool halls in California named Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower, San Diego, La Habra and in Sacramento. With the help of his friend and associate Jay Helfert, they designed and built Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower, CA which drew players from all over the world to play in some of the most memorable tournaments of its time. The success of this venue quickly prompted Chuck to open the other locations, of which the Sacramento and Bellflower locations remain to this day. 

Live Streamed Coverage!

The event will, once again be streamed live and for free by Andy Chen, who has worked tirelessly over the years to bring some of the best coverage of tournament action and other billiards related media to viewers all over the world. The live stream will, as always feature live commentary by Andy and other special guests which can be accessed at the following link: 


POV Pool Thanks Tony Torres!

Point Of View Pool would especially like to thank Tony Torres who has gone to great lengths to insure the success of this event. Tony has worked hard every year, not only as an ambassador to many of the players and staff involved, but also to coordinate additional promotions, live streamed coverage and the day to day operations of Hard Times Billiards. Chuck would be proud of you!

—–Additional Resources—–

Hard Times Billiards Sacramento Website

Hard Times Billiards Bellflower Website

Original 2012 Flyer 

—–Chuck Markulis Official Registration Form—–

Click to download: 5thannual

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