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POV Pool Announces a new, ‘Live Stream, Revenue Sharing’ Business Model!

January 30th, 2014

Point Of View Pool Headquarters, Los Angeles

Introducing, ‘LSRS’ / Live Stream, Revenue Sharing!

Beginning this February, Point Of View Pool at www.povpool.com is thrilled to announce a new ‘Pay-Per-View’ concept that offers viewers more live streaming events with players and their host venues benefiting directly through a percentage of the POV Pool’s, Pay-Per-View Profits.

It’s time players get paid directly for their talent and star-power through ‘LSRS’.

I am expanding my vision of Pool and Billiards streaming so that players and venues can partner with POV Pool for an any event and enjoy the financial benefits that they deserve. I am creating a Pay-Per-View model that creates incentives for players and venues to enter POV Pool’s live streamed events, and profit directly from the viewers that they draw for each event. This enables the viewers to directly contribute monetarily to their favorite Players and venues for any hosted event.

For example: a monthly tournament that is usually $500 added and streamed for $8 to POV Pool’s subscribers, will now grow the payouts directly related to the increased draw of the players, host venues and viewers. More Players and More Viewers will grow payouts based on PPV attendance.

Simply put, The more viewers that POV ‘Players’ and Host Venues draw, the more they get paid! Everyone benefits directly!

It is my theory that this model (LSRS), will set a new precedent for live streamers everywhere. I expect and encourage other streamers to follow the same model, which will not only create a direct incentive for players to promote their own events and brands, but will also encourage unity and free competition amongst a growing number of other streamers. Just as I have been generous to all venues and players with my time and resources, it is my goal for the future of pool to remain generous with the profits of viewership.

What’s also exciting is, the PPV streams will now be privately hosted and streamed virtually ‘AD FREE’ to viewers, adding to yet another long list of improvements POV Pool has made to it’s presentations in the past 3 years.

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 8.24.35 PM

The Facts

After 3 years in business as a live presenter of hundreds of events and matches, POV Pool’s main sources of income has been generated through viewer donations, limited sponsorships and service fees to venues. Even though support is growing, it seems apparent in 2014 that that the billiard industry as a whole can not financially sustain a budget needed to produce a quality live stream broadcast.

It’s a question of simple economics. As with the rest of the billiard industry, i.e.; the table manufacturers, pool halls, leagues and tournaments… they are sustained by pool players and pool enthusiasts, who put coins into the pay tables, purchase cues and billiard equipment, join leagues and enter into events… the phenomenon of live-streaming will merely become another product, which consumers can enjoy as part of the tapestry of their pool lifestyle.  And, just as the rest of the industry sponsors billiard events and tournaments, supporting live streamed events on a PPV basis, will now provide the streamer with enough leverage to pay the streaming talent directly and also sponsor its own events.

‘LSRS’ Starts this February

You can immediately order tickets for future events on POV Pool’s website at:http://www.povpool.com/action/  – Pricing will vary based on certain events, but should be affordable for most PPV audiences.

The first scheduled Pay-Per-View event will occur from Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower, California on February 1st & 2nd. It will be the “Hard Times 1st Saturday and Sunday” Tournaments of the month. Saturday will be One-Pocket and Sunday will be 9-Ball. The show will also be advertisement ‘free’. The pricing for this event and for future events will generally cost less than a matinee price at your local movie theater and will usually run for over 6 hours through to the final match of the event. Some proceeds of this event will be immediately added towards the day’s prize fund, with an additional percentage held back for future events. An announcement as to how much is being added will be made immediately during or sooner than the semi finals match. 1st Sun Hard TimesArtistic

I would expect to see a typical, $500 added event to immediately grow by at least $100 in prize money, at which point, we will see it grow larger from there. Ideally, POV Pool would like to see ALL prize funds for events grow to double in size with, also enough being held back to use for even larger, POV Pool sponsored events.

1st Sat Hard TimesArtisticPlease visit www.povpool.com to find out more about which events are FREE and which are PPV. New dates are constantly being added to the schedule.


“Please keep loving pool!”  – Daniel Busch

For sponsorship, event, tournament inquiries, or other related issues, please contact Daniel Busch at 

POV Pool is proudly sponsored by: Kamui TipsRunOut Apps and PoolAHolic Apparel

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Mosconi Cup’s Breaking News on ABR!

January 28th – 2014

American Billiard Radio – Breaking News Broadcast!

ABR Logo

Mark Cantrill Interviews Luke Riches! 

A breaking report today with Mark Cantrill on American Billiard Radio revealed some new developments regarding The Mosconi Cup. Mark spoke with Matchroom Sports’, Media Director, Luke Riches to discuss a couple of breaking topics around this years’ event, which is to be held in Blackpool this December.

Mark Wilson Named as U.S. Captain!


The first topic was the appointment of Mark Wilson, who will now ‘Captain’ the U.S., Mosconi Team this year. Mark, who has been a touring professional player since the 1980’s has spent many years as an instructor with the BCA and CueSports International and is also an active recruiter to billiards youth as the ‘head’ of the billiards program at Lindenwood University in conjunction with the Billiard Education Foundation.

Matchroom Sports staff have embraced Mark Wilson, who is seen as a true professional to the billiard industry as a whole, and seems the most qualified candidate to strengthen and galvanize a new, U.S. Mosconi Team to a hopeful victory against Europe this year.

Remaining Mosconi Tickets To Go On Sale Jan. 29!  

The other breaking announcement by Mr. Riches in this interview was that Matchroom Pool has decided to put the remaining tickets for this year’s Mosconi Event in Blackpool on sale, tomorrow, January 29th at 12 Noon GMT. This decision was made by Matchroom, after they experienced record-breaking sales of 400 ‘season’ tickets which sold out within one hour last week on www.seetickets.com.

What is truly amazing about these tickets being sold out so quickly, is that the new U.S. Team has not even been announced yet, nor do we have any clue as to which team members are being considered. The selection process will be delegated to Mark Wilson, who is currently tied up at the Derby City Classic event and is unavailable to be interviewed.

Other Mosconi Developments Inevitable!


It seems rather likely that in the light of recent events, like the ‘landslide’ victory by Team Europe in Las Vegas and talk of many changes needing to be made we should expect to hear more ‘breaking’ news about The Mosconi Cup this year. The billiard forums are buzzing with suggestions, ranging from whether 10-ball should be played instead of 9-Ball, to what young new players would be better suited to represent the U.S. team.

In this case, only time will tell this story and we hope to hear from Mark Wilson very soon on future broadcasts of ABR (American Billiard Radio).  Be that as it may, if you are intending to purchase Mosconi Tickets this year, they will most likely be sold out by the end of February! Purchase them on January 29th at 12 Noon, GMT at the following link,  www.seetickets.com.


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