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Golden Cue Billiards Sets the Stage for New World Billiards!

Saturday – December 5th, 2015

The Golden Cue – South El Monte, CA 

Golden Cue Logo

Saturday, December 5th, 2015 – A ‘Swan Song’ for New World Billiards

This Saturday, December 5th will be a special engagement for The Golden Cue Billiards club in South El Monte, California. A very special, 15th annual memorial tournament for ‘Big Al’, much loved and respected by SoCal pool players is always special of course, but not the only thing special about it. This event also sets the stage for the ‘final bow’ from New World Billiards… Yes, the 15th Annual, $1,500 added, ‘Big AL’ La Mode 9-Ball event will be New World Billiards’ final tournament before closing their books for good. This year’s annual shin-dig has a full field of 64 players, who’s names will ring a bell to anyone with over a decade of history in our community. The event will be streamed live on POV Pool, but to any locals out there who know these players personally you should jump in the car and get to Golden Cue Billiards. It just might be the last time we see these names in the same room all at once. The NWB handicapped format drew a very special tribe of passionate players which I’m not sure will cultivate again any time soon. Names like Tony/Phil/Carmine Sardo, Ed Sellers, Derek Kim, Wayne Pullen, Jerry Lin, Erwin Macapagal, Larry Bohn, Jenny Lee and more… These are some of the original players dating back to the defunct, USPPA organization, born in the late 90’s. If you’re looking for a story or two from these guys about pool in its heyday, you just might find it here on this day.

A short trip down memory lane: SOME OLD POSTERS WITH NWB


For those who didn’t know, ‘New World Billiards’ was the last remaining independent organization on the west coast of the United States to bring us handicapped 9-ball tournaments on 9-foot tables, playing for cash or added monies, without having to be part of a league. Accepting any players and rating them according to skill level; players could pick and choose any event/s they wanted to compete in without worry about being cut or eliminated from the rankings roster. The only requirement for membership was an annual $25 fee to be entered into the database and whatever their tournament fee was per event. Tony Annigoni’s, USPPA format was basically the starting point from which ‘NWB’ launched. Originally owned by Ron Wishnack and Ken Elton, their mission was to pick up where the USPPA left off but made a few tweaks to their handicapping, so as not to conflict with Tony’s original invention. Although NWB’s organization was solid and quickly migrated 99% of  Southern California’s USPPA players, it never did gain the traction that USPPA gained in the early 2000’s.

Fun Fact: One of POV Pool’s 1st streams was in December of 2011 for New World Billiards’, It was the 1st Annual BIG DEAL event. Wayne Pullen beat Jerry Lin in the finals! 

Some Sordid History in Brief…

New World Billiards was formed in 2010 in response to the demise of the USPPA that was owned and operated by pool promoter, Tony Annigoni. NWB held many low cost, weekly tournaments at up to 6 venues in Southern California and quickly obtained over 150 members within its first month of forming. They also threw several annual tournaments which paid deep, guaranteed added monies with very little entry for its members who qualified to enter. These were the good guys… Ron Wishnack and Ken Elton committed and honest, they were loyal to the USPPA until problems began brewing. In 2010, a controversy surrounding the USPPA’s infamous 99 player ‘Reno’ event in, left its top 12 players without any payouts and an elusive promoter, almost impossible to contact or get a straight answer from for many months. The reaction from many players to Tony and the organization which, had a National reach and almost 1,600 registrations was to leave and therefore USPPA quickly lost 75% of its base. To date, the winner’s of the aforementioned tournament in Reno have not yet received full payment; even despite the 1st place winner, Jeff Gregory’s judgement of $5,000 against Tony Annagoni, to pay up.

On a slightly broader scale, the USPPA’s demise had a profound effect on the billiard community. It served as a catalyst to form New World Billiards in SoCal and Bob Beaulieu’s – World PPA with almost 1,600 players in NorCal; the handicapped, APA, TAP leagues and even Mark Griffin’s USAPL league also took root to adopt many of the estranged casual players and serious players seeking a new home to work on their games.

We hope you enjoy this final event from New World Billiards. Good luck to all players and Keep Loving Pool! Thank you to Ron Wishnack and Ken Elton and best of luck in your future endeavors!

POV Pool – Streaming Live at 11am / PST

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Elias Valles
Rich Hodge
Randy Miller
Jeffrey Pu
Larry Bohn
Dave Hemmah
Marielle Lim
Bob Jocz
Phi Le
Jerry Lin
Barbara Lee
Sairith Mey
Derek Kim
Ed Sellers
Roger Goto
Carmine Sardo
David Carroll
Ron Meadows
Aaron Estrada
Ron Reisler
Mel Legunzad
Paul Santos
Mark Whitehead
Trevor Benbrook
Phil Sardo
Jeff Ham
John Nekali
Larry Pan
Ra Hanna
Erwin Macapagal
Ralf Stier
Mike Stilkey
Terry Reagan
Mike Adelson
MJ Partin
Jenny Lee
Jonah Vise
Eric Friar
Luis Lopez
Kevin Nakamura
Gil Leon
Keith O'Donnell
Bob Young
Jon Balan
CD Johnson
Wayne Pullen
Trinh Lu
Rich Daniel
Ray Van
Geraldine Thibodeau
Johnny Ngo
Brian Cady
Mike Piy
Jeremiah Johnson
John Halter
Mauricio Marroquin
April Shirakawa
Reid Fleming
Candie Rosenberger
Ken Hoshide
Gigi Callejas
Al Garcia
Hiroko Makiyama

Florian ‘Venom’ Kohler to Perform at The Golden Cue!

November 29th, 2015

Golden Cue Billiards – South El Monte, CA

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.12.14 AM


Viral Sensation, ‘Venom Trickshots’ Perform at Golden Cue Billiards!

The ‘Action Room’ on Sundays at The Golden Cue in South El Monte, CA – usually reserved for it’s weekly 9 Ball Tournament, will be hosting a very special event with Florian ‘Venom’ Kohler to perform a 90 minute exhibition of some of his best tricks and artistic pool shots. This event, sponsored by The San Gabriel Valley APA League and The Golden Cue Billiards welcomes all spectators to attend for free, but be warned also that you may get picked out of the crowd assist Florian with one or two of his numbers. Florian, who currently resides in Las Vegas and performs annually around the world, will be in Southern California on a two-day tour of 2 rooms, starting on Saturday at Danny K’s in Orange County, his final appearance will be at The Golden Cue Billiards. Oh – and don’t worry – the usual Sunday 9 Ball Tournament will still go on at 8:00pm, so don’t forget to bring your cue/s.

Special Guests at The Golden Cue Only! 

The Golden Cue has also scheduled two very special guests, Abram ‘Too Tall’ Diaz and Marty ‘The Farmer’ Carey to open for Florian for 20 minutes each. Marty Carey, well known throughout the world for his product ‘The Marty Carey Jump Cue’ and his top 20 world ranking will start things off with a few of his best jump shots, while Abram Diaz, a top 10 world ranked artistic pro also known for having a humungous stroke at the table will bring us a few of his finest moments.

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Spectators Welcome – Please join us! Golden Cue Logo

  • Golden Cue Billiards
  • 1953 Durfee Ave
  • South El Monte, CA 91733
  • (626) 575-4821

Sunday’s Schedule at The Golden Cue Billiards – November 29th, 2015: 

  • 5:00pm – Marty ‘The Farmer’ Carey
  • 5:25pm – Abram ‘Too Tall’ Diaz
  • 5:45pm – Florian ‘Venom’ Kohler
  • 7:15pm – Autographs and Photographs
  • 8:00pm – Sunday 9-Ball Tournament

Marty Carey Jump Cue


Live Streamed on POV Pool! 

For all of those around the world, this event will be streamed to your desktops and mobile devices, LIVE and FREE by Point Of View Pool; covered using 3 cameras and graphical shot displays. To watch this event, please join us here or on Ustream at 5:00pm / PST

Ask me for a free sample of Cheqio’s Precision Drink and Capsules! 

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.03.25 AM


BTW – The regular Sunday 9 Ball Tournament will still go on at 8:00pm, so don’t forget to bring your cue/s! 

  • 8:00pm – Sunday 9-Ball Tournament




Efren Reyes vs Mike Stilkey – Action Match at The Golden Cue!

Friday – October 16th, 2015

The Golden Cue Billiards, South El Monte, CA

Golden Cue Logo

Another One Pocket Match on POVPool with Efren Reyes! 

LIVE ON POVPOOL – Friday – 8 PM / PST 

w/ Chat Room: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/povpool

Efren Reyes is still in Southern California and looking to play and Point Of View Pool is going to cover the action for another last minute, 1-pocket match at Ken Hoshide’s, Golden Cue Billiards, located in South El Monte, California.

Please join us live on our Ustream Channel and if you are in the area, don’t miss the chance to see Efren in action with one of our local heroes, Mike Stilkey!

For those of you wondering… Mike is no slouch!

Efren at Golden Cue Billiards povpool

  • Efren Reyes vs Mike Stilkey
  • One-Pocket
  • Race to 3 / Minimum 3 races for $100 each
  • Efren spotting 10/7
  • 8:00 PM / PST

For those of you wondering… Mike is no slouch!

Stilkey on POVPOOL

w/ Chat Room: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/povpool


Thanks to our sponsors: Tiger ProductsKamui Tips, Marty Carey’s Jump Q

POVPOOL is powered by: ReaniMac and Automated Entertainment

Buy stuff from these guys!

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Keep Loving Pool!



The Golden Cue’s Monthly One-Pocket – Every 2nd Saturday!

Saturday, July 11th – 2015

Golden Cue Billiards – South El Monte, CA

Golden Cue Banner

One-Pocket with a 3-Level Handicap

The Golden Cue Billiards and it’s management has settled on a handicap – one-pocket format, designed to attract players to the game who may normally feel a little hesitant to get into the box with some of the better ‘one-pocketeers’ that frequent the venue for its monthly event. Played out every 2nd Saturday of the month, The Golden Cue takes in around 2o players to the ‘action room’ to compete for prize money which consists of $100 added and a $24 entry fee. This Saturday will be no different except to say that the less skilled of the ‘one-pocketeers’ will have slightly better odds and will afford them the opportunity to play a few more matches with some of the better players in the field.

Handicapping Explained

In the game of pool there are many players of varying skill levels, so our goal here is to equalize the field by changing some of the requirements to win. In the game of One-Pocket, when to players, play ‘EVEN’ it means that there is no handicap and in a rack of 15 balls, the first player to pocket the 8th ball wins the game. The Golden Cue’s monthly will make adjustments to this ball count, depending on the division of skill level that it has settled on. With the help of the ‘all knowing’ public, Tournament Director, Geraldine Thibodeau will assign each player’s skill level that will determine your handicap.

Geraldine states, “We believe this is going to be a successful way to promote one-pocket to new players that want to learn more about this game. Working with Golden Cue’s owner, Kenny Hoshide, we have done some polling and surveys to find out what will work best and we are happy to provide this format of play for the game of one-pocket. The only spot that we have not committed to is if a ‘Super Pro’ like Dennis Orcullo or Scott Frost shows up and wants a piece. At that point, it’s possible that even those in the ‘Pro’ category may even be spotted a ball or two. We are looking forward to seeing some new faces and also our regular visitors. Please join us this Saturday at Noon for practice – the tournament begins at 1:30 pm.”

What Shot Would You Do? 

POV Pool will also the at Golden Cue to capture a few matches and to record a video response to our second edition of “What Shot Would You Do?”  – In the future, we expect this to become a sponsored segment that will occur monthly.

what would you do 2


Skill Level          Ball Spot              Your score against a beginner 

  • Beginner             4-Balls                         8-8
  • Intermediate      2-Balls                          9-7
  • PRO                     0-Balls                        10-6
  • Super PRO         0-Balls                         To Be Determined



Video Recording and Live Bracket

As an additional courtesy to its players and to The Golden Cue, POV Pool will be there to provide video recording services using a 3-camera package and audio commentary. This event WILL NOT be live streamed, so spectators will have to visit the venue and enjoy the A/C, Beer and Snacks available. There will also be a live bracket available to view online, which is powered by CompuSport; a custom link which will be made available soon.

POV_minimal_v-300x168  Compusport Logo

Tournament Details and Times

The Golden Cue 2nd Saturday One-Pocket Tournament – Every 2nd Saturday of the Month! 

  • Open to 32 Players
  • $24 Entry (Includes $4 Green and TD Fee)
  • $100 Added – Based on 16 Players
  • Start Time 1:30 PM – Practice at Noon
  • Double Elimination / Race to 2/1
  • Handicap Format – Balls Spotted
  • The Golden Cue Billiards / Google Map
  • Phone Number: (626) 575-4821
  • Tournament Director: Geraldine Thibodeau (310) 889-4799

Find out about the Hard Times 10-Ball and One-Pocket Event In July! 


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