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The One Pocket Challenge with Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes: May 21-23 at Hard Times Billiards!

May 11th, 2016

POV Pool Headquarters, Los Angeles CA

Efren Blue Feature

Hard Times Billiards will be ‘The Home of Efren’! 

Well, for one weekend in May at least…

Coming to us from the Philippines on May 21st and staying for just 3 days only, pool fanatics in Southern California will  have the honor of receiving an earlier than expected visit from the BCA ‘Hall Of Famer’ and arguably the best ‘all around’ pool player that ever lived, Efren Bata Reyes.  Efren’s schedule over the next two months is virtually packed with high-end, One-Pocket events each being showcased at different parts of the country. This coming Saturday… “Efren is stopping at Hard Times Billiards for just 3 days and then, on his way to Louisiana for the ‘Professional’ One-Pocket event on May 25th at Buffalo Billiards.”, states Efren’s ‘west coast’ manager, Brook Thomason. “Efren is ONLY playing 1-pocket at this time, as he wants to be wholly prepared.”  The upcoming Louisiana event, which has a $2,000 entry fee and consists of 16 players, boasts a first place prize of $16,000. Immediately following this on June 2nd, he stops in Edison, New Jersey to play the Accu-Stats, ‘Make it Happen’ event which, features 5 of the toughest One-Pocket players on the planet, playing a round-robin style tournament. Efren also has an even bigger match approaching in July against Scott “The Freezer” Frost in Arizona.

Challenge Efren Reyes!

Giving most players a handicap of 10/7 and playing 1-Pocket, right now is your chance to book your very own ‘challenge’ match with Efren Reyes! Point Of View Pool Media will be on premises to provide live coverage of everything that unfolds during his stay at Hard Times. In January of this year, POV Pool provided coverage of Efren’s previous challenge matches with John Lassek, George Teyachea, Fach Garcia and several others.


One-Pocket ONLY – Book it Now – First Come, First Served!

As we book names we will update this page.

Contact us for a challenge with Efren Reyes / Time slots listed below:

EMAIL • daniel@povpool  / PHONE • 310-923-6639 



  • 12:00pm – Efren VS ???
  • 4:00pm -Efren VS Bradley Fleming (Dallas, TX)
  • 8:00pm – Efren VS ???


  • 12:00pm – Efren VS ???
  • 4:00pm – Efren VS ???
  • 8:00pm – Efren VS ???

The requirements of ‘Efren’s Challenge’ is to play him a minimum of 3 sets of One-Pocket at a minimum of a $100 wager per set (Race to 3). Wagering higher and playing for longer will also be considered and since his upcoming event in Louisiana will be races to 5,  I would personally love to see someone step up and play Efren a race to 5 for $500 or $1,000 minimum. All matches are uploaded to YouTube for on-demand viewing; a chance for some of you one-pocket players to get a good match in with expert commentary and visual feedback of your technical prowess.

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of the game of One-Pocket, all challenge TIMES are booked as tentative. Each challenger reserves the right to challenge a 4th set only. This means that the next challenger in line may start later than originally scheduled. A ‘split table time’ policy is enforced. Table times are the responsibility of each player. 

POV POOL is sponsored by

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cheqio-logo (1) WEB 

USBA International Open – Real Time Feed

Friday-Sunday – June 19th-21st, 2015

Million Dollar Billiards – North Hollywood, CA


The ‘Real-Time’ results and news for this event!

Players list so far:


Exhibition match – streamed live! 

  • Raymond Ceulemans vs Torbjörn Blomdahl
  • 7:30pm / PST
  • Race to 40-Points
  • Stream Link: www.ustream.tv/channel/povpool

Torbjorn and Raymond

Results: Blomdahl wins it! Score 40-19 points in 2o innings.  Watch it on YouTube on July 1st, 2015. 

Stay tuned for the players meeting final, player count, tournament format and the draw!




The Draw and Round Robin!

FullSizeRender (1)

Round Robin Matches Start at 10:00 am / PST – 2015 POV Pool Media

FullSizeRender (3)

Javier Teran examines the competition – 2015 POV Pool Media

FullSizeRender (4)

Tournament Director – Ricky Carranco, pulls the draw – 2015 POV Pool Media


Players Meeting – 48 Players total – 2015 POV Pool Media

Daniel Busch - taking a load off! - 2015 POV Pool Media

Daniel Busch – taking a load off! – 2015 POV Pool Media

Friday – June 19th, Day 1

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 6.46.23 PM

Matches on feature table (Matches to 25 points)

Streamed Match Results so far…

  • 10:00 am / PST – Ray Raskin (8) vs Arturo Magana (25) – Innings: 18
  • 11:00 am / PST – Ceulemans (25) vs Mendoza (4) – Innings: 7
  • 11:30 am / PST – Palafox (25) vs G. Najm (17) – Innings: 19
  • 12:00 pm / PST – Piedrabuena (17) vs Palafox (25) – Innings (19)
  • 1:00 pm / PST – M. Torres (25) vs Carlos Alvarado (18) – Innings 18
  • 2:00 pm / PST – G. Najm (17) vs G. Sosa (25) – 20 Innings
  • 3:00 pm / PST – T. Blomdahl (25) vs N. Cho (3) – Innings 8
  • 5:00 pm / PST – Ricky Carranco (25) vs A. Valadez (22) – Innings 24
  • 5:00 pm / PST – J. Teran (23) vs Vicky Pineda (25) Innings 20
  • 6:00 pm /PST – M. Kim (25) vs C. Choi (11) – Innings 15
  • 8:00 pm / PST – T. Blomdahl (25) vs C. Choi (11) – Innings 13
  • 8:00 pm / PST – L. Avila (25) vs R. Carranco (10) – Innings 12
  • 9:00 pm / PST – T. Blomdahl (25) vs H. Nguyen (13) – Innings 19
  • 9:30 am / PST – T. Blomdahl (25) vs B. Khalifa (21) – Innings 12
  • 10:30 am / PST – T. Blomdahl (25) vs M. Kim (9) – innings 11
  • 11:30 am / PST – P.Piedrabuena (25) vs G. Najm (6) – Innings 7
  • 12:30 pm / PST – R. Ceulemans (25) vs A. Magana (16)
  • 1:30 pm / PST – R. Ceulemans (25) vs R. Munoz (21)

Semi Final Results (streamed matches only):

  •  T. Blomdal (30) vs M. Torres (21) – Innings 18
  •  L. Avila (30) vs Salinas (8) – Innings 22
  •  P. Piedrabuena (30) vs R. Munoz (8) Innings 11

The Semi Final Rounds – Saturday

  • 7:30 pm / PST – R. Ceulemans vs R. Munoz

Sunday Semi Final Rounds

  • 10:00 am / PST – T. Blomdahl vs R. Carranco
  • 11:00 am / PST – F. Palafox vs S. Diaz
  • 1:00 pm / PST – R. Ceulemans vs P/ Piedrabuena

Sunday Schedule continued…

Quarter Finals will start at 4:00 pm / PST 

We are currently on a dinner break at 3:00 pm / PST 

Please see current results provided below by CompuSport

All Semi-Finalists - 2015 POV Pool Media

All Semi-Finalists – 2015 POV Pool Media

Daniel Busch with Tournament Director, Ricky Carranco

Daniel Busch with Tournament Director, Ricky Carranco

Ricky Carranco playing Guillermo Sosa - 2015 POV Pool Media

Ricky Carranco playing Guillermo Sosa – 2015 POV Pool Media

Ricky Carranco - 2015 POV Pool Media

Ricky Carranco – 2015 POV Pool Media

Luis Miguel Avila looks on... 2015 POV Pool Media

Luis Miguel Avila looks on… 2015 POV Pool Media

Daniel Busch with Angel and Sir Raymond Ceulemans - 2015 POV Pool Media

Daniel Busch with Angel and Sir Raymond Ceulemans – 2015 POV Pool Media

FullSizeRender (12)



1st Place: $4,000

2nd Place: $3,000

3rd Place: $2,250

4th Place: $1,750

5th Place: $1,500

6th Place: $1,300

7th Place:  $1,100

8th Place: $800

9th – 12th Place: $375

High Run in the Semi Finals or Finals: $100

Best Game in the Semi Finals or Finals: $150

Best General AVG. in Semi Finals and Finals: $250


Compusport Logo

Thank you to Compusport for providing the online bracket…If you’re running a tournament, check out CompuSport for a comprehensive bracket system that you, your players and spectators can follow!

Final Bracket: 

Sunday Semi-Final Results: 

Sunday Results

[Click to Enlarge]

Saturday Semi-Finals results: 

Saturday Semi results

[Click to Enlarge]

Semi-Finals Rankings: 




Saturday Schedule and match results: 

Saturday Results

[Click to Enlarge]

Friday Schedule and match results: 

Friday Schedule

[Click to Enlarge]

Tournament Rankings: 






MZWST – #6 – Santos ‘Dances’ to the Finals from the One-Loss!

by: Oscar Dominguez w/ special edit by *POV Pool

Sunday, November 16th, 2014

On Cue Billiards – La Mesa, CA

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 4.47.50 PM

On Cue Hosts Largest Field To Date! 

© 2014 - Ashi Fachler

Oscar Dominguez and Desiree Rivera: © 2014 – Ashi Fachler

Stop #6 on the Mezz West State Tour headed south to the San Diego area of La Mesa, CA to On Cue Billiards. 96 players from all over California, Nevada, Arizona, and several international players were all in attendance for a chance to grasp their hands on piece of the $6,800 prize fund. Leading the top half of the bracket was Phoenix, Arizona native Tim Daniel. Tim had strong wins over Art Garcia, Kevin May, Ramin Bakhtiari, Victor Ignacio, and Chris Fangre all the way to the hot seat match. While on the lower half, Santos Sambajon Jr. slowly but surely snuck his way through players Mike Meeker, Al Garcia, Fach Garcia, Ernesto Dominguez, Tang Hoa, and Amir Shoshan setting up the hot seat match between Daniels and Sambajon. This match would prove to be a lob-sided one as Santos’ experience and shotmaking took the hot seat with a resounding 9-2 scoreline.

POV Pool – Streaming Live on Dec, 6th! 

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 4.15.16 PM

After an early defeat, Hungarian native Vilmos Foldes stormed through the losers bracket with 6 wins on the losers side. Tim Daniels finally stopped the former Junior World Champion in his tracks to settle for third place setting up a rematch in the true double elimination finals between Daniel and Sambajon.

Mezz Site

***Check out this great clip with Efren Reyes!*** 

*Special Edit and video clip from POV Pool! 

*The biggest upset of the weekend happened between Vilmos Foldes and Tim Daniel, during this 3rd place match. Foldes, considered one of the favorites to win this tournament found himself struggling to keep up with the Tim Daniel who’s luck came just in time in this race to 9 match. This was a heart stopping moment for many in the room and left everyone speechless. A tough break for Vilmos, who took 3rd in this event. Take a look now at this clip, brought to you by POV Pool, commentators, Daniel Busch and Clyde Nooris:

© 2014 - Ashi Fachler

Santos Sambajon: © 2014 – Ashi Fachler

The Finals: Santos Sambajon vs Tim Daniel! 

© 2014 - Ashi Fachler

Tim Daniel: © 2014 – Ashi Fachler

The packed house at On Cue was treated to a nail biting finals as Daniels managed to control the first set with uncharacteristic errors on behalf of the diminutive Filipino by a 9-4 score. Santos and Daniels battled toe to toe in the final and concluding second set with Daniels having a very routine out with only 3 balls left on the table. Upon pocketing the 7, Daniels left himself a slightly awkward angle which would prove costly as Daniels failed to manage the carom on the 9 correctly by scratching, only leaving the gift of shooting the 9 ball with ball in hand for Santos. The devastated Daniels consoled himself with runner up prize money of $1000 while Santos took home the title and $1500 first prize.

Check out Ashi Fachler – Street Photographer!

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 2.22.04 PM

Check Out Ashi Fachler’s Work!

A very special thanks to all of our sponsors; Mezz Cues, West State Billiard Supply, ZAN tips, Turtle Rack, POVPool, NYCGrind, AZBilliards, Kurzweil’s Country Meats, Marty Carey Jump Cue, Virtual Pool 4, and Fast & Loose Designs.

GoPlayPool.com   Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 2.32.00 PM


Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 10.40.51 AM

Marty Carey banner web


Banner animate


POV Pool Thanks… 

© 2014 - Ashi Fachler

© 2014 – Ashi Fachler

Point of View Pool would like to thank: Oscar Dominguez, Desiree Rivera, Ashi Fachler, Alison Fischer, NYC GrindAZ BilliardsGeraldine ThibodeauMezz Cues and West State Billiards.

Resources and information:

Mezz West State Tour: www.MezzWestStateTour.com

MZWST on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MezzWestStateTour

Mezz Cues: http://miki-mezz.com

West State Billiards: http://www.weststatebilliards.com

Map of all streams! 

Map of Mezz Streams by POV Pool

santos SD 2

Final Results:

1st Santos Sambajon – $1500
2nd Tim Daniels – $1000
3rd Vilmos Foldes – $700
4th Amir Shoshan – $500
5-6th Ernesto Dominguez and Chris Fangre – $300
7-8th Babken Melkonyan and Dave Hemmah – $210
9-12th Omar Vachani, Oscar Dominguez, Victor Ignacio, Tang Hoa – $170
13-16th Ray Robles, Dave Gorham, Attila Bezdan, Kevin May – $125
17-24th Rodney Wynn, Bob Jocz, Ramin Bahktiari, Jaden Brock, Ray Rey, Jay Helfert. Scott White, Clint P. – $100

Next MZWST Stop! 


POV Pool Begins a New ‘Action Match Series’!

Friday, Dec 20th / 11:00 AM PST
Hard Times Billiards – Bellflower, CA



11:00 AM / PST – Point Of View Pool’s – New, “Call In Show!”

Everyone’s talking about pool in these forums. Now’s the chance for your voice to be heard. Your opinions, your concerns and your blessings. Please join POV Pool’s ‘Call In’ segment, by emailing me at povpool@gmail.com with your phone number and the subject you’d like to discuss and I will call you ‘Live, On The Air’. Holiday Greetings and Blessings will also be heard from many others in the pool community.

12:00PM / PST – POV Pool News & Pre-Game Show!

Join Daniel Busch with a very special guest to discuss news and events in the billiard community, and also watch our players warm up for their action match.

1:00PM / PST – Action Begins!

Jenny Lee – Know to many as ‘The Assasin’ is no slouch to the game! Feared by many, both male and female, Jenny will be matching up with none other than ‘OMGWTF’s – Melinda Huang, who recently came in 2nd at the APA National Championships and has taken down a host of other strong female talents!
– Race to 21
– 9-Ball
– Live from Hard Times Billiards!

Please share and enjoy the show!

Don’t forget to tune in to ABR – The American Billiard Radio Show at www.americanbilliardradio.com New episodes every Thursday Night! Stay on the pulse of the pool scene!

POV Pool is proudly sponsored by: Kamui Tips, Pool A Holic Apparel and RunOut Apps!

Raj Hundal Wants Revenge!

It’s Not Over Between Raj and Oscar!

The word on the street is that Raj Hundal and Oscar Dominguez are negotiating a rematch to be played at a location which is very soon to be disclosed. There have already been 2 action matches between them playing 10-Ball, of which Oscar has been the victor.

The Stakes Are Raised

Obviously another re-match between these two giants would not be fitting at the same stakes as before. In May 2011, Oscar and Raj played races to 19 at the Cue-Club in Las Vegas for $2,500. Raj was defeated in both races, ending in scores of 19-12 and 19-16. Later that year in December, the stakes were raised to $10,000 per race to 25 games and was streamed, live to pay-per-view audiences. After the 3rd day of play, Oscar Dominguez reigned supreme, winning 2 out of 3 sets.

Now the fearless Raj “Hitman” Hundal is coming on stronger and higher at Oscar with a whopping $20,000 raise. A challenge that will turn up the heat and surely pack the house of any venue. 

When, Where & How? 

All we can tell you at this time is that the proposed date for this match will take place on November 2nd of 2012, and will last 2 or 3 days. The actual location of this match has yet to be decided, but we do know is that it will happen at a pool-hall and not in a studio. It’ll be somewhere in California at 1 of 3 possible locations, which will be disclosed within the next few days. 

The format of the challenge is also being worked out, but it in order to play it out for at least 2 days both players are once again, discussing a 10-Ball game format possibly consisting of 13 or 15 multiple races to 11 games. The player who wins the most races at the end will be decided as the victor.

Live Stream? Of Course! Be A Part Of Pool History! 

More information on this match will be reported as it develops. We do know that whatever the details on location, format and final dates, POV Pool has made a commitment to travel anywhere necessary to deliver a live streamed action match, using multiple cameras and up-to the minute news coverage of this event. 

Be sure to check back frequently for late breaking news as we report all of the final touches on this late-breaking story! 

For further inquiries, please contact Daniel by email at povpool@gmail.com









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