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The Golden Cue’s Monthly One-Pocket – Every 2nd Saturday!

Saturday, July 11th – 2015

Golden Cue Billiards – South El Monte, CA

Golden Cue Banner

One-Pocket with a 3-Level Handicap

The Golden Cue Billiards and it’s management has settled on a handicap – one-pocket format, designed to attract players to the game who may normally feel a little hesitant to get into the box with some of the better ‘one-pocketeers’ that frequent the venue for its monthly event. Played out every 2nd Saturday of the month, The Golden Cue takes in around 2o players to the ‘action room’ to compete for prize money which consists of $100 added and a $24 entry fee. This Saturday will be no different except to say that the less skilled of the ‘one-pocketeers’ will have slightly better odds and will afford them the opportunity to play a few more matches with some of the better players in the field.

Handicapping Explained

In the game of pool there are many players of varying skill levels, so our goal here is to equalize the field by changing some of the requirements to win. In the game of One-Pocket, when to players, play ‘EVEN’ it means that there is no handicap and in a rack of 15 balls, the first player to pocket the 8th ball wins the game. The Golden Cue’s monthly will make adjustments to this ball count, depending on the division of skill level that it has settled on. With the help of the ‘all knowing’ public, Tournament Director, Geraldine Thibodeau will assign each player’s skill level that will determine your handicap.

Geraldine states, “We believe this is going to be a successful way to promote one-pocket to new players that want to learn more about this game. Working with Golden Cue’s owner, Kenny Hoshide, we have done some polling and surveys to find out what will work best and we are happy to provide this format of play for the game of one-pocket. The only spot that we have not committed to is if a ‘Super Pro’ like Dennis Orcullo or Scott Frost shows up and wants a piece. At that point, it’s possible that even those in the ‘Pro’ category may even be spotted a ball or two. We are looking forward to seeing some new faces and also our regular visitors. Please join us this Saturday at Noon for practice – the tournament begins at 1:30 pm.”

What Shot Would You Do? 

POV Pool will also the at Golden Cue to capture a few matches and to record a video response to our second edition of “What Shot Would You Do?”  – In the future, we expect this to become a sponsored segment that will occur monthly.

what would you do 2


Skill Level          Ball Spot              Your score against a beginner 

  • Beginner             4-Balls                         8-8
  • Intermediate      2-Balls                          9-7
  • PRO                     0-Balls                        10-6
  • Super PRO         0-Balls                         To Be Determined



Video Recording and Live Bracket

As an additional courtesy to its players and to The Golden Cue, POV Pool will be there to provide video recording services using a 3-camera package and audio commentary. This event WILL NOT be live streamed, so spectators will have to visit the venue and enjoy the A/C, Beer and Snacks available. There will also be a live bracket available to view online, which is powered by CompuSport; a custom link which will be made available soon.

POV_minimal_v-300x168  Compusport Logo

Tournament Details and Times

The Golden Cue 2nd Saturday One-Pocket Tournament – Every 2nd Saturday of the Month! 

  • Open to 32 Players
  • $24 Entry (Includes $4 Green and TD Fee)
  • $100 Added – Based on 16 Players
  • Start Time 1:30 PM – Practice at Noon
  • Double Elimination / Race to 2/1
  • Handicap Format – Balls Spotted
  • The Golden Cue Billiards / Google Map
  • Phone Number: (626) 575-4821
  • Tournament Director: Geraldine Thibodeau (310) 889-4799

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Attila Bezdan Becomes 2015’s, “TOP GUN” Player!

By: Oscar Dominguez

March 8th, 2015

Hard Times Billiards – Bellflower, CA 


Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 4.38.44 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 4.37.55 PM

Mezz West State Tour: TOP GUN!

top gunAfter 11 events on the Mezz West State Tour, a total of 32 invited players came to Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower, CA to compete in the year end event for its 12th and final event of Season 1. The invited players were chosen based off a points system based off the Camel Pro Tour rankings. The top players accumulated points based off their performances to play in a special year end event of $2000 added prize money plus the membership dues collected throughout the season which totaled to 5750 off of 231 total members. In addition, as a bonus, the top 16 ranked players did not pay an entry fee while the 17-32nd ranked players paid a standard $65 entry fee.


Rail ActionThe top half of the board was led by co founder of the MWST, Oscar Dominguez with wins over the Filipino veteran, Ramon Mistica 9-4, followed by wins over Johnny Kang 9-4, Dave Hemmah 9-5, and Ernesto Dominguez 9-0, to lead up to the hot seat match. The bottom half of the bracket was dominated by Hungarian sharpshooter, Attila Bezdan, with wins over Phil Prentice 9-3, Ramin Bahktiari 9-3, Melissa Herndon 9-4, and road companion Vilmos Foldes 9-4. The hot seat match was one sided as Attila came out firing balls in from all angles putting pressure on Dominguez. After a few failed safeties, Attila ran away with the match with a 9-5 score.

table timeMeanwhile on the losers side, Rodrigo Geronimo who lost his first match to Tang Hoa 8-4, had grinded through seven matches against Kevin May 9-3, Beau Runningen 9-7, Chris Fangre 9-3, Melissa Herndon 9-5, Tang Hoa 9-4, Ernesto Domiguez 9-4 and Ruben Bautista 9-7 to reach the 3rd place match against Oscar Dominguez. Rodrigo looked hungry to reach the finals and took a quick 5-1 lead over Dominguez. It wasnt until Geronimo missed a crucial 2 ball in the side pocket to widen the lead to 6-1 that Dominguez had a chance to take control of the table. Winning that game and then the next 3, Dominguez was able to tie it up 5. The following 6 games were each nail biters, with each player playing inspirational kick, jump and safety shots. Dominguez fell behind once again 7-5, but in his true fashion, showed a lot of heart to come back and win the match 9-7 sending him back to the finals to seek revenge on Bezdan.

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Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 4.39.13 PM

Attila Bezdan in the Finals! Copyright 2015 – POV Pool Media

The finals was one to be seen. Bezdan played flawless, only missing two balls the entire set. He pocketed every ball on the table as if they had eyes and controlled the cue ball at a top notch level. His break was also in top gear, leaving Dominguez helpless. Attila Bezdan went on to easily win the set 8-2. His victory was well deserved, as he was the best player on this day. All of us on the Mezz West State Tour will surely miss him next season and would like to congratulate him on his very great accomplishment.


We would like to again thank all of the players and sponsors who make all of this possible: Mezz Cues, West State Billiards Supply, ZAN tips, Kurzweils Country Meats, AZbilliards.com, NYCGrind.com, POVPool.com, Marty Carey Jump Q, ontherailtv.comTurtle Racks, and fast&loose designs.



  • 1st- Attila Bezdan : $1600
  • 2nd- Oscar Dominguez: $1250
  • 3rd- Rodrigo Geronimo: $800
  • 4th- Ruben Bautista: $500
  • 5th/6th- Vilmos Foldes/ Ernesto Dominguez: $325 each
  • 7th/8th- Tan Hoa/ Jason Williams: $250 each
  • 9th-12th- Ramin Bahktiari/ Dave Hemmah/ Melissa Herndon/ Fach Garcia: $175 each
  • 13th-16th Ramon Mistica/ Bob Jocz/ Chris Fangre/ Johnny Kang: $125 each
  • 27th-24th- Paul Silva/ Rodney Wynn/ Santos Sambajon/ Jaden Brock/ Mark Whitehead/ Beau Runningen/ Phil Prentice/Jaynard Orque: $100 each
  • 25th-32nd- Justin Logan/ Tony Ortega/ Reid Stenstrud/ Tommy Lipps/ Larry Bohn/ Kevin May/ Tim Daniel/ Frank Robutz: $75 each




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