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Though much has changed since the beginning of Tiger Products, Inc. in 1988, their dedication to customer service and high quality products over all else has never changed. Tiger has established themselves to be known for customer service that is unsurpassed in the billiards industry. Tiger Products, are made at our 6,500sq ft. manufacturing plant located Burbank, Ca. Yes, Tiger Products are manufactured right here in the USA!

At Tiger, we specialize in innovation and technology and our facility is truly state of the art! Each and every Tiger product is held to the highest of manufacturing standards and goes through quality control inspection thoroughly before packaging. Tiger Products’ services our customers from first, from our distributors to the end user. Please do not hesitate to contact us. All customer feedback is welcome and appreciated.

 Kamui_logoBlackKamui Tips and Products

Point Of View Pool is proud to offer it’s viewers and supporters, ‘The Kamui™ Voucher Program’. Thanks to the support of John Bertone, who is the Owner and Master Distributer for North America at Kamui Tips, Inc., any individual who supports POV Pool through online donations via our ‘PayPal Donation’ link,  can also enjoy the added value of receiving a voucher for one Kamui Tip of your choice (Installation not included). This official voucher, which can be redeemed at any ‘Certified Kamui™ Tip Installer’, bears both the Kamui™ and POV Pool and is your for a modest donation of just $30. Vouchers are mailed once donation is processed, which can take up to 48 hours.


IV Organic – 3-IN-1 Tree Guard Paint

Apply IV Organic Tree Guard Paint to provide a shield against beetles, termites and other wood boring insects. This product contains a variety of natural oils, including peppermint oil, clove oil, garlic oil, cinnamon oil, cedar-wood oil and rosemary oil; all of which are plant-derived proven oils for creating a natural insect repellent when applied to your prized trees. Many of these oils have a duel, insect and anti-fungal, benefit to plants–that when applied suppress parasitic fungi that can otherwise poison and kill plant tissues and steal plant nutrients.



FanDuel Fantasy Sports

FanDuel is a web-based fantasy sports game and the largest daily fantasy sports company (as measured by entry fees) in the daily fantasy sports industry. The model consists of traditional season-long fantasy sports leagues being compressed into a free and/or paid daily, and occasionally weekly, game of skill. Sign up for FanDuel today for only $10 and support us at POV Pool by using the following referral code: ‘POVPOOL’ / Click here to join: http://bit.ly/POVPOOL


POV Pool is Powered By: 

   Go Play Pool

This is a unique platform to allow technology and internet increase the visibility and mainstream our industry. Room owners, retailers and manufacturers, leagues, tours and streams are just a part of our focus. Creating a mobile/app and web friendly platform for our users to enjoy and our members to market their rooms, products and services on, is our main focus.

Mobile App details
The phone application is available for download.  Best of all, it is FREE!
Here are just some of the features of the application:

  • Directory of pool halls and bars in the United States
  • Mapped locations of pool rooms
  • Profile pages for member pool halls/bars (members) what is this?
  • Listing of their amenities other than pool/billiards (members) what is this?
  • Listing of pool tournaments (members) what is this?
  • Listing of special events (members) what is this?
  • GPS-connect availability based on your device/location
  • Nearby search and turn by turn navigation
  • Flyers and events made available by pool rooms
  • Coupons and specials from participating locations
  • News feed provided to you by the leader in the industry, AZ Billiards
  • Videos and live stream channels and networks
  • Some other great pages such as featured pages
  • A music playlist that users request to add their favorite songs to (when available)
  • GoPlayPool 101 – Drills, exercises, videos, instructions and much more about “How to” play pool
  • Flyers – listings of special events and tournaments by date. Upcoming and previous
  • Many more options are in the works

reanimac  ReaniMac

Repairs: Your life is on your MacBook. When it needs to be repaired, get it done by our expert technicians. Our technicians can fix virtually ANY Mac problem you bring to us, always at the best prices. Save hundreds compared to Apple Store repairs.

Sales: Buy your next mac from us. Our experienced and mac-savvy staff will help you find and configure the perfect computer for your needs. We carry all models new and refurbished, and get more stock in everyday. Also check out our limited in-store specials

Trade Ins: The more you consolidate your services, the better deal you get. Come get a quote for your mac at our convenient Hollywood location, sell it, and get your data transferred and get a new-to-you computer at a great price. We handle everything for you.

Upgrade: We can make your not-so trusty old mac run like it’s brand new. Bring it in for an upgrade. We offer top of the SSD drives and memory upgrade. You never know how much better it can run until you let us try!

Come Visit our store at:

  • 1653 N La Brea Ave
  • Los Angeles, California 90028

Call Us for help: (424) 888-3622

Open Monday-Friday 11am-7:30pm



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