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POV LIVE Action Updates! Foldes VS Geronimo – 10-Ball!

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Gary’s Victor Billiards, Victorville, CA

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 12.15.49 PM

10-Ball Action Match Tonight at 5pm PST

Watch the live stream here and receive real time action updates on this page for tonight’s coverage of POV Pool’s broadcast of Vilmos Foldes vs Rodrigo ‘Edgie’ Geronimo! The proposed wager will begin at $3,000 each meaning that there is $6,000 in the middle. We are expecting these two players to arrange a ‘winner take all’ match that is scheduled to start at 5pm / PST.

Proposed format: 

10-Ball / Best of 3 sets / 3rd set to be played as a tie-breaker / Races to 15 / Winner Breaks / Call Pocket / 3-Foul Rule / Jump Cues Allowed / $3,000 Each / Money Posted

Additional Live Updates at the bottom of this page!

Enjoy the show! Vilmos Foldes vs Rodrigo Geronimo!

Live streaming video by Ustream


Update #1

FINAL BET $5,000 EACH – $10,000 Total Purse!

10 Ball / Best of 3 races to 15 games / Call Pocket / 3 Foul Rule / Cue Ball Foul Only / Winner Break / No Magic Rack

Starts Now at 5:45pm

Score is currently 5 – 0 to Rodrigo Geronimo in a race to 15!

 – Time is 6:56 pm and the current score is 

Rodrigo  –  10     vs     Vilmos –  1

After two sets the final scores are: 

Set #1 – Rodrigo Geronimo – 15  / Vilmos Foldes – 5

Set #2 – Rodrigo Geronimo – 15 / Vilmos Foldes – 6

Congratulations to Rodrigo Edgie Geronimo, who wins a total pot of $10,000 





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