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2017 USBA National Championships

April 29th, 2017 – Houston TX By: Doug Deitel 2017 USBA 3-Cushion National Championship Make your reservations to attend  the 2017 USBA 3-Cushion National Championship at the fabulous Casino Del Sol Resort in More »

2017 WCS Featured

West State Billiards and POV Pool Present: 2017’s “West Coast Swing!”, July 1st – 16th

April 15th, 2017 POV POOL Headquarters – Los Angeles, CA WCS inquiries: *protected email* By: Daniel Busch Join the “West Coast Swing” – Facebook Event Page!  Daily Inspiration: “So often we become focused More »


POV Pool: June is for ‘Junior Norris’

April 7th, 2017 Wichita Falls, TX By: Daniel Busch Registrations, Sponsorships, Exhibitors can contact Contact Sherri Glenn by email at: or by phone at 940-733-8846 OR Register ONLINE! The 2017 Junior Norris More »


48th Annual Terry Stonier 9-Ball / Real Time Feed Page

March 19th, 2017 POV Pool Headquarters • Los Angeles, CA         Day 2 FINAL 8 Players Amar Kang Andy Lacey Rodney Wynn Tommy Soria Jaynard Orque Daniel Delagnes Shawn More »

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.50.59 AM

James Boch’s 10 Foot, One Pocket Challenge! (Real Time Feed)

March 10/11, 2017 Los Angeles (LAX), California FINAL RESULTS Click to watch the matches on this YouTube Playlist Congratulations to John ‘Hendy’ Henderson for taking 1st place and receiving $1,000 1st – More »


USBA at Casino Del Sol: “3-Cushion Billiards, Real Time Feed Page!”

January 6th, 2017 POV Pool Headquarters – Los Angeles, CA  By Daniel Busch and Geraldine Thibodeau         Final 16 Tournament Congratulations to 1st Place finisher Pedro Piedrabuena!  Final Round More »

USBA at Casino Del Sol: “3-Cushion Billiards, Real Time Feed Page!”


January 6th, 2017

POV Pool Headquarters – Los Angeles, CA 

By Daniel Busch and Geraldine Thibodeau


USBA-LOGO-WEB-280x300-1 prof-q-ball-icon



Final 16 Tournament


Congratulations to 1st Place finisher

Pedro Piedrabuena! 

Final Round Single Elimination Tournament Results and Current Matches







IMG_9880 IMG_9879 IMG_9877 IMG_9875 IMG_9874 IMG_9870 IMG_9869 IMG_9867 IMG_9865 IMG_9864 IMG_9863 IMG_9855 IMG_9854 IMG_9852 IMG_9851 IMG_9850 IMG_9849 IMG_9848 IMG_9836 IMG_9835 IMG_9832 IMG_9834 IMG_9831 IMG_9828 IMG_9827 IMG_9825 IMG_9824


Format of the “OPEN” event:

  • 8 Groups of 5 players
  • 2 players advance from each group after day 2 (Races to 25)
  • 16 player final single elimination bracket on day 3 (Races to 30)

Official Player’s List for “Open” Tournament


Congratulations to Jesus Quinonez for his 1st Place win in the “B” tournament!

Format of the “B” event: B_PrizeFund.

  • 8 Groups of 5 players
  • 2 players advance from each group after day 2
  • 16 player final single elimination bracket on day 3






IMG_9756 IMG_9757 IMG_9758 IMG_9759 IMG_9760 IMG_9761 IMG_9764 IMG_9765 IMG_9770 IMG_9772 IMG_9774 IMG_9775 IMG_9778 IMG_9779 IMG_9780 IMG_9783 IMG_9785 IMG_9787 IMG_9791 IMG_9792 IMG_9795

IMG_9724 IMG_9725 IMG_9726 IMG_9727 IMG_9729 IMG_9730 IMG_9731 IMG_9732 IMG_9733 IMG_9735 IMG_9736 IMG_9737 IMG_9738 IMG_9739 IMG_9740 IMG_9742 IMG_9743 IMG_9746 IMG_9754



The United States Billiard Association presents: “Gabriel’s 3-Cushion Tour Events” #1

To kick-off 2017 with something special. Professor Q Ball’s, Paul Frankel, the USBA’s current president, Mazin Shooni, and its board members have arranged a double-header billiards competition, to be hosted at The Casino Del Sol resort in Tucson, Arizona. The USBA/Gabriel’s Tour Event shall be a six-day affair for a few competitors who were lucky enough to secure positions in both, the 42 player ‘B’ tournament on January 16th and in the 42 player ‘Open’ tournament on Jan 19th. Somewhat stunning news also was that, for a first-time, ‘prestigious’ event at a premier venue like Casino Del Sol, 3-cushion players all over the country responded with entry forms that filled both events within four weeks of the official announcement in September, 2016.

Original quote from the website: “The Gabriels USBA Tour Event at Casino Del Sol in Tucson Arizona (January 16-21) has reached its maximum entrants! Both the “A” event and the “B” event are full. If you’re still considering playing contact Mazin Shooni at (248) 910-4466 or Paul Frankel (901) 210-7251 in the event a cancellation opens a last minute position. The official list of players for both the A and B events follows.”

For more information on this event and how to participate with the USBA, please visit: 

POV is going ‘3C’ 

pov3c-imagePOV Pool would like to give ‘special thanks’ to the USBA and to the sponsors of this event who, have made it possible to enlist the services of Point Of View Pool Media to provide live broadcast and event coverage services for both competitions which also include this: “real time feed page”. Be sure to ‘bookmark’, share this page with your fellow 3C’ers and tune into POV Pool on YouTube as POV goes ‘3C’ for 6 days, live from Casino Del Sol.

On each day of this event from January 16th-21st, POV Pool will be live at 10:00am at our YouTube Channel. Be sure to join and share with your friends. 

  gabriels-billiards-trans  Simonis_Logo1  TigerTransBlackcheqio-logo (1) WEB


January 16th-18th / “B” Tournament / 42 Players 

  1. George ALLEE=======>NJ
  2. Jim BISHOP========> FL
  3. Mickey CAMPBELL===>MN
  4. Lee COLLINS=======>AZ
  5. Gary COHEN=======>CA
  6. Joe DEAMATO======>MA
  7. Doug DEITEL=======>TX
  8. Dennis DIECKMAN===>VA
  9. Gary EAKE=========>WI
  10. Richard FALANGA====>MA
  11. Paul FELTMAN, Jr.====>AZ
  12. Paul FELTMAN, Sr.====>AZ
  13. John FLEMING=======>OR
  14. Pete FOLSOM========>CA
  15. Paul FRANKEL=======>TN
  16. Mercedes GONZALEZ===>FL
  17. Jim HENRICKSON=====>AZ
  18. Eric HUGHES========>DC
  19. Larry HUNDLEY======>AZ
  20. John JOHNSON======>MA
  21. Rich KUCHMA=======>NE
  22. Dan KOLACZ========>NY
  23. Ellis LAWRENCE=====>FL
  24. Jairo LENIS=========>FL
  25. Stanley LOMBARDO===>KS
  26. Aaron MOSS=========>AZ
  27. Tim MUMMA========>IA
  28. Hector O’CAMPO======>CA
  29. Bob PAGE===========>MA
  30. Tom PALEY=========>MO
  31. Craig POWERS========>WI
  32. Jesus QUINONEZ======>WA
  33. Raye RASKIN=========>CA
  34. Richard RICE=========>AZ
  35. Ray ROBLES=========>AZ
  36. George RAMIREZ======>NV
  37. Carlos RAMOS========>FL
  38. Tom ROSSMAN=======>IN
  39. Jim SHOVAK========>NY
  40. John SMITH=========>AZ
  41. Ertan TARHAN=======>WA
  42. Juan URIBE=========>NC

professor qball

January 19th-21st / “OPEN” Tournament / 42 Players 

  1. George ALLEE===========>NJ
  2. Jim BISHOP============> FL
  3. Alejandro BORBOA========>AZ
  4. Mickey CAMPBELL========>MN
  5. Ricardo CARRANCO=======>CA
  6. Allen CASTILLO==========>CA
  7. Eduardo CERVANTES=======>CA
  8. Joe DEAMATO===========>MA
  9. Dennis DIECKMAN=========>VA
  10. Gary EAKE==============>WI
  11. Richard FALANGA========>MA
  12. Paul FELTMAN, Sr.========>AZ
  13. John FLEMING==========>OR
  14. Pauk FRANKEL==========>TN
  15. MercedesGONZALEZ=======>FL
  16. Sonny CHO=============>NY
  17. Jim HENRICKSON========>AZ
  18. Eric HUGHES===========>DC
  19. Dan KOLACZ===========>NY
  20. Rich KUCHMA==========>MA
  21. Ellis LAWRENCE=========>FL
  22. Jairo LENIS=============>FL
  23. Stanley LOMBARDO=======>KS
  24. Tim MUMMA============>IA
  25. Gilbert NAJM============>CA
  26. Tung NGUYEN===========>CA
  27. Hector O’CAMPO==========>CA
  28. Bob PAGE===============>MA
  29. Carlos PALAFOX===========>CA
  30. Hugo PATINO=============>NY
  31. Pedro PIEDRABUENA========>CA
  32. Vicky PINEDA=============>CA
  33. Craig POWERS============>WI
  34. Jesus QUINONEZ==========>WA
  35. George RAMIREZ==========>NV
  36. Carlos RAMOS============>FL
  37. Tom ROSSMAN===========>IN
  38. Mazin SHOONI===========>NH
  39. Jim SHOVAK=============>NY
  40. Ertan TARHAN===========>WA
  41. Miguel TORRES===========>NC
  42. Juan URIBE==============>NC

POV Pool Celebrating 5 Years of Coverage


September 30th, 2016

POV Pool Headquarters – Los Angeles, CA

By: Daniel Busch


Celebrating 5 Years of live-streamed action and event coverage

daniel and geraldine of povpool

Daniel and Geraldine of POV Pool

Chris Swart’s, California Billiards in Fremont are currently taking entries for “POV Pool’s 5th Anniversary Pool Tournament”, taking place on December 9th-11th, 2016. The 3-day event will consist of a mini 9-ball tournament on Friday evening, and followed by a $2,000 added one-pocket tournament on Saturday and Sunday. Entries for both tournaments can be taken in person, by mail or credit card by calling 510-668-1670.

December 5th 2016, POV Pool Media will officially reach a milestone of 5 years in operation since its broadcast of ‘The Big Deal’, 9 Ball Tournament at The House Of Billiards in Sherman Oaks. The 2 day event ended with an exciting final match between, Wayne Pullen and Jerry Lin (Watch it here). Inspired directly by videos and events produced by entities like ‘Accu-Stats’, ‘The Action Report’ and ‘Inside Pool’ the, ‘POV Pool’ brand name was launched to compete with the ongoing demand for live coverage of pool players and events happening on the west coast of the United States. Since that time, ‘POV’ has provided coverage at almost 200 separate events and produced almost 2000 matches which, are archived on YouTube.

Join us for a celebration of memories

Live streamed coverage will take place during all 3 days of the event. We are also working to provide fans, supporters and players with some special giveaways during the event. Some additional programming is expected to include special memories and moments. POV Pool would like to thank our sponsors of this event and also our long list of supporters over the years (too long to list here).

POV Pool is currently sponsored by:





California Billiards

9-Ball Mini-Tournament: December 9th 

  • 5th-flyer$300 Guaranteed Added!
  • $25 Entry Fee
  • Open to 48 players
  • 9-Foot tables
  • Single Elimination
  • Race to 7
  • No Green Fees!

1-Pocket Tournament: December 10th – 11th

  • $2,000 Guaranteed Added!
  • $65 Entry Fee
  • Open to 64 Players
  • Double Elmination
  • Race to 3 on both sides
  • No Green Fees!

POV Pool has so far produced:

  • 181 live streams

  • 136 press announcements

  • 274 blog posts

  • 4,109 Facebook subscribers

  • 20,051 YouTube subscribers


  • 150,000 + annual website visits

We Love Tiger! 



NOW: Pierce Custom Cues, NorCal Pool Tour: Stop #2


Saturday, October 15th, 2016

POV Pool Headquarters, Los Angeles

By: Daniel Busch

Diamond Billiards1

Pierce Custom NorCal: Stop #2 at Diamond Billiards, Fresno – CA

Sheri Dadian’s, ‘Diamond Billiards’ in Fresno, California is this weekend’s host of the Pierce Custom Cues, NorCal Pool Tour’s 2nd stop of 10, taking in a total of 39 entrants from all over California. This weekend’s event is a 9 ball competition which is also being streamed live on Jaynard Orque’s Facebook Page. Consisting primarily of local players from the Bay Area and a few notables from Southern California; Sy Nakashima, Jeff Nesbihal, Justin Marks, Larry Bohn and Sam Kim have shown support of Jaynard’s tour. There is also a ‘live bracket’ page, HERE for supporters looking for status updates on their favorite players involved. As the players battle it out for at this $1000 added event, another Jim Pierce Cue will be given away to someone in attendance at Diamond this weekend. This event is the 2nd in a string of 10 pool tournaments taking place at various venues in Northern California.


Streamed live with POV POOL, The 3rd tour stop on the Jim Pierce NorCal schedule will take place at one of California’s premier billiard venues; Chris Swart’s, California Billiards, which includes 30 x Gold Crown tables, full bar and full-food menu and many other amenities including hotels and free parking. Entries for the NorCal Pool Tour are always open without any deadlines at $65 per event. For more information, entries, sponsorship or hosting inquiries with the NorCal Pool Tour – Please visit them at their NorCal Pool Tour: Facebook Group Page

Schedule Payouts for this event: 



POV Pool is sponsored by:,,,,

The NorCal Pool Tour Schedule (Save the dates): 

  1. September 3rd/4th – Edgie’s Billiards • 10 Ball • WEBSITE
  2. October 15th/16th – Diamond Billiards • 9 Ball • WEBSITE
  3. October 22nd/23rd – California Billiards • 10 Ball • WEBSITE
  4. November 5th/6th – Family Billiards • 9 Ball • WEBSITE
  5. November 19th/20th – Gold Rush Billiards • 9 Ball WEBSITE
  6. December 3rd/4th – Billiard Palacade • 10 Ball WEBSITE
  7. December 10th/11th – Blue Fin Billiards • 9 Ball FACEBOOK
  8. January 14th/15th – The Jointed Cue • 9 Ball FACEBOOK
  9. February 18th/19th – Hard Times Billiards (SAC) • 10 Ball WEBSITE
  10. March 11th/12th – (Tour Finale) Edgie’s Billiards • 9 Ball WEBSITE




USBA kicks off 2017 with a BANG!



POV Pool Headquarters – Los Angeles, CA

October 8th, 2016

Story By: Geraldine Thibodeau

Edited by: Daniel Busch

POV POOL USBA Gabriels 2017 Tour Event



a-tournament-list b-tournament-list

3 Cushion Billiards competition set for Casino Del Sol 

Casino Del Sol Resort
5655 West Valencia Road
Tucson, AZ 85787
January 16th-21st, 2017

casino-del-sol-transIn January of 2017, The United States Billiard Association (USBA) will hold a prestigious 3-cushion, double-header event at Tucson, Arizona’s premier resort and casino/venue, Casino Del Sol. The 6-day event from January 16th-21st will consist of two competitions, each open to 40 players: a ‘B’ level and an (All level) ‘Open’ tournament. Entries for both events are currently being reserved via email at or by phone with USBA President, Mazin Shooni at: (248) 910-4466.

In the ‘B’-level event, the entrants will compete amongst themselves without having to matchup against some of the country’s top level pros such as, Pedro Piedrabuena, Hugo Patino and others who will attend the ‘Open’. If they would like to play in both events, ‘B’-level (and under) players will have the chance to enter the ‘Open’ event at a reduced rate, whereas players playing the ‘Open’ only event will pay full price. Added monies are scheduled and in the process of being determined for both events.

Inspired by The Crystal Kelly Cup event!


Crystal Kelly Cup Event #1


Crystal Kelly Cup Even #2

To Mazin and others board members at the USBA, the upcoming Casino Del Sol event draws inspiration from the ‘Crystal Kelly Cup’, a well funded and prestigious tournament which, held its last event at Promenade des Anglais in Nice in 2011.  The Crystal Kelly Cup has always been regarded as a prestigious yet elegant and intimate setting; its venues, its players, its equipment regarded at the highest standard in billiard competition in modern history and attended by the best of our time, such as Dick Jaspers, Thorbjorn Blomdahl, Sir Raymond Ceulemans, Frederic Caudron and other elite players. The Casino Del Sol and its sponsors have spared no expense to bring the same standard of quality  to the upcoming Gabriel’s event in January.

The USBA Thanks its Sponsors!

It is not without the help of its sponsors that the United States Billiard Association is able to provide its members with events such as these. With continued success The USBA strives to add more events to its roster. so that players can experience billiard competition at its highest level and quality in the Nation. Their most gracious. ‘headline’ sponsor, Gabriel’s Billiards has made it possible to provide this event with 5 x ‘Imperator V’ heated billiard tables, graced with factory delivered, Simonis ‘300’ tournament cloth from Simonis and also using premium, Aramith tournament billiard balls. USBA also thanks the Casino Del Sol for showing great interest and making direct investments of space and accommodations for cue-sports events such as this. The USBA could also not be able to provide prize funds and additional tournament services without direct financial and product support from, Tiger Products and the Cheqio Brand. And finally, the USBA also shows its gratitude for the support of Paul Frankel and Professor Q Ball’s, National and 3-Cushion News for promotional, editorial and logistical contributions.

Broadcast Coverage and Live Streaming 2016 POVPOOL LOGO

As a service to the billiard community and to further promote 3-cushion competition, the USBA has also contracted live-streaming and broadcast services of Point Of View Pool Media ( where, they will provide free, live-coverage from the Casino Del Sol to the masses on POV Pool’s YouTube Channel and also be providing a ‘Real Time Feed Page’ on for audiences to track results and updates.iv-organics-banner-temp



POV Pool is sponsored by: Tiger Products, Kamui Tips, FanDuel and IV Organic

USBA “B” Level Tournament: January 16th – 18th, 2017

  • The “B” event is open to all players with an average of less than .700
  • Entry $160 – 40 players
  • Dress Code: Black Slacks, vests, bow tie and white shirt
  • 8 groups of 5 players – 80 matches
  • Total of 16 Rounds on 5 tables (This will take 2 days, 8 rounds per day)
  • Finals will be Single Elimination
  • 16 Players – 5 rounds total

USBA Open Tournament: January 19th – 21st

  • Entry $260* – 40 players
  • Dress Code: Black Slacks, vests, bow tie and white shirt
  • 8 groups of 5 players – 80 matches
  • Total 20 rounds on 5 tables (This will take 2 days, 10 rounds per day)
  • Finals will be Single Elimination
  • 16 players – 5 rounds total

*Special Note: “B” Players can play in both tournaments for $160 each tournament

Other Notes: 

Players in the tournament are required to stay at Casino Del Sol Resort
All registered players will receive a Free Buffet and Discounted Room Price of $99 for a double room
Please use offer code: USBATCT to receive the group rate
Casino Del Sol Reservations 1-855-SOL-PLAY (765-7829)

If you would like more information regarding this event or other USBA events, contact:
Mazin Shooni at 248.910.4466 or email him at

This is event is sponsored by:
cheqio-logo (1) WEB TIGER WEB LOGO Simonis_Logo1 1251463874 gabriels-billiards-logo

For up-to-the-minute coverage during the event and all your 3-cushion news, go to 


U.S. Juniors Return to Shanghai to Vie for World Titles


Story by Alison M. Fischer

October 5, 2016 (Denver, CO)

In July, the 2016 Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) Junior National 9-Ball Championships qualified 14 billiard student-athletes to represent North America as part of Team USA at the upcoming WPA (World Pool-Billiard Association) Junior 9-Ball Championships. On November 16-20, 2016, the prestigious annual world event will take place in Shanghai, China for the third consecutive year.
Through the support of the Billiard Congress of America (BCA), the BEF continues to coordinate international travel and participation for this tournament, a tradition it has carried on for the past two decades.

The following players will proudly represent the United States in 2016:

1. Ricky Evans, age 15 (St. Peters, MO)
2. Nathan Diederich, age 18 (Victorville, CA)
3. Travis Southard, age 17 (Reidsville, NC)
4. Nathan Childress, age 14 (North Chesterfield, VA)
5. Mahkeal Parris, age 14 (Kingshill, St. Croix, USVI)
6. Joey Tate, age 11 (Lake Villa, IL)
7. Evan Swett, age 16 (Wichita, KS)
8. April Larson, age 16 (Bloomington, MN)
9. Michelle Jiang, age 16 (Harvard, MA)
10. Hailey Fullerton, age 16 (Lake Park, MN)
11. Ashley Fullerton, age 14 (Lake Park, MN)
12. Vivian Liu, age 14 (Harvard, MA)
13. Serena Black, age 18 (Warrensburg, IL)
14. Emily Herpel, age 16 (Freehold, NY)
Along with the lineup of talent from the U.S., Canadian players Nicholas Ridley and Waleed Hasheem will also be representing North America at the Junior World Championships. Fundraisers are currently being held around the country to support these fine players on their quest for a world title. For more information on how you can help them on their journey, contact the BEF office at (303) 926-1039 or visit

About the Billiard Education Foundation

(BEF) The BEF was formed in 1993 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity committed to promoting a lifelong love of pool and building the next generation of players through youth programs and academic scholarships. Visit or call (303) 926-1039 to learn more about junior billiard programs in your area.

Visit the Billiard Education Foundation at:

POV Pool is Sponsored by: 



POV Pool

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