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Mezz West State Tour: On Cue for Day Two

Mezz West State Tour at On Cue

Top 24 Updates on Day 2 of stop #7 of the Mezz West State Tour at On Cue Billiards in La Mesa, CA!

Winner’s Side

James Cabal (L) vs. Rodrigo “Edgie” Geronimo (W)
Dave Gorham (W) vs. Dan Wallace (L)
Victor Castro (W) vs. Ray Parajaro (L)
Oscar Dominguez (W) vs. Amir Shoshan (L)
Hiroko Makiyama (L) vs. Attila Bezdan (W)
Sal Butera (W) vs. Ruben Bautista (L)
Kenichi Uchigaki (W) vs. Larry Bohn (L)
Vilmos Foldes (L) vs. Efren Reyes (W)

1-Loss Side

Rene Enciso
Beau Runnigen
Ray Rey
Johnny Kang
Steve Eakins
Kevin May
Omar Vachhani
Melissa Herndon

Winner’s Side

Rodrigo “Edgie” Geronimo (W) vs. Efren Reyes (L)
Victor Castro (W) vs. Dave Gorham (L)
Sal Butera (L) vs. Kenichi Uchigaki (W)
Attila Bezdan (L) vs. Oscar Dominguez (W)

Bezdan Dominguez

1-Loss Side

Ray Rey (W) vs. Hiroko Makiyama (L)
Johnny Kang (W) vs. Ruben Bautista (L)
Steven Eakins (L) vs. Larry Bohn (W)
Kevin May (W) vs. James Cabal (L)
Rogin (L) vs. Vilmos Foldes (W)
Amir Shoshan (L) vs. Beau Runningen (W)
Omar Vachhani (L) vs. Dan Wallace (W)
Melissa Herndon (W) vs. Ray Parajaro (L)


1-Loss Side

Ray Rey (L) vs. Beau Runningen (W)
Johnny Kang (W) vs. Larry Bohn (L)
Kevin May (L) vs. Vilmos Foldes (W)
Melissa Herndon (L) vs. Dan Wallace (W)

1-Loss Side

Efren Beau

Vilmos Foldes (W) vs. Attila Bezdan (L)
Efren Reyes (W) vs. Beau Runningen (L)
Dan Wallace (L) vs. Sal Butera (W)
Johnny Kang (W) vs. Dave Gorham (L)

Winner’s Side

Kenichi Oscar

Rodrigo “Edgie” Geronimo (W) vs. Victor Castro (L)
Kenichi Uchigaki (W) vs. Oscar Dominguez (L)

1-Loss Side

Vilmos Foldes (W) vs. Sal Butera (L)
Efren Reyes (W) vs. Johnny Kang (L)

photo (1) photo (2)

Efrén Reyes (W) vs. Oscar Dominguez (L)
Vilmos Foldes (W) vs. Victor Castro (L)

Efren Reyes (L) vs. Vilmos Foldes (W)

Hot Seat Match

photo (3)

Rodrigo “Edgie” Geronimo (W)
Kenichi Uchigaki (L)

photo (4)

After losing to Rodrigo Geronimo, Kenichi Uchigaki concedes to take 3rd, the winner between Vilmos Foldes and Efren Reyes will play Rodrigo “Edgie” Geronimo in the finals.




Congrats Edgie!!!


1. Rodrigo “Edgie” Geronimo $1400
2. Vilmos Foldes $1000
3. Kenichi Uchigaki $700
4. Efrén Reyes $450
5. Victor Castro $300
6. Oscar Dominguez $300
7. Sal Butera $225
8. Johnny Kang $225
9. Beau Runningen $150
10. Dan Wallace $150
11. Dave Gorham $150
12. Attila Bezdan $150
13. Melissa Herndon $115
14. Ray Rey $115
15. Larry Bohn $115
16. Kevin May $115
17. Amir Shoshan $80
18. Omar Vacchani $80
19. Ruben Bautista $80
20. Ray Parajara $80
21. James Cabal $80
22. Hiroko Makiyama $80
23. Rogin $80
24. Steve Eakins $80
Top Female Melissa Herndon $100

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