Live Stream

Watch Vilmos Foldes Vs Can Salim

10 Ball / Race to 40 for $40k! Starts at 5PM / PST

POV POOL “live action” SCHEDULE


OCT. 26th-29th 10AM PST ••••• The Texas ACS, 8-Ball State Championships

DEC. 1st-3rd 11AM PST  ••••• POVPOOL’s 6 Year Anniversary Event (Details TBA)


Watch POVPOOL when live!



6 Responses to Live Stream

  1. Marcus says:

    Where is the link for your chat room on your home page?

  2. td21e says:

    i was lookin for “pool trax” contact info.

  3. Ed Sellers says:

    Hello Daniel,

    Great job bringing all of us “pooljunkies” these livestreamed matches! I am sending you my info so that I can receive notification of your new posts! Continued success!

  4. David and Nahrein says:

    Love following your success Sargon. Keep it up!!

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