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27 Responses to Contact

  1. wael el zein says:

    please can anybody help me to join a tournament.i am from lebanon working in turkmanistan.thx in advance

  2. Joel Slotnikoff says:

    I want to second the comment that the commentary by Box is outstanding, entertaining and informative. Can you tell us anything about him?

    • povpool says:

      Thanks for your feedback on Box, Joel. I am planning to do a full revision to the ‘About’ page on this site. ‘Box’ will be one of our featured commentators on this page with a short bio. By trade lately, Box has been in the trucking industry, but goes way back in the automotive trade where he was instrumental in providing engineering changes to suspension systems. Box talks about himself once in awhile, so make sure and look at his matches on YouTube. There’s much to learned about the game from him.

  3. Charles Morrison says:


    Just wanted to let you know that Box is just outstanding with his one pocket commentary. He is very knowledgeable, informative and entertaining. In addition, he works very well with others in the booth with him. All in all he is just a great find on your part. I look forward to hearing him again soon.

    Kind regards,

    Charles Morrison

  4. John English says:

    confirm to

  5. Don Manley says:

    Thank you all so much for live streaming the TAP events during the Rally in Edison 2014. I would like to know if you all have archives of the championship events played on Sunday, 16 March 2014. I’d be very interesting in seeing it as I was playing during the live stream. Agains, thanks and continue to great work.


    • povpool says:

      Thank You, Don! Archives of the TAP Rally will be uploaded to YouTube very soon. Please be sure to check back with us here for an update within a week.


  6. shawnthakid says:

    SHAWN HERE ,, love the site its What the game needed ,,,, your the man DANIEL

  7. jody says:

    hi , thank you so much for streaming the tap nationals , i have family shooting there and couldnt make it. i was just wondering why it plays and stops and plays and stops.

    • povpool says:

      What you are experiencing is called, ‘Buffering‘. In order to avoid this, you should have a fast internet connection. Unlike other live streams which you are used to watching, POV Pool outputs picture in 720p and utilizes graphics, logos and multiple camera switching. This means that for ultimate viewing pleasure on POV Pool, you should have a fast connection, and probably make sure nobody else is hi-jacking your connection or using it from another computer in the home.

      Check out and see how fast your connection is. If you are receiving less than 15mbps download speed, you might want to check with your provider about getting an upgrade.

      There are also times when Ustream’s servers are very busy as well (especially weekends), but for the most part, it is usually an issue on the viewer’s end.

      I hope this helps.

  8. Chris Wedekind says:

    Hi Daniel/Barbara,

    Thanks very much for all the streaming you did in the past couple of weeks; it was very much appreciated, and I made a long overdue contribution.

    Also, would like to know if you plan on posting the matches from February 17th anytime soon ? I know you have a boatload of videos now from the Swanee also.


  9. HI Daniel & Barbara,
    You saw how effective my EZ Clean is at removing chalk & powder from a table. If you want one I’ll give you one FREE if you mention it on your stream.
    The EZ Clean PICKS UP DUST & CHALK,it doesn’t just move it like brushing. Faster than vacuuming, no residue as with sprays. To clean it just slap the face with you flat hand, or vacuum it if it’s really had a lot of use.
    I left one with Mark Griffin 2/23/13. If you wish to borrow it for your Sunday matches you may ask him?
    Price it 49.50 + tax & shipping. They virtually never wear out.
    Thanks folks Mitch

  10. Mike Walo says:

    Do you have a live chat option on this application? I was at Hard Times today and when I was looking at the monitor you guys were using it looked like there was a window to the right of the main image of the billiard table that showed live chat … or something.
    The live stream feed doesn’t look like that on my home computer.
    Mike Walo
    Irvine, CA

  11. Max S. says:

    thanks for the streams !

  12. Max says:

    Thanks so much for your streaming to the public. We applaud your efforts. Can we talk of a ad banner swap?

    OnePocketedly Yours

  13. Dave says:

    I do not know who told you to put that object ball with the ‘play’ arrow on it into your recorded frames. Even at 360p/ or because of the 360p resolution it flickers enough to make your recordings not worth viewing in my opinion.


    • POV Pool says:

      It flickered on some recordings because we loaded a .Jpg file onto the screen instead of a .png file. It only happened on a few streams, but thanks for your input.

  14. John I says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Can you please email me regarding your live stream videos.

    Thank you.

    • POV Pool says:

      I generally do not generate email lists because my audience prefers privacy.

      You can subscribe to POV Pool on the front page of my site through FeedBurner. Anytime that there is a new article or stream added to my site you will receive a notification. All of my upcoming streams are always posted on the front page of my site. Just look at the scrolling banners at the top and you will see what’s coming up.

      I also have a Facebook group called ‘POV Pool’ and a YouTube Channel which you can subscribe to. Anytime there are updates or new streams you will also hear about it through these social networks.

      I hope this answers your question. Please email me at if you have anything else on your mind.

      Daniel Busch

      • John I says:


        Ok I’ll subscribe. However the main reason for my question was to see if you back up all of your live streams. I played in the tournament last Sunday (August 12th) and just wanted a copy for myself. I apologize for the confusion.


  15. mn90403 says:

    When will you be posting the one pocket videos from 6/30?

  16. Charles Morrison says:


    Thank you for the excellent stream this past weekend from Hardtimes. I enjoyed it very much.

    While the commentary as whole was very satisfactory I just wanted to make a few observations. Robin Dodson needs to stick to pool and not continually gush about her son, Drake. I certainly understand that as a mother she is justifiably proud of him but she should keep in mind that her job as a commentator is to comment on the pool action/tournament.

    Raj Hundal and Beau Runningen were excellent. They did a superb job of analyzing the situation at the pool table, which is exactly what they should do. Raj, in particular offered a lot of great insights.

    Jay Helfert did his usual good job. He paired really well with Ernie Gutierrez of Ginacue and elicited a number of interesting comments re cues and their proper care – very informative and enjoyable.

    Thanks again and best of luck with your upcoming video streams,

    Kind regards,

    Charles Morrison

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