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West State Billiards and POV Pool Present: 2017’s “West Coast Swing!”, July 1st – 16th

2017 WCS Featured

April 15th, 2017

POV POOL Headquarters – Los Angeles, CA

WCS inquiries:

By: Daniel Busch

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Daily Inspiration: “So often we become focused on the finish line, that we fail to enjoy the journey.” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

2017’s ‘West Coast Swing’ Tournaments and Action! 

West State Billiards and POV Pool Present this year’s ‘West Coast Swing’ tournaments and action; beginning on July 1st in San Francisco at Family Billiards for the 5th Annual Cole Dickson 9-Ball tournament, then on south to California Billiards in Fremont for the West Coast Challenge: ‘Pro’ 10-Ball, One-pocket and 9-ball tournaments and an additional 4-day, ‘action match’ between Tony Chohan and Dennis Orcollo; and south again on July 15th to Hard Times Billiards (Bellflower) for the $3,000 added Hard Times 9-Ball tournament. We have officially locked dates, formats and are taking entries for 2017’s ‘West Coast Swing’. The ‘West Coast Swing’ (WCS) is an annual string of high-powered tournaments in California, synchronized to appeal to the professional and top amateur pool player who seek to compete on 9 foot pool tables along our beautiful west coast. Now in its fifth year, The 2017 West Coast Swing events are held in high regard; always bringing in an eclectic mix of the world’s most seasoned of professional talent with, some of the west coast’s toughest bears who, are expected to come out of hibernation to prove that they too can win some of the honey.

WCS-FInal-web-PosterTaking Entries!

Click and Download Entry Forms:

July 1st-2nd • Cole Dickson 9 Ball

July 4th • 16 Player ‘Pro’ 10-Ball **Please Call or Email for Entry**

July 5th-7th • West Coast Challenge: One Pocket

July 7th-9th • West Coast Challenge: 9-Ball

July 15th-16th • Hard Times 9-Ball

~ 2017’s West Coast Swing Events ~
WCS gradient black

   CA Billiards bnr logo3    Family_Billiards LOGO    Hard Times Billiards Bellflower

Brought to you by:


Hit the road and play pool! 

  • July 1-2: The 5th Annual Cole Dickson 9-Ball 8 • $2,500 Added
  • July 4th: California Billiards Presents: The Pro 10-Ball Challenge (16 players)
  • July 5-7: The West Coast Challenge: One-Pocket • $5,000 Added
  • July 7-9: The West Coast Challenge:  9-Ball • $10,000 Added
  • July 11-14: Chohan vs Orcollo • “The Big One”: 1-Pkt Action • Race to 40 for $100k
  • July 15-16: The Hard Times 9-Ball Tournament • $3,000 Added

Sponsored by:

Tiger Products, JB Cases, Big Time ThreadsTaom Tips, Carmeli Cues

TIGER LOGO black JB CASES black plaque Big Time logo blackTAOM PNG black  AC CUES

Carmeli Custom Cues: Current completion time for new orders:  24 months

What’s new on the ‘WCS’ events?

  • Our sponsors! Thanks to West State Billiards, Tiger Products, JB Cases, Big Time Threads, Taom Tips and Carmeli Cues for supporting these great tournaments!
  • Sponsor Merchandise! Because of our sponsors, the venues will each receive a merchandise package to support the events.
  • 9-Ball! The competition format is changed from 10-ball to 9-ball with a house rack to help give a few ball-bangers a fighting chance.
  • Tiered Entry Fees! The entry fees for the Cole Dickson and Hard Times 9-Ball are going to be higher for the pro player and less for the amateur player.
  • Side Pot Added! The Cole Dickson and Hard Times 9-Ball will have an optional ‘side-pot’ entry with a separate payout for anyone who buys into it.
  • Exhibitors! Come and visit our sponsors and exhibitors, West State Billiards, Carmeli Cues and JB Cases who, will be our exclusive product vendors at California Billiards on July 7th-9th. We are also working on Tiger Products to be there as well so, stay tuned for more info!
  • West Coast Swing T-Shirts! Big Time Threads in currently in the process of designing our ‘WCS’ t-shirts, so don’t forget to get yours along the tournament trail!
  • Hilton Double Tree Promo Code: As of Monday, April 30th, when reserving your room for the ‘West Coast Challenge at California Billiards, be sure to use the promo code: ‘West State’ for the special rate of just $99 per night. Click for reservations
  • Bonus Event on July 4th: Open to just 16 players, California Billiards is adding an additional event to its schedule (as of April 26th, 2017): Poster directly below: 

Which pool table do you prefer?

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2017 Orcollo wcs dickson

Last year’s winners! 

Dennis at the Dickson!

In 2016, it looked like the only thing hindering Dennis Orcollo’s ability to sweep the whole WCS was that he missed the Hard Times, Bellflower event to fly early for his visa renewal. ‘RoboCop’ proved unbeatable at the 4th Annual Cole Dickson, finding only mild, thorny spots against Santos Sambajon, Jr and Rodney Morris. Dennis also proved too powerful for the swashbuckling, John Schmidt who got taken down a peg for the hot seat. Finally, Dennis administered an even stiffer lashing in the Final Match against the warrior himself, Francisco Bustamante with a final score of 11-2.

Watch the 2016 Cole Dickson Final: HERE

Busty Cole Dickson 2016 wcs copy

Francisco Bustamante takes care of business at the 2016 Cole Dickson event as his peers look on: (Sitting, left to right) Rodney Morris, Dennis Orcollo, Efren Reyes and Santos Sambajon, Jr.

Dennis in Fremont, Ca! 

Then, it was off to California Billiards for the ‘double header’ West Coast Challenge $5k added one-pocket and $10k added 10-ball events. Attended by a field of accomplished pros and hardened shortstops, Dennis Orcollo found the one-loss side early in both events but, fought back to double-dip the final matches; Bob Hercheck in the 1-hole and Alex Pagulayan in the 10-ball. After five days at the 30,000 square foot CA Billiards venue, Dennis earned almost $15,000 in prize money which, was well earned against the likes of Thorsten Hohmann, E. and O. Dominguez, Jason Williams, Paul Marquez, Amar Kang, Ramin Bakhtiari, Bill Meachum, Alex Pagulayun, Santos Sambajon, Steve Linglebach, Bernie Pettiepiece, Bee Davison and John Schmidt; all who’s tournament lives came pass by the stroke Dennis’ hand.

Watch the One Pocket Finals: HERE

Watch the 10-Ball Finals: HERE

Final Match of the 2016, ‘West Coast Challenge, 1-pocket, Dennis Orcollo grinding it out against Bob Hercheck from Las Vegas.

John Morra Takes Hard Times!

In the absence of Dennis Orcollo, it would be John Morra to reign supreme at 2016’s Hard Times event in Bellflower, CA as players from California Billiards migrated south to the ‘Home Of Champions’ and a chance to take a piece of the $5k added event. Unbeknownst to us all, this was to be one of John’s last title victories, before announcing his sudden retirement from pool to pursue his lifelong interest in music and arts. John was a bye in the first round, but hammered on the BCA Hall of Famer, Rodney Morris in his first match, winning 9-3. John went on, undefeated against Butch Barba, Giorgio Georgiev, Alex Pagulayan and finally, Francisco Bustamante in an epic ‘Final Match’!

2016 West Coast Swing • John Morra vs Francisco Bustamante • Final Match of the Hard Times, Bellflower event.

2016 West Coast Swing • John Morra vs Francisco Bustamante • Final Match of the Hard Times, Bellflower event.

For additional sponsor inquiries during our live broadcast of this year’s ‘WCS’ events, please feel free to contact us for information:

  • West Coast Swing Events
  • Delbert Wong • Owner • Family Billiards – 
  • Chris Swart • Owner • California Billiards – 
  • Eddie Arreguin • Owner • Hard Times Bellflower – 
  • Daniel Busch  • Point Of View Pool Media •

Keep Loving Pool!



POV Pool: June is for ‘Junior Norris’


April 7th, 2017

Wichita Falls, TX

By: Daniel Busch


Registrations, Sponsorships, Exhibitors can contact Contact Sherri Glenn by email at: or by phone at 940-733-8846

OR Register ONLINE!

The 2017 Junior Norris Memorial Shootout! 

When it comes to pocket billiards in the U.S., one can’t deny that there are many legends of the game. And, in Wichita Falls, TX there lived a man named Junior Norris, born in 1925, he was a World War II veteran and patriot who played pool most of his life, Junior referred to the pool hall as ‘home’. A dear friend to Mike Massey who Junior competed against as far back as the 1960’s; Mike could joyfully regale you with stories of Junior Norris, like how Junior could pick up 13 balls with one hand to Mike’s 8 balls in one hand.

Pool Pro: Mike Massey tells 'Junior Norris' stories to KDFX News in 2016.

Pool Pro: Mike Massey tells ‘Junior Norris’ stories to KDFX News in 2016.

Junior lived on to the ripe age of 90 years old, before his passing in March of 2016. Survived by his daughter, Sherrie Glenn and two brothers, David and Charlie, the ‘Junior Norris Shootout’ which, started in 2013 as a birthday tournament for her Dad every month of June, but has since grown to become an annual gathering of over 150 players paying tribute to the man who found his home on the rails.

This June’s ‘Junior Norris’ Shootout! 


The Junior Norris Memorial Shootout is held at 3916 KELL BLVD EAST, WICHITA FALLS, TX 76308.

Note:  The Junior Norris Memorial Shootout is a NON-SMOKING event.  There will be a designated area outside the building to accommodate our smoking visitors.

The events will be played on 40 bar-box, Valley Tables courtesy of Gary Benson, High Country Promotions and Accu-Racks provided by Chris Renfro’s, Outsville company. There are 5 separate events scheduled from June 21st-25th which are already taking registrations on the Junior Norris website. Playing 8, 9 and 10 ball competitions, with additional ‘Charity Event’ open to 16 teams of players that is almost filled. And to keep the ‘hot shots’ on their toes, this year’s ‘Shootout’ also includes a bonus, 16 player ‘big boy 10-ball, ring-game’ tournament with a $100 entry and $500 added.

Foooood and Drinks!

The Junior Norris events will have a full service bar thanks to the efforts of The Silver Dollar Saloon, unlimited coffee and tea, pastries in the mornings, and a variety of food options all week. With a Huge Big Texas Style BBQ on Saturday June 24th. “DON’T YOU DARE MISS IT!!”

Live Streamed on POV Pool

2016 LOGO

Point Of View Pool Media is both, proud and honored to bring viewers free live-action coverage of this year’s Junior Norris Memorial Shootout, which can be accessed at or directly on our YouTube Channel at:

Live Brackets will be provided by: CompuSport compusport lofo

Exhibitor space is available to vendors; we invite you to join us at this grand arena where players and spectators can also meet and shop for their products:

Vendors onsite: Bryant Billiards, Jerry Olivier Custom Cues, Joe Salazar Cues, Outsville, Taylor Cues, Behind The 8 Ball, Mike Massey, Keeno’s ‘Taste Of Texas’ Jerky, JB Cases, Silver Dollar Saloon,

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 9.38.54 PMTournament Operations and Tables: Gary Benson at High Country Promotions 

• Registrations•Sponsorships•Exhibitors • Contact Sherri Glenn by email or by phone: / 940-733-8846 • 

Special Update: Custom cue-maker, Jerry Olivier at and custom case maker, John Barton at are building a ‘one of a kind’, ‘Texas Legend’ Cue and Case, each to be displayed and held for a exclusive auction at this year’s Junior Norris Memorial Shootout Event!

POV Pool would like to thank: Sherrie Glenn and the Norris Family, Frank Nordmann, Steve Mansfield, GoPlayPool, KDFX News and all of the sponsors of this year’s event.

Find this event on:   master01_2016_quarter_STROKE (2)


SLIVER DOLLAR SALOON BRYANT BILLIARDSKeenos-Beef-stars-big JB LOGO Jerry-Olivier-Web Outsville LOGO Missile-Club-logo Birkenfeld-Electric-logo-2 gemcues

Remembering The Texas Legend, The Inspiration: Junior Norris


Junior’s journey in life began in 1925 in Wichita Falls, TX where he was also raised and like many kids in the early 1930’s, Junior at the age of 8 years old began playing his own mocked up version of pocket billiards with marbles and sticks in the back alley behind the local pool room. That said, Junior’s life wasn’t just a long series of pool stories, as his fate was sealed when he and his two brothers were called to serve with the military during World War II before they could finish high school.

After his tour of duty, Junior returned to Wichita Falls and was employed at Mid Central Fish Company but, his love for pocket billiards did not fade. In the early 1960’s, Junior Norris would attend every tournament at The Stardust in Las Vegas (aka ‘The Stardust days’) where he competed and cashed with some of the world’s best players to enter the arena. Throughout his life, he would take on different roles in the auto and oil industry, but pocket billiards turned out to be his biggest passion. It has been noted by Junior’s daughter, Sherrie Glenn that his home used to be the pool-hall and his second home was ‘home’.

A feared and seasoned pool player, a tough competitor; Junior played in many World Championships and often cashed. In 1995, Junior Norris was inducted into the Texas Billiards Hall of Fame, but probably his most treasured memory is from 2015, when he and his brothers were honored by the United Sates Military with their high school diplomas and military decorations which, were finally presented 70 years after their service; a story that made headlines in Texas. (Watch it here)








48th Annual Terry Stonier 9-Ball / Real Time Feed Page


March 19th, 2017

POV Pool Headquarters • Los Angeles, CA






Day 2 FINAL 8 Players

  1. Amar Kang
  2. Andy Lacey
  3. Rodney Wynn
  4. Tommy Soria
  5. Jaynard Orque
  6. Daniel Delagnes
  7. Shawn Roy
  8. Vilmos Foldes

2017 Final Results:

  • 1st Place / $1,600: Vilmos Foldes
  • 2nd Place / $1000: Tommy Soria
  • 3rd Place / $600: Amar Kang
  • 4th Place / $500: Shawn Roy
  • 5th-6th / $300: Jaynard Orque
  • 5th-6th / $300: Rodney Wynn
  • 7th-8th / $220: Daniel Delagnes
  • 7th-8th / $220: Andy Lacey
  • 9th-12th / $120: Victor Elacion
  • 9th-12th / $120: George Pagulayun
  • 9th-12th / $120: Zoltan
  • 9th-12th / $120: Robbie Lyng
  • 13th-16th / $80: Ralph Daloian
  • 13th-16th / $80: Francis Rita Rita
  • 13th-16th / $80: Chic Melson
  • 13th-16th / $80: John Henderson

Final 2…



The Terry Stonier – Real Time Feed and Updates! 17504990_10210463575278791_6725906232034686312_o

  • The Jointed Cue Billiards
  • 2375 Fruitridge Rd
  • Sacramento, CA 95822
  • PHONE: 916-456-3243

The 48th Annual Reunion Tournament: March 25th/26th

  • Entries still being taken! Call 916-456-3243.17505138_10210463606119562_5380448553136577682_o
  • $60 Entry
  • Race to 6/6
  • $1,000 Added
  • Player Auction for main event
  • Mini Tournament on Friday Night
  • Cues and Repairs: MT Cue Repair



IMG_0313 IMG_0312 IMG_0310 IMG_0311 IMG_0309 IMG_0308 IMG_0307 IMG_0305 IMG_0303 IMG_0302 IMG_0301 IMG_0300 IMG_0297 IMG_0294 IMG_0293 IMG_0292 IMG_0290 IMG_0289 IMG_0288 IMG_0286 IMG_0285 IMG_0283 IMG_0282 IMG_0278 IMG_0277 IMG_0276 IMG_0275 IMG_0274 IMG_0273 IMG_0272 IMG_0271 IMG_0270 IMG_0269

Welcome to California’s Longest Running Annual Pool Tournament!

We are just less than a week away before the action begins at The Jointed Cue Billiards in Sacramento, CA; the Terry Stonier reunion event, in its 48th year always delivers a great competition, with a 2017 roster that should prove no different than others. Some of California’s best pool players are expected to compete such as, Amar Kang, Jason Williams, Jaynard Orque, Rudy Estoque, Deo Alpajora and of course, this year’s defending champ, Vilmos Foldes. Vilmos arrived here in California from Hungary almost 3 years ago. Vilmos, a 2006 Junior World Champion (for Hungary at the time) has consistently obtained status as one of California’s ‘Top Tier’ talents in pool, racking up 3 seasons worth of wins on the Mezz West State Tour, wins on the newly formed, ‘NorCal Pool Tour’; Vilmos has a gig at Diamond Billiards in Fresno as their ‘House-Pro’.

Jointed Cue On Facebook

2017 Stonier Players

  1. Bill Pence
  2. Chick Nelson
  3. Rodney Wynn
  4. Brian Hararmeybr
  5. Jason Jennings
  6. Ralph Daloian
  7. Dan Olsen
  8. Daniel Aguilar
  9. Tyler Lambert
  10. Zoltam Kojsza
  11. Daniel Delagnes
  12. Evan Sanchez
  13. Mark Warsing
  14. Nick Cano
  15. Oscar Lopez
  16. Shan Roy Roy
  17. Auinash Pandy
  18. Vilmos Foldes
  19. Cory Buchanan
  20. Eric Scott
  21. Don Olsen
  22. Daryl Wallace
  23. David McParand
  24. Victor Elacion
  25. John Avalos
  26. Paul Silva
  27. Shan Damani
  28. Andy Lacey
  29. John Lim
  30. Tommy Burnes
  31. Rudy Estoque
  32. Dustin Baisch
  33. Phillip Prentice
  34. Mark Moser
  35. Don Murphy
  36. Mike Gilmore
  37. John Porter
  38. Doug Whaley
  39. Jay Jay
  40. Michael Langarica
  41. Eric Glasser
  42. John Henderson
  43. Manuel Miranba
  44. Tommy Soria
  45. Tim Reese
  46. Cheekang
  47. Holiday Doc Eldon
  48. Matt Overturf
  49. Tanner Roo
  50. Jason Williams
  51. Janna Nelson
  52. Omar Alhasi
  53. Amar Kang
  54. Rod Yoder
  55. Francis RitaRita
  56. Chris Davis
  57. Dave Jones
  58. Michael Glass
  59. Anthony Proznick
  60. Duane Grimes
  61. Jaynard Orque
  62. Daniel Duran
  63. Angelo Inness
  64. George Pagulayan
  65. Buck Porter
  66. Jason Paulo
  67. Beto Franco
  68. Kevin Mclaughlin
  69. Z. Rozaluna

Last Year’s Terry Stonier: Vilmos Foldes vs Danny Gohkul


***2016’s FINALS: DANNY GOKHUL vs VILMOS FOLDES***   Last year’s Terry Stonier event found Vilmos in the finals with a well known traveling player; Danny “That Indian Guy with the British Accent” Gokhul; Danny was hoping to re-take the trophy from his Stonier win in 2013.

Danny Gokhul, giving 'props' to Vilmos Foldes, 2016's Stonier Champ.

Danny Gokhul, giving ‘props’ to Vilmos Foldes, 2016’s Stonier Champ.

Real Time Updates for this event:

Please check with this page periodically for scores, updates, news and pictures regarding this year’s Terry Stonier Tournament. You can also watch our free live coverage on POVPOOL on YouTube at



James Boch’s 10 Foot, One Pocket Challenge! (Real Time Feed)

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.50.59 AM

March 10/11, 2017

Los Angeles (LAX), California



Click to watch the matches on this YouTube Playlist

Congratulations to John ‘Hendy’ Henderson for taking 1st place and receiving $1,000

  • 1st – John Henderson
  • 2nd – Frank Almanza
  • 3rd – Wayne Pullen
  • 4th – Phil Misson

James Boch’s One Pocket Challenge Real Time Feed

Welcome to our Real Time Feed Page for James Boch’s One Pocket Challenge. This is a small, 4-man One Pocket tournament played at the home of James Boch in El Segundo, CA. This event will last just two days and is a double elimination event. Winner Take ALL! All results and additional photos will be posted on this page. Please save and share this page:


Event:  James Boch’s One Pocket Challenge

Dates: March 10/11 @ 12PM / PST

Players: John Henderson, Wayne Pullen, Frank Almanza, Phil Misson

Entry Fee: $250 (Winner Take All)

Format: Race to 3, Double Elim

Table: 1922, Brunswick Monarch (10 foot)

Live Stream Quick Link:


Day 2 Matches (Saturday, March 11th)

12:PM / PST: Frank Almanza vs John Henderson

2:pm / PST: Wayne Pullen vs. Frank Almanza

4:pm / PST: Frank Almanza vs John Henderson (Hot Seat Sitter)

IMG_0202 IMG_0208 IMG_0206

Day 1 Matches (Friday, March 10th)

12:PM / PST: Frank Almanza vs Phil Misson

2:pm / PST: John Henderson vs Wayne Pullen

4:pm / PST: Loser #1 vs Loser #2



USBA at Casino Del Sol: “3-Cushion Billiards, Real Time Feed Page!”


January 6th, 2017

POV Pool Headquarters – Los Angeles, CA 

By Daniel Busch and Geraldine Thibodeau


USBA-LOGO-WEB-280x300-1 prof-q-ball-icon



Final 16 Tournament


Congratulations to 1st Place finisher

Pedro Piedrabuena! 

Final Round Single Elimination Tournament Results and Current Matches







IMG_9880 IMG_9879 IMG_9877 IMG_9875 IMG_9874 IMG_9870 IMG_9869 IMG_9867 IMG_9865 IMG_9864 IMG_9863 IMG_9855 IMG_9854 IMG_9852 IMG_9851 IMG_9850 IMG_9849 IMG_9848 IMG_9836 IMG_9835 IMG_9832 IMG_9834 IMG_9831 IMG_9828 IMG_9827 IMG_9825 IMG_9824


Format of the “OPEN” event:

  • 8 Groups of 5 players
  • 2 players advance from each group after day 2 (Races to 25)
  • 16 player final single elimination bracket on day 3 (Races to 30)

Official Player’s List for “Open” Tournament


Congratulations to Jesus Quinonez for his 1st Place win in the “B” tournament!

Format of the “B” event: B_PrizeFund.

  • 8 Groups of 5 players
  • 2 players advance from each group after day 2
  • 16 player final single elimination bracket on day 3






IMG_9756 IMG_9757 IMG_9758 IMG_9759 IMG_9760 IMG_9761 IMG_9764 IMG_9765 IMG_9770 IMG_9772 IMG_9774 IMG_9775 IMG_9778 IMG_9779 IMG_9780 IMG_9783 IMG_9785 IMG_9787 IMG_9791 IMG_9792 IMG_9795

IMG_9724 IMG_9725 IMG_9726 IMG_9727 IMG_9729 IMG_9730 IMG_9731 IMG_9732 IMG_9733 IMG_9735 IMG_9736 IMG_9737 IMG_9738 IMG_9739 IMG_9740 IMG_9742 IMG_9743 IMG_9746 IMG_9754



The United States Billiard Association presents: “Gabriel’s 3-Cushion Tour Events” #1

To kick-off 2017 with something special. Professor Q Ball’s, Paul Frankel, the USBA’s current president, Mazin Shooni, and its board members have arranged a double-header billiards competition, to be hosted at The Casino Del Sol resort in Tucson, Arizona. The USBA/Gabriel’s Tour Event shall be a six-day affair for a few competitors who were lucky enough to secure positions in both, the 42 player ‘B’ tournament on January 16th and in the 42 player ‘Open’ tournament on Jan 19th. Somewhat stunning news also was that, for a first-time, ‘prestigious’ event at a premier venue like Casino Del Sol, 3-cushion players all over the country responded with entry forms that filled both events within four weeks of the official announcement in September, 2016.

Original quote from the website: “The Gabriels USBA Tour Event at Casino Del Sol in Tucson Arizona (January 16-21) has reached its maximum entrants! Both the “A” event and the “B” event are full. If you’re still considering playing contact Mazin Shooni at (248) 910-4466 or Paul Frankel (901) 210-7251 in the event a cancellation opens a last minute position. The official list of players for both the A and B events follows.”

For more information on this event and how to participate with the USBA, please visit: 

POV is going ‘3C’ 

pov3c-imagePOV Pool would like to give ‘special thanks’ to the USBA and to the sponsors of this event who, have made it possible to enlist the services of Point Of View Pool Media to provide live broadcast and event coverage services for both competitions which also include this: “real time feed page”. Be sure to ‘bookmark’, share this page with your fellow 3C’ers and tune into POV Pool on YouTube as POV goes ‘3C’ for 6 days, live from Casino Del Sol.

On each day of this event from January 16th-21st, POV Pool will be live at 10:00am at our YouTube Channel. Be sure to join and share with your friends. 

  gabriels-billiards-trans  Simonis_Logo1  TigerTransBlackcheqio-logo (1) WEB


January 16th-18th / “B” Tournament / 42 Players 

  1. George ALLEE=======>NJ
  2. Jim BISHOP========> FL
  3. Mickey CAMPBELL===>MN
  4. Lee COLLINS=======>AZ
  5. Gary COHEN=======>CA
  6. Joe DEAMATO======>MA
  7. Doug DEITEL=======>TX
  8. Dennis DIECKMAN===>VA
  9. Gary EAKE=========>WI
  10. Richard FALANGA====>MA
  11. Paul FELTMAN, Jr.====>AZ
  12. Paul FELTMAN, Sr.====>AZ
  13. John FLEMING=======>OR
  14. Pete FOLSOM========>CA
  15. Paul FRANKEL=======>TN
  16. Mercedes GONZALEZ===>FL
  17. Jim HENRICKSON=====>AZ
  18. Eric HUGHES========>DC
  19. Larry HUNDLEY======>AZ
  20. John JOHNSON======>MA
  21. Rich KUCHMA=======>NE
  22. Dan KOLACZ========>NY
  23. Ellis LAWRENCE=====>FL
  24. Jairo LENIS=========>FL
  25. Stanley LOMBARDO===>KS
  26. Aaron MOSS=========>AZ
  27. Tim MUMMA========>IA
  28. Hector O’CAMPO======>CA
  29. Bob PAGE===========>MA
  30. Tom PALEY=========>MO
  31. Craig POWERS========>WI
  32. Jesus QUINONEZ======>WA
  33. Raye RASKIN=========>CA
  34. Richard RICE=========>AZ
  35. Ray ROBLES=========>AZ
  36. George RAMIREZ======>NV
  37. Carlos RAMOS========>FL
  38. Tom ROSSMAN=======>IN
  39. Jim SHOVAK========>NY
  40. John SMITH=========>AZ
  41. Ertan TARHAN=======>WA
  42. Juan URIBE=========>NC

professor qball

January 19th-21st / “OPEN” Tournament / 42 Players 

  1. George ALLEE===========>NJ
  2. Jim BISHOP============> FL
  3. Alejandro BORBOA========>AZ
  4. Mickey CAMPBELL========>MN
  5. Ricardo CARRANCO=======>CA
  6. Allen CASTILLO==========>CA
  7. Eduardo CERVANTES=======>CA
  8. Joe DEAMATO===========>MA
  9. Dennis DIECKMAN=========>VA
  10. Gary EAKE==============>WI
  11. Richard FALANGA========>MA
  12. Paul FELTMAN, Sr.========>AZ
  13. John FLEMING==========>OR
  14. Pauk FRANKEL==========>TN
  15. MercedesGONZALEZ=======>FL
  16. Sonny CHO=============>NY
  17. Jim HENRICKSON========>AZ
  18. Eric HUGHES===========>DC
  19. Dan KOLACZ===========>NY
  20. Rich KUCHMA==========>MA
  21. Ellis LAWRENCE=========>FL
  22. Jairo LENIS=============>FL
  23. Stanley LOMBARDO=======>KS
  24. Tim MUMMA============>IA
  25. Gilbert NAJM============>CA
  26. Tung NGUYEN===========>CA
  27. Hector O’CAMPO==========>CA
  28. Bob PAGE===============>MA
  29. Carlos PALAFOX===========>CA
  30. Hugo PATINO=============>NY
  31. Pedro PIEDRABUENA========>CA
  32. Vicky PINEDA=============>CA
  33. Craig POWERS============>WI
  34. Jesus QUINONEZ==========>WA
  35. George RAMIREZ==========>NV
  36. Carlos RAMOS============>FL
  37. Tom ROSSMAN===========>IN
  38. Mazin SHOONI===========>NH
  39. Jim SHOVAK=============>NY
  40. Ertan TARHAN===========>WA
  41. Miguel TORRES===========>NC
  42. Juan URIBE==============>NC

POV Pool

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