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2017’s Year-End events on POV Pool

October 20th, 2017

POV Pool Headquarters – Los Angeles, CA 

By: Daniel Busch

Daniel & Geraldine of POV Pool Media

So, you’ve made all the stripes on the table and you’re left with the 8…

Well, POV Pool will be left with an ‘8’ at the end of 2017. But, before we get there, we’ve got patterns to play, a cue-ball to control and even more balls to sink. So, here’s our list of events streaming live on POV Pool as we get closer to hill for the end of this year. Save the dates, tell a friend and ‘Keep Loving Pool’!

On these events we’d like to give a ‘Special Thanks’ to, OB Cues, Jerry Oliver Custom Cues, Bryant Billiards, Red Tree Jewelry, Outsville Inc., John and Karen Barton of JB Cases, Tiger Products, IV Organics, The Texas ACS League, Janet Ybarra, Chris Swart, Heriberto Arreguin, Tom Wirth, Ray and Janette Cruz, Mark Cantrill, Dave Hemmah, Shirell Ivey, Joey Chin, Frank Almanza, Al Moreno and Tony Torres; and to all of you who play and participate (too many to name).

October 26th-29th • The Texas ACS 8 Ball State Championships!

On October 26nd-29th, POV Pool is off to The Lone Star State; working with the Texas American Cue Sports Alliance to provide live streamed coverage from Belton, of the Texas ACS, 8 Ball State Championships, consisting of a series of back to back competitions. Covering the men’s singles, women’s singles, mixed teams, women’s teams and scotch doubles competitions, we invite you to join us live for the action with a rotation of guest commentators, live bracket updates and other ACS related news and announcements. Added money and live streaming services are made possible in part by OB Cues, Jerry Olivier Custom Cues, Bryant Billiards, Frideres Billiard Supply and Red Tree Jewelry.


November 3rd-5th • The NAPT Women’s Pro, ‘Desert Challenge!’

Join us on POV POOL’s YouTube Channel, Streaming LIVE from Griff’s in Las Vegas Nevada!

Check out the NAPT on Facebook:

The North American Pool Tour (NAPT) is excited to announce that the Desert Challenge will be held at Griff’s in Las Vegas, November 2-5, 2017. Guaranteed $5000 is added to the prize fund, bringing the total purse to $21,000, with a full field of 64 players.

Griff’s is a classy non-smoking 8,000-square-foot pool and billiard hall with a full restaurant and bar located at 3650 South Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV. Owner Mark Griffin’s desire is to provide Las Vegas with a billiards room that gives pool the respect it deserves. A tasteful, sleek, modern and clean venue that’s as nice as any nightclub in Vegas. Griff’s offers great food, cool drinks, league play opportunities, and an inviting, upscale, non-smoking atmosphere featuring (9) 9-foot Diamond pool tables; (12) 7-foot Diamond pool tables; a 9-foot Chinese 8-Ball table; and an antique 12-foot Brunswick snooker/golf table. Raised bench seating surrounds the billiards area, offering comfortable seating for guests and providing the ability to watch sporting events on the 25 flat screen televisions from anywhere in the room. Call 702-222-1011 to find out more.

This Women’s Division I (pro) tournament attracts some of the most talented women players from all over North America. The format is double elimination, limited to 64 players.

Professionally ranked players receive personal invitations. Division II (semi-pro/regional) players earn invitations by entering Division II Regional Tour qualifier tournaments.

There are ten, Division II Regional Tours throughout North America. These regional tours are considered ‘feeders’ for the NAPT Division I events and provides an opportunity for woman players to reach their highest levels of competition. The NAPT is currently finalizing other 2017 tour stops throughout North America. For up to date tournament and membership information, and to find regional tour territories and tour director contact information, visit

In our effort to continue to provide quality opportunities to promote our sport, as well as provide national exposure for your business, NAPT is actively considering 2017 sponsorship bids for individual tour stops as well as annual tour title sponsorships. With many options available, we can accommodate every budget. We welcome representation from all industries. Please contact, Adrianne Beach () or Kelly Nickl () to discuss detailed


November 4th-5th • Hard Times Billiards 1st Weekend!

This November, our return home to Hard Times Billiards, Bellflower will be a little different. Yes, of course the Hard Times ‘1st weekend tournaments; One-Pocket Saturday and 9-Ball Sunday, will be streaming live on our YouTube Channel and, to sweeten the pot this month, POV Pool will hold a small raffle of various accessories from Tiger Products and Outsville Inc., bringing some Accu Racks and Great White Chalk! We will also be giving away Scott Frost and Mika Immonen DVD’s and a couple of posters from the 2016 West Coast Swing events and a very special gift from Tom Wirth; his book entitled “One Pocket: A Game of Controlled Aggression”. A percentage of the proceeds from this raffle will be added to this month’s prize fund so, don’t be a turkey this November and rack-em up!

December 1st-3rd • POV Pool’s 6th Anniversary!

California Billiards in Fremont, is currently taking entries and will host POV Pool’s 6th anniversary tournaments featuring, some of the best of California’s talent-pool and, a few surprise entrants from other parts of the world. The 3-day event will kick off with a $300 added single elimination early evening ‘9 Ball’ tournament and, followed by a 2-day, $2,000 added one-pocket tournament. No green fees and all monies paid out, you can download your entry form below or enter by phone with your credit card at: 510-668-1670. Celebrate 6 years of broadcast history with Point Of View Pool Media by tuning into POV Pool’s YouTube Channel for this very special, free stream. We will also be raffling a very special ‘Bobby Hunter Cue with 2 custom, Tiger shafts’, a couple of JB Cases from John Barton and some Great White Chalk, compliments of Outsville, Inc.

Brackets By CompuSport!

Download Entry Form!


December 16th • The 1st Annual $1,000 Added – “Tiger 8-BRAWL!” 

Taking Entries! Heads-up, ‘8 Ballers’; Sharky’s Billiards in Lancaster, California is celebrating its first year of new ownership by pool enthusiast, Ray Cruz and he would like to invite everyone to play a new, annual tournament brought to you by, Tiger Products. The Sharky’s venue comes complete with hot food, bottled and tap’d beverages with, 18 Gold Crown 1’s and 2’s. Tiger Products is gifting a ‘Traveler Series Cue’ and other accessories while, Outsville is bringing in Accu-Racks and Great White Chalk to the table, giving everyone at the venue a chance to win some cool gear. Open to 64 players, this will be a handicapped format, event with all the rules and criteria available at their

“Tiger 8 Brawl” – Facebook Event Page.

Brackets by CompuSport!

Download Entry Form!


Red Tree Jewelry

GoPlayPool Releases Updated Directory and System

October 3rd, 2017

26895 Aliso Creek Road.

Aliso Viejo, CA. 92656

  • Phone 949-922-2454

GoPlayPool includes new Membership packages to business owners

Aliso Viejo, CA- October 3, 2017:  GoPlayPool released its app, mobile site and website 5 years ago this September.  Within days of the anniversary, they launched their newly updated system and directory.  GoPlayPool features the most updated and current directory of pool halls and establishments featuring pool tables.  With their newly updated system, users can now take advantage of the search engine, making it easier than ever to find places to play pool and more.

The directory itself has had a huge facelift and includes much more information than before.  After thousands of hours of scouring the internet, making phone calls and even going on cross-country road trips, GoPlayPool owners, Ramin Bakhtiari and Mary Ann Starkey have personally gathered the information which is included in the directory listings.  Users can quickly see which places have age restrictions and if they feature leagues and tournaments.  They can also update information about a location as well as letting us know when locations close.  They can also add rooms that we don’t have listed and give us detailed information.  This information can also be updated and added by the business owners and management themselves.  This is where the GoPlayPool Memberships come in.

Pool halls, bars, recreation facilities, bowling alleys, members-only establishments, and even gentlemen’s clubs are listed in our directory and each and every one of them can become a GoPlayPool Member Room.  GoPlayPool offers monthly and yearly memberships, both of which are very affordable.  Memberships allow businesses to promote any and all events, specials, tournaments and league information, as well as listing all of the entertainment amenities they offer.  Everything from promoting dart leagues to showing off their food or drink menus can be included in their profile.   Members can also use push notifications to let people know about special events.  Push notifications target GoPlayPool users in specific areas.  This might include a radius from a zip code, city, state or even nationwide.  Businesses are also encouraged to promote military, student and membership discounts through GoPlayPool.  The new search engine will also help users find places which offer these amenities.

Some might say they can already do all of that for free on their social media accounts.   This is true.  However, you’re advertising to the same people over and over again.  GoPlayPool has a goal of helping businesses gain new customers as well as keeping their current fans updated on the latest happenings.  GoPlayPool owner, Mary Ann Starkey says, “Our marketing efforts will help other businesses.  Our users aren’t just pool players.  They are college students, traveling truckers, and even people from across the world that frequently travel to the U.S.  Not only do we believe we can help steer more customers to our Member Rooms, we believe that our members see more value in their profile on our system and therefore, do more to keep it updated and fresh. “

Another issue that might convince business owners and establishments to sign up with GoPlayPool is something that both GoPlayPool Co-Owners experienced in their pursuit to update the directory.  Mary Ann said, “You’d be shocked at how many businesses are listed as being closed by Yelp, Facebook, Google and more.  After checking personally and making phone calls, I discovered that there are a large amount of places that are probably losing out on a lot of business because of this.”  When businesses become GoPlayPool Members, they can get tips and tricks to help boost their online presence and fix all of these issues that might be affecting their clientele.  Mary Ann also stated, “I noticed a trend in phone calls.  Places that I called which were supposedly closed, the employees didn’t seem to know much about the place they were working.  They didn’t know how many pool tables there were or if there were tournaments.  Informing hired employees should be priority number one if you’re to ever draw in curious callers or customers.”

If you already have the GoPlayPool App installed on your devices, it is recommended that you re-install the app to make sure the new features are updated.   As always, there are no pop-up advertisements and users are not required to login to use the GoPlayPool App or website.  GoPlayPool advises that they utilize Google Maps so all addresses are based off of the Google Map system.  For example, a room that could be considered to be located in Los Angeles might actually be listed under Lakewood and vice versa.  Despite this, the GoPlayPool system is now more organized and easier to use.

The GoPlayPool App is available on both Android and Apple devices.  It is 100% free to download and use.  Visit to learn more about the available features or to become a GoPlayPool Member location.


October 2017’s, Texas ACS 8-Ball State Championships!

October 1st, 2017

POV Pool Headquarters – Los Angeles, CA

By Daniel Busch and Janet Ybarra

For more information, go directly to the Texas ACS website at:

Gearing up for the Texas ACS – “State Championships”! 

On, October 26th-29th, 2017!

$5,000 Added!

The 13th annual ACS Texas State Championships are upon us and growing strong each year! Entries are still being taken for each competition which, will be held at The Bell County Expo Center – 301 W. Loop 121-Belton, TX 76513.

Along with monies added each year to this event, free entries to the ACS National 8 Ball Championships are awarded to the 1st place winners of each division. With ACS Nationals held in May of each year in Las Vegas, the players really strive to win ACS Texas State Championships. Founded in 2004 under the guidance of American CueSports Alliance, the ACS Texas is a non profit organization formed to promote the sport of billiards in its communities and entire state of Texas.





ACS Texas is 1600+ members strong and growing with the support of ACS Texas board members (league operators), ACS Texas continues to grow in numbers of all aspects; under the direction of it’s Executive Officers (Pictured: Left to Right (Below): Ren Roberts, President; Angelina Dean, Vice President; Connie Svoboda, Secretary; and Janet Ybarra, Treasurer. With the support of ACS Texas board members (league operators), ACS Texas continues to grow in numbers of all aspects.

Find us on Facebook at: ACS Texas

Announcing: Live-action coverage by POV Pool!  

Brought to you by:  

With great ‘Thanks’ in part to the Texas ACS Sponsors: OB Cues, Jerry Olivier Custom Cues and Repair, Bryant Billiards, Frideres Billiard Supply and Red Tree Jewelry – POV Pool will be on location this year to to provide free, live-streamed coverage of all four days of the event. Players, friends, families and fans will be able to follow and track progress with access to POVPOOL’s YouTube Channel. Live bracket reporting from CompuSport will also be available on the live stream with in picture bracket displays and tracking. All matches will be posted fully to YouTube within 30 days of broadcast.

The Texas ACS Live Stream Schedule on POV POOL: 

  • Oct 26th @ 10AM – Scotch Doubles 8-Ball (All Day)
  • Oct 26th/27th @ 7PM – Singles 8 Ball
  • Oct 28th/29th @ 10AM – Teams 8-Ball

Join us for the action and ‘Keep Loving Pool’! 


West State Billiards provides aid to a Southern California ‘billiard/youth’ program

September 17th, 2017

Riverside, CA – Shooters Pool Hall

By: Daniel Busch / POV Pool Media

  • Steve Strange: 
  • West State Billiards: 


Steve Strange w/ his youth billiard academy in San Diego County

Steve Strange w/ his youth billiard academy in San Diego County

West State Billiards steps up for kids to play pool in school!

California’s largest retail/wholesale billiard and game-room distributor, West State Billiards in Fullerton, CA took the opportunity this month to donate at least $1,000 worth inventory to a group of children who are actively learning to play pool at a San Diego County middle school program. The program which, was started in October 2016 by Steve Strange; a retired Navy Corpsman and PBIA billiard instructor conducts his ‘off hours’ billiard program on campus, during lunches and after school and utilizes four pool tables under the roof of one large classroom. Steve took on the project of starting this youth program at a Middle School in Bonsall, CA to offer students the chance to discover cue-sports in a classroom environment.

West State Billiards: Donny Wessels and Daniel Busch meet to pull inventory for Billiard Youth Program at Sullivan Middle School

West State Billiards: Donny Wessels and Daniel Busch meet to pull inventory for Billiard Youth Program at Sullivan Middle School


The contribution of brand new cues, cue tips, cue cases, racks, bridgeheads, chalk, cue holders and Tiger Products billiard towels from West State Billiards was a coordinated effort between POV Pool Media and Steve Strange to make sure that the much needed equipment was provided, free of charge. The ‘hand off’ of the equipment was made possible by Daniel Busch and Geraldine Thibodeau and took place at Shooters Pool Hall in Riverside, CA. In addition, West State Billiards went one step further by enlisting the services of Brian Esparza to re-cover each table at the Bonsall school with Simonis Cloth that was donated earlier this summer by Ivan Simonis at Simonis Cloth.

POV Pool Media: Daniel and Geraldine meet with Steve Strange at Shooter's Billiards in Riverside to deliver equipment from West State Billiards.

POV Pool Media: Daniel and Geraldine meet with Steve Strange at Shooter’s Billiards in Riverside to deliver equipment from West State Billiards.

When asked about his program, Steve Strange states, “It is now almost one year since this youth billiard program started and they are loving and learning all about the game. Never in my life, have I witnessed up to 25 students ‘run’ to the class each day with excitement which, they do on a daily basis.”

KIDS with Equip

Some of Steve Strange’s students are pictured with the new equipment from West State Billiards

Expanding the youth program…

Steve Strange is also setting his sights on expanding this program to yet another Bonsall School which, has expressed interest in adopting. That said, Steve’s efforts are in constant need of help and support from anyone willing to help, in the form of professional instruction, volunteer outreach services, exhibitions, team youth programs and opportunities to compete in outside events. Steve tells us that, he has been working hard to coordinate with the non-profit, ‘Billiard Education Foundation’ to officially endorse and adopt his youth program to accept monetary donations and to further expand the program to other cities in the United States.

If you are interested in providing additional support/services or simply wish to send a note of thanks to Steve Strange, West State Billiards or to encourage the BEF (Billiard Education Foundation) to get involved, you can contact them directly through emails below:

weststate_billiards_web-012016 POVPOOL LOGO TIGER LOGO black

  • Steve Strange: 
  • West State Billiards: 
  • Billiard Education Foundation: 

To learn a little more about this Youth Billiard Program, you can also listen to Steve Strange’s interview on Amercian Billiard Radio which took place earlier this summer. Click on this link and scrub to 3:08 minutes:

ABR Logo

POV Pool Media would like to personally thank Donny Wessels and West State Billiards for making this contribution possible.

Hard Times 9 Ball Challenge Brackets

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