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POV = Point Of View

POVPOOL = “Point Of View Pool” (Billiards and cuesports)


Our Focus:

  • To bring quality cuesports events, news and media to your eyes and ears.
  • To promote and embrace the growth of pool players and to document their experience.
  • To promote the highest standard of sportsmanship, image and honesty in our sport.
  • To promote the industry within cuesports and all of its positive components.

Our Services:

  • To the viewer: 1000’s of hours of entertainment and knowledge
  • To the promoter: Video coverage and distribution
  • To the venue: Business growth, loyalty and advertisement
  • To the advertiser: Product and brand awareness
  • To this network: Many channels of growth and development

Our Live Stream:

  • Free on POV Pool’s YouTube Channel/s
  • Complete event coverage
  • Up to 4, HD cameras
  • Live commentary and digital scorekeeping
  • Advertising and promotional campaigns

Our Vault:

In January, 2018 POV Pool Media will launch a ‘premium’, subscription page for viewers who seek our best matches/events, streamed in HD. Our monthly subscription pricing will only cost $6.99 and will feature new releases of our specially selected and most demanded content. POV Pool’s subscription programming is accessible via desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Work with us:  

POV Pool continues to develop relationships with all walks of life in the Billiards world ranging from, venue owners, professional players, league owners, cue-makers, apparel designers, product vendors and not to mention a host of fans of the streams itself. Send us an email to discuss how we can grow together.

Meet the Team



Daniel Busch

Founder & CEO

Daniel Busch is the creative producer and main voice behind POV Pool who, launched the company in December, 2011. Since that time, POV Pool has covered over 200 live events and produced over 2,500 recorded matches which, surpasses any other content producer on the earth for pool and billiards in this time frame.




Geraldine Thibodeau


Geraldine Thibodeau joined POV Pool in 2013 as a director of marketing and promotions, helping to develop and design appropriate campaigns with sponsors and promoters, she also shines as a co-producer on many of POV Pool’s events.


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