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 What Does “POV” stand for?

P.O.V. is an acronym for “Point Of View”, usually referring to the angle of a camera as viewed through a subject in a scene or setting. In this case it shall stand for the many players, spectators and industry partners who have shared their stories, opinions and knowledge of cue-sports on our live streamed events.

The POV Pool brand was officially launched in December, 2011 and can be found on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, AudioVideo Web, LinkedIN, SoundCloud, Instagram, Ustream, JustinTV, Vimeo, and also on most all popular billiard forums.

POV Pool’s Vision

The vision of POV Pool is to communicate as many points of view of the pool world to players, promotors and consumers of the sport, through video, web related content and social media. POV Pool’s main point of access is through its live-streamed, video coverage of pool tournaments, events and pre-produced ‘action matches’. POV Pool has live streamed from at least 20 venues in the United States and looks forward to working with any venue or promoter who wishes to promote cue-sports.

Since 2012, POV Pool has become the largest provider of billiards related content in the United States with over 2,500 hours of archives on YouTube. We have been mentioned in the Los Angeles Times, appeared on CBS Sacramento News and has contributed video footage to ESPN for coverage of the Women’s Professional Billiard Association (WPBA). POV Pool is ‘all inclusive to the billiard community and is willing to promote most leagues, games, events and products.

Live Video-Streaming Services

POV Pool delivers a show, using cutting edge streaming hardware and software, operating up to 4 – HDMI cameras and utilizing state of the art, encoding and video mixing tools. We are capable of running commercial spots, added footage, product logos, guest commentators and real-time breaking news reports. Almost always streaming in the ‘live’ environment, we take great pride in our ability to troubleshoot almost anything that stands between us and your entertainment, resulting in the reliability of equipment and program transmission. POV Pool also thanks Truman HW of www.ReaniMac.com who has now powered our company with 64 bit streaming technology using our MacPRO with 12 core processing and solid state drive technology. You too can “Reanimate your mac at ReaniMac” by visiting www.ReaniMac.com

POV Pool can stream events that are completely free to watch for viewers on multiple platforms like Ustream, YouTube, JustinTV, or as an ‘on demand’ or Pay Per View streaming, via AudioVideoWeb’s subscription services. To find out more about which delivery system is right for your event, please contact POV Pool at daniel@povpool.com

 YouTube Presence 

With well over 3,500 hours of archived footage, POV Pool’s presence on YouTube have grown to over 20,000 subscribers and approaching 15 million views. POV Pool has also become a multi-channel network partner and the ‘Pool/Billiards Community’ leader with ScaleLab Inc.

POV Pool’s Advertising Opportunities!

Please feel free to email daniel@povpool.com for a complete proposal and press kit for our upcoming events.

Some of POV Pool’s resources and social networks: 


POV Pool is always seeking to cultivate short and long term working relationships with corporate and private sponsors within the billiard industry and beyond. Local to International endorsements and campaigns are possible with its target audience. POV Pool has a special interest in hard working and productive partners who strive to push the boundaries of innovation and design. We encourage the belief believe that our partnerships will attract additional strength to your brands and promotions.

YouTube Network Partner with ScaleLab! 


POV Pool is the ‘Community Leader’ of the Billiards & Pool Community with ScaleLab. Contact daniel@povpool.com if you are a billiard-related content producer who would like to become a part of this community on ScaleLab. ScaleLab has more communities than any other YouTube network. This is where YouTube creators connect and collaborate with like-minded creators. If you don’t see the perfect community for you, ScaleLab lets you create your own.

Special Thanks! 

I thank those who have been there before me, committing countless hours of their time and energy to promoting this sport. My biggest inspirations have been Accu-Stats, Pat Fleming, Grady Matthews, Billy Incardona, Danny Diliberto, Mitch and Ewa Laurance, Jay Helfert, Jim Wych, Terry Griffiths, John Virgo, The Action Report’s Chad Pollman, Justin Collett and Andy Chen, just to name a few. There are so many contributors to POV Pool’s success that all I can do is encourage viewers to watch the streams, follow the action and get involved in what’s happening now.

POV Pool continues to develop relationships with all walks of life in the Billiards world ranging from, venue owners, professional players, league owners, cue-makers, apparel designers, product vendors and not to mention a host of fans of the streams itself.

Please, feel free to contact POV Pool about your next event!

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Thanks to All and Keep Loving Pool! 

 – Daniel Busch, Owner

Mailing Address: 
  • Point Of View Pool Media
  • PO BOX 50132
  • Studio City, CA 91614
email: daniel@povpool.com
Telephone: 310-923-6639
Website: http://www.povpool.com

Some of POV Pool’s resources and social networks: 

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Ustream, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Instagram, LinkedIN 

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