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48th Annual Terry Stonier 9-Ball / Real Time Feed Page

March 19th, 2017

POV Pool Headquarters • Los Angeles, CA






Day 2 FINAL 8 Players

  1. Amar Kang
  2. Andy Lacey
  3. Rodney Wynn
  4. Tommy Soria
  5. Jaynard Orque
  6. Daniel Delagnes
  7. Shawn Roy
  8. Vilmos Foldes

2017 Final Results:

  • 1st Place / $1,600: Vilmos Foldes
  • 2nd Place / $1000: Tommy Soria
  • 3rd Place / $600: Amar Kang
  • 4th Place / $500: Shawn Roy
  • 5th-6th / $300: Jaynard Orque
  • 5th-6th / $300: Rodney Wynn
  • 7th-8th / $220: Daniel Delagnes
  • 7th-8th / $220: Andy Lacey
  • 9th-12th / $120: Victor Elacion
  • 9th-12th / $120: George Pagulayun
  • 9th-12th / $120: Zoltan
  • 9th-12th / $120: Robbie Lyng
  • 13th-16th / $80: Ralph Daloian
  • 13th-16th / $80: Francis Rita Rita
  • 13th-16th / $80: Chic Melson
  • 13th-16th / $80: John Henderson

Final 2…



The Terry Stonier – Real Time Feed and Updates! 17504990_10210463575278791_6725906232034686312_o

  • The Jointed Cue Billiards
  • 2375 Fruitridge Rd
  • Sacramento, CA 95822
  • PHONE: 916-456-3243

The 48th Annual Reunion Tournament: March 25th/26th

  • Entries still being taken! Call 916-456-3243.17505138_10210463606119562_5380448553136577682_o
  • $60 Entry
  • Race to 6/6
  • $1,000 Added
  • Player Auction for main event
  • Mini Tournament on Friday Night
  • Cues and Repairs: MT Cue Repair



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Welcome to California’s Longest Running Annual Pool Tournament!

We are just less than a week away before the action begins at The Jointed Cue Billiards in Sacramento, CA; the Terry Stonier reunion event, in its 48th year always delivers a great competition, with a 2017 roster that should prove no different than others. Some of California’s best pool players are expected to compete such as, Amar Kang, Jason Williams, Jaynard Orque, Rudy Estoque, Deo Alpajora and of course, this year’s defending champ, Vilmos Foldes. Vilmos arrived here in California from Hungary almost 3 years ago. Vilmos, a 2006 Junior World Champion (for Hungary at the time) has consistently obtained status as one of California’s ‘Top Tier’ talents in pool, racking up 3 seasons worth of wins on the Mezz West State Tour, wins on the newly formed, ‘NorCal Pool Tour’; Vilmos has a gig at Diamond Billiards in Fresno as their ‘House-Pro’.

Jointed Cue On Facebook

2017 Stonier Players

  1. Bill Pence
  2. Chick Nelson
  3. Rodney Wynn
  4. Brian Hararmeybr
  5. Jason Jennings
  6. Ralph Daloian
  7. Dan Olsen
  8. Daniel Aguilar
  9. Tyler Lambert
  10. Zoltam Kojsza
  11. Daniel Delagnes
  12. Evan Sanchez
  13. Mark Warsing
  14. Nick Cano
  15. Oscar Lopez
  16. Shan Roy Roy
  17. Auinash Pandy
  18. Vilmos Foldes
  19. Cory Buchanan
  20. Eric Scott
  21. Don Olsen
  22. Daryl Wallace
  23. David McParand
  24. Victor Elacion
  25. John Avalos
  26. Paul Silva
  27. Shan Damani
  28. Andy Lacey
  29. John Lim
  30. Tommy Burnes
  31. Rudy Estoque
  32. Dustin Baisch
  33. Phillip Prentice
  34. Mark Moser
  35. Don Murphy
  36. Mike Gilmore
  37. John Porter
  38. Doug Whaley
  39. Jay Jay
  40. Michael Langarica
  41. Eric Glasser
  42. John Henderson
  43. Manuel Miranba
  44. Tommy Soria
  45. Tim Reese
  46. Cheekang
  47. Holiday Doc Eldon
  48. Matt Overturf
  49. Tanner Roo
  50. Jason Williams
  51. Janna Nelson
  52. Omar Alhasi
  53. Amar Kang
  54. Rod Yoder
  55. Francis RitaRita
  56. Chris Davis
  57. Dave Jones
  58. Michael Glass
  59. Anthony Proznick
  60. Duane Grimes
  61. Jaynard Orque
  62. Daniel Duran
  63. Angelo Inness
  64. George Pagulayan
  65. Buck Porter
  66. Jason Paulo
  67. Beto Franco
  68. Kevin Mclaughlin
  69. Z. Rozaluna

Last Year’s Terry Stonier: Vilmos Foldes vs Danny Gohkul


***2016’s FINALS: DANNY GOKHUL vs VILMOS FOLDES***   Last year’s Terry Stonier event found Vilmos in the finals with a well known traveling player; Danny “That Indian Guy with the British Accent” Gokhul; Danny was hoping to re-take the trophy from his Stonier win in 2013.

Danny Gokhul, giving 'props' to Vilmos Foldes, 2016's Stonier Champ.

Danny Gokhul, giving ‘props’ to Vilmos Foldes, 2016’s Stonier Champ.

Real Time Updates for this event:

Please check with this page periodically for scores, updates, news and pictures regarding this year’s Terry Stonier Tournament. You can also watch our free live coverage on POVPOOL on YouTube at



James Boch’s 10 Foot, One Pocket Challenge! (Real Time Feed)

March 10/11, 2017

Los Angeles (LAX), California



Click to watch the matches on this YouTube Playlist

Congratulations to John ‘Hendy’ Henderson for taking 1st place and receiving $1,000

  • 1st – John Henderson
  • 2nd – Frank Almanza
  • 3rd – Wayne Pullen
  • 4th – Phil Misson

James Boch’s One Pocket Challenge Real Time Feed

Welcome to our Real Time Feed Page for James Boch’s One Pocket Challenge. This is a small, 4-man One Pocket tournament played at the home of James Boch in El Segundo, CA. This event will last just two days and is a double elimination event. Winner Take ALL! All results and additional photos will be posted on this page. Please save and share this page:


Event:  James Boch’s One Pocket Challenge

Dates: March 10/11 @ 12PM / PST

Players: John Henderson, Wayne Pullen, Frank Almanza, Phil Misson

Entry Fee: $250 (Winner Take All)

Format: Race to 3, Double Elim

Table: 1922, Brunswick Monarch (10 foot)

Live Stream Quick Link:


Day 2 Matches (Saturday, March 11th)

12:PM / PST: Frank Almanza vs John Henderson

2:pm / PST: Wayne Pullen vs. Frank Almanza

4:pm / PST: Frank Almanza vs John Henderson (Hot Seat Sitter)

IMG_0202 IMG_0208 IMG_0206

Day 1 Matches (Friday, March 10th)

12:PM / PST: Frank Almanza vs Phil Misson

2:pm / PST: John Henderson vs Wayne Pullen

4:pm / PST: Loser #1 vs Loser #2



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