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2016 – Andy Mercer Real Time Feed Page and Bracket

March 18th, 2016

Las Vegas, Nevada – The Rum Runner Lounge

Watch The Andy Mercer 9-Ball!

See you at 11:00am PST for the biggest annual independant 9-ball tournament in Las Vegas – The Andy Mercer Memorial 9-Ball!

Sponsored by:

TIGER TRANS Kamui_logoBlack Marty Carey Jump Q

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The Rum Runner Lounge, Joe’s Cue Repair, Tiger Products, Kamui Tips, Cheqio, Taom Tips and Rack City Billiards!


Congratulations to the winners and to all of those who placed! 


Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 2.31.29 PM

Player Times and Matches (click to enlarge)

Mercer List of Champions!

List of Champions

IMG_8244 IMG_8245IMG_8246 IMG_8247 IMG_8248

FullSizeRender (1)

Oscar Dominguez and Zach Franzi photobomb!!!


Find out about The West Coast Swing!


2016 USBA Nationals – Real Time News Feed

March 16-20, 2016

Million Dollar Billiards – North Hollywood, CA

Day 2 ScheduleThursdaySchedule-web-ne1

Day 1 Results:2016_Nationals_Qualifications_8_REV01-Group-A1





Player Flights:Names-861x1024

Tournament Dates: March 16 – 20, 2016 Players’ Meeting March 15, 7:00PM

(Tournament Start Times will be updated, as well as scheduled matches for each day)

Tournament Venue: Million Dollar Billiards – 12135 Victory Blvd, North Hollywood, California

Player List: (tentative; will be updated 03/17)

  1. Pedro Piedrabuena
  2. Young Gull Lee
  3. Miguel Torres
  4. Sonny Cho
  5. Frank Torres
  6. Jae Cho
  7. Mazin Shooni
  8. Hugo Patino
  9. Rob Spinknall
  10. Ertan Tarhan
  11. Neal Olson
  12. Joe Deamato
  13. Eric Spencer
  14. Ellis Lawrence
  15. Mercedez Gonzalez
  16. Eric Kwon
  17. Michael Kang
  18. Allen Castillo
  19. Felipe Razon
  20. Alfredo Sanchez
  21. Than Lee
  22. Olegario Gallo
  23. Francisco Palafox
  24. Ricardo Carranco
  25. Vicke Pineda
  26. Carlos Alvarez
  27. Hillario Augustin
  28. Billal Khalifa
  29. Larry Hundley
  30. Carlos Ramos
  31. Camilo Medina
  32. Ron Hopkins
  33. Kyung S. Kim
  34. Paul Feltman Sr.
  35. Paul Feltman Jr.
  36. Ray Raskin
  37. Paul Frankel


USBA National Championship Eligibility and Entry Fee:

The tentative field is set for 48 players but we can accommodate more. Only U.S. Citizens and valid green card holders may participate. Eligibility will be verified electronically at the event. All players must be or become a USBA Member. The official entry fee for the event is $500.00.


Players who meet eligibility requirements as described below may enter for only $300.00.

Players will gain eligibility through a series of qualifying tournaments. Tournaments will be listed in the USBA Upcoming Tournaments Calendar with the designation “NATIONAL QUALIFIER”. The top four players from the 2015 National Championship will automatically gain paid entry into the 2016 tournament along with all past US National Champions. In addition, all players who win a spot in one of the official qualifying events will gain paid entry. After all qualified entrants have been determined, additional placement into the event will be made available to USBA Members in the following order of priority:

1) Members who have played in a Qualifier. Entry fee is only $300.00 on a first paid/first served basis.

2) Members who have played in a USBA Tournament in 2015. Entry fee is $500.00 on a first paid/first served basis.

3) All other members. Entry fee is $500.00 on a first paid/first served basis.

National Qualifiers are being scheduled now.

For more information on scheduling a National Qualifier at your room contact Mazin Shooni.


Tournament Format:

The qualifications format will be set once the number of entries has been determined.

pov pool 3c

Semifinals/Finals Format

The semifinals/finals format will be set once the number of entries has been determined.

The number of prizes and the prize fund distribution will be set once the tournament format has been finalized.


Player List to be published when available…check back for updates!

This year’s event will be available to the masses to watch FREE on POV Pool!  Five days of 3-Cushion Billiards of the United States’ BEST!  The free stream is brought to you by the USBA and Tiger Products.

Thank You Mazin Shooni and the USBA, for allowing POV Pool to provide the exposure of 3-Cushion Billiards to the WORLD!


Special Thanks to Professor Q Ball, Paul Frankel for your continual support and promotion of all Cue Sports and POV Pool!

professor qball


The United States Billiard Association is sponsored by:

TIGER TRANS  1251463874 pqb

Simonis_Logo1 verhoeven

The POV Pool Live Stream is sponsored by:

NEW-LOGO-copy-2-955x1024 TIGER LOGO

Live Streamed on POV Pool!


Broadcast live streaming video on POV Pool’s YouTube Channel

The 2016 West Coast Swing of Pool!

March 15th, 2016

POV Pool Headquarters, Los Angeles, CA




POVPool is Sponsored by:


cheqio-logo (1) WEB GoPlayPool on POV POOL

Six, back to back tournaments in July to awaken the ‘road player’ deep within…

“The West Coast Swing!” 

  • Entry information:
  • Family Billiards (415) 931-1115
  • California Billiards (510) 668-1670
  • Hard Times Bellflower (562) 867-7733
  • CueSports International (702) 719-7665
  • Point Of View Pool (310) 923-6639

This coming July, a few great halls on the west coast of the U.S. will host a string of tournaments that should make the bucket list of every pool player, far and wide. Whether you like the idea of a 30-day pool-playing holiday or you simply wish to have a ‘close encounter’ with your favorite pro, California and Nevada will be a hub for players this July. In addition, we are excited to announce that each 10-ball event listed below will award qualifying spots to the CSI U.S. Open events in Las Vegas (4 spots total). So, let’s give a huge hand to those bringing these events, Delbert Wong’s Family Billiards in San Francisco, Chris Swart’s California Billiards in Fremont, Eddie Arreguin’s Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower and Mark Griffin’s CSI U.S. Open Championships events, proudly return to Us:

“The 2016 West Coast Swing!”

Download entry forms by clicking here: 

6 Action Packed Tournaments in One Month with Combined Added Monies or Over $50,000! 

For entry information or other questions – email   or call 310-923-6639

LO RES FOR REVIEWWest Coast Swing Overview: Beginning on July 2nd in San Francisco at Family Billiards for the 4th Annual Cole Dickson 10-Ball Tournament; work your way South to Fremont’s California Billiards for The West Coast Challenge events, then to Hard Times Bellflower’s 7th Annual 10-Ball Tournament and finally players will ‘SWING’ northeast to Las Vegas on July 20th for the CSI U.S. Open 8 and 10-Ball events at the Rio All-Suites Casino/Hotel. All events below are listed chronilogical order with some suggested hotel destinations. 

Tournament #1: July 2nd-3rd @ Family Billiards – San Francisco, CA / (415) 931-1115

$2,500 Added – The 4th Annual Cole Dickson 10-Ball Tournament

2016 Cole Dickson

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 11.04.39 AM

Family Billiards owner, Delbert Wong  does it again for his longtime friend Cole Dickson who left us 4 years ago to the month. This hall opened its doors in 1966 and is the oldest, continuous running pool room in San Francisco.  Currently, located at 2807 Geary Boulevard, in the Richmond District, between Wood and Collins. Previous winner’s of this tournament are: Vilmos Foldes (2015), Rodney Morris (2014) and Amar Kang (2013). Family Billiards has the distinction of touring professionals, who regularly stop by throughout the year to compete. All of their 18 regulation Brunswick Gold Crown tables are regularly maintained to ensure first-rate playing conditions.  We recover the tables with tournament-grade Simonis 860 tournament blue cloth, and provide players with Belgian, Super Aramith Balls.

Tournament #2: July 6th-8th @ California Billiards – Fremont, CA / (510) 668-1670

$5,000 Added – West Coast Challenge 1-Pocket Tournament

2016 WCC


The 1-pocket event is quickly followed by the ‘West Coast Challenge’ 10-Ball event at the same venue. Both the one-pocket and 10-ball event’s are 3 days, but the final day of the one pocket is also the first day of the 10-ball, so this will be a 5 day event. There will be a coupon code available at The Hilton Doubletree for $89 per night. This event has attracted greats like, Darren Appleton, Thorsten Hohmann, Shane VanBoeningRaj Hundal, Scott Frost, Francisco Bustamante, John Morra, Rodney Morris, Brandon Shuff, Manny Chau, Stan Tourangeau, Dan Louie and too many others to list here… The tournament directors were Janet Okamoto and Ken Schuman. You will neither be disappointed by the action that this event nor the amenities. Full Bar/Food and a ton of stuff to do while waiting in the hot seat.

Originally opened by Chet Itow in the 1990’s, the newly re-opened California Billiards is now owned by Chris Swart and has been in business for over 20 years. It is a world-class entertainment venue. The 15,000 square foot upscale establishment is located near the intersection of I-880 and Stevenson Blvd.  They offer a full service restaurant, 15 HD TVs, 26 Brunswick Gold Crown III 9 foot pool tables configured for world class play.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 11.12.55 AM

Tournament #3: July 8th-10th @ California Billiards – Fremont, CA / (510) 668-1670

$10,000 Added – The West Coast Challenge 10-Ball Tournament


Piggy-backing the West Coast Challenge 1-Pocket event, the 2016 West Coast Challenge 10-Ball will be $10, 000 added and commence during the finals of the 1-pocket. 2013’s past winner was Raj Hundal.

 Tournament #4: July 15th-17th @ Hard Times Billiards – Bellflower, CA / (562) 867-7733 / HT 10 POSTER WEB

$5,000 Added – The 7th Annual Hard Times 10-Ball Tournament

Tournament #5 and 6: July 22nd-29th @ The Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas, NV / (866) 746-7671

$30,000 Added – U.S. Open 8-Ball and 10-Ball Championships

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 11.10.49 AM

CSI US OPENThe US Open 10-Ball and US Open 8-Ball Championships will be USA Mosconi Cup Team points events! Players finishing in the top 32 will earn points on a sliding scale. The top three American players with the most points at the end of the year will be selected for the USA Mosconi Cup Team! To learn more, visit the Matchroom Pool website.



The 47th Annual Terry Stonier Memorial Tournament – Live News Feed

March 12th, 2016

The Jointed Cue Billiards – Sacramento, CA



47th Annual Terry Stonier Memorial Tournament – Live News Feed


With 73 Players entered in the tournament this weekend, the oldest pool hall in California at the longest running tournament in California will bring great action!  Strong players in the field include Tony Chohan, Amar Kang, Danny Gokhul, Jason Williams, Deo Alpajora and many others.  Check in throughout the weekend on the POV POOL Live News Feed! And check out all real action on the LIVE STREAM or the POV Pool Ustream Channel!

Day Two Action Begins!


Vilmos Foldes vs. Danny Gokhul


Jason Williams (California) vs. Vilmos Foldes (Hungrary)

Battling to continue in the tournament:

Danny Gokhul (England) vs. Deo Alpajora (Philippines)


1st Place $3,000

2nd Place $1,200

3rd Place $700

4th Place $480

5th – 6th $250

7th – 8th $175

9th – 12th $125

13th – 16th $75

FINAL 6!!!

Winner’s Side
Jason Williams vs. Vilmos Foldes

One-Loss Side
Jaynard Orque (L) vs. Danny Gokhul (W) Hill/Hill
Deo Alpajora (W) vs. David Schroerlucke (L)


Terry Stonier 9-Ball – Final 8 players at 1pm / PST:

Winner’s side: Dave Shroerlucke, Jason Williams, Jaynard Orque, Vilmos Földes

One-Loss: Totoy Tulongges (Deo), Amar Kang, Tyler Tallant, Ramesh Danny Gokhul


Hanging out and Playing Pool

20160312_173747 IMG_7995 IMG_7996 IMG_7997 IMG_7999 IMG_8001 IMG_8003 IMG_8005 IMG_8006 IMG_8008 IMG_8010 IMG_8011 IMG_8012 IMG_8014 IMG_8015 20160312_170659 IMG_8017 20160312_192542

Player Auction & Cue Raffle…

IMG_8019 IMG_8022 IMG_8023 IMG_8025 IMG_8026 IMG_8027 IMG_8028 IMG_8030 IMG_8031 IMG_8032 IMG_8033 IMG_8034 IMG_8035 IMG_8037 IMG_8041

 Stonier Family…

Thanks to: Drawman623 (AZ Billiard Forum)

Thanks to: Drawman623 (AZ Billiard Forum)

POVPOOL-Stonier7 IMG_7991 IMG_7989



Practice and Sign-Ups!

IMG_7954 IMG_7955 IMG_7957 IMG_7958 IMG_7959 IMG_7966 IMG_7968 IMG_7969 IMG_7971 IMG_7973 IMG_7974 IMG_7975 IMG_7977 IMG_7978 IMG_7979 IMG_7980 IMG_7981 IMG_7982 IMG_7984 IMG_7985 IMG_7986 IMG_7987 IMG_7988


Player List –                    POVPOOL-Stonier-Bracket

  1. Michael Glass
  2. Anthony P
  3. Kenny Koo
  4. Paul McCaffrey
  5. Rod Yoder
  6. Danny Gokhul
  7. Patrick Rhea
  8. Tim Roose
  9. Tyler Tallent
  10. Jay Mulimbayan
  11. Walt Dorsey
  12. Daniel Aquiar
  13. Ralph Daloian
  14. Daniel Mosely
  15. Frank Giordano
  16. Jeremy Ling
  17. George Pagulayan
  18. Kenny D.
  19. Jerry Marshall
  20. Skip Nikakis
  21. Doug Whaley
  22. Chick Melson
  23. Delbert Wong
  24. Loren Mah
  25. Tony Chohan
  26. Paul Richardson
  27. Alon Atkins
  28. J.J.
  29. John Henderson
  30. Dave Schroerlucke
  31. Chris Tate
  32. Michael Taylor
  33. Chris McClean
  34. RobertAldana
  35. Corey Ytuarte
  36. Tom Seymour
  37. Tom Soria
  38. Nick Cano
  39. Jim Pierce
  40. Rudy Estoque
  41. Jim Carver
  42. John Barioni
  43. David James
  44. Gilbert Arellano
  45. Robert Yulo
  46. Paul Silva
  47. Daryll
  48. Jaynard Orque
  49. Jason Williams
  50. Jimmy Qu
  51. Makean
  52. Rodney Wynn
  53. Amar Kang
  54. Eric Scott
  55. Edwin V.
  56. Stephen Poma
  57. Francis Ritarita
  58. Josh Palmer
  59. Skinner
  60. Victor E.
  61. CJ Whizzy
  62. Jason Hardcastle
  63. Robbie Lyng
  64. Chris Davis
  65. Mike Boyd
  66. Jeff Gregory
  67. Vilmos Foldes
  68. Deo Alpajora
  69. Chris Atkins
  70. Phil Prentice
  71. Tensley Jefferson
  72. Shawn Roy
  73. Jim Larson


Thank you to Mike Murphy, owner of the Jointed Cue, Angel Olivarez, Robert Aldana & our sponsors…



Marty Carey Jump Q



cheqio-logo (1) WEB





The 47th Annual – Terry Stonier 9-Ball Tournament!


March 12th, 2016

The Jointed Cue Billiards – Sacramento, CA


Remembering Terry StonierKamui_logoBlack

Thanks to: Drawman623 (AZ Billiard Forum)

Thanks to: Drawman623 (AZ Billiard Forum)

On March 13th, 2016 The Jointed Cue Billiards in Sacramento, California will hold its 47th Annual Terry Stonier 9-Ball Tournament. As a teen, Terry started playing 3-cushion billiards at his neighbors house with a dream to one day own his own establishment. Then in 1968 Terry opened up The Jointed Cue Billiards. With 19 tables; it also became the talk of the town for its famous cheeseburgers which still holds true this very day. Terry was a visionary who held many exhibitions, supported scores of big players and kept the pool scene going strong in Northern California for many years. He hosted events with players like Lou Butera, Luther Lassiter, Cicero Murphy, Richie Florence and many others. Later on in life, Terry went on to making cues for awhile, some of which can still be found on the collectors market. His Jointed Cue Billiards is probably the oldest surviving pool-halls in California and is still locally known as your ‘classic player’s, pool-hall’, boasting a separate ‘action room’ with four, 9 foot Gold Crown tables and surrounded by an old-fashioned, raised seating area.

Terry Stonier Cue - Photo from Kdraper on AZ Billiard Forums

Terry Stonier Cue –
Photo from Kdraper on AZ Billiard Forums

POV Pool are proud to announce that this year’s ‘Stonier’ will be live streamed for free on our Ustream Channel for all to watch. We are TAOM TIPS PNGparticularly excited to visit this venue and to have the opportunity to talk to some of those who had known Terry for many years. Wed like to thank the new owner, Mike Murphy for bringing us in this year and we are going to do our best to give the viewers the greatest show that 4 cameras can deliver. It is also not without the help of Robert Aldana, Jr. and Angel Olivarez, that we are able to bring you this live stream. Mike Murphy may have thought our services were inaccessible, but thanks to Robert and Angel, they have proven that it never hurts to ask. It turns out that POV had actually contacted The Jointed Cue almost 3 years ago to provide this live stream, but at the time, Terry’s son David had really no internet of the sort. We had no idea that Jointed Cue had changed hands since. Our sincerest ‘Thank You’ goes to Robert and Angel for fanning the flames.

Entries are still being taken: Call Mike Murphy at – (916) 456-3243

Jointed Cue on FACEBOOKStonier Flyer

Stay tuned to this page for ‘REAL TIME UPDATES’ on the event. Each time you visit this page, we hope you might find a new picture or an updated result. This tournament has been known to bring in at least 100 players annually. I have a short player’s list from Angel so, far and we will continue to update this page as more news develops.


Streaming Live on:  or at

  • Friday – 6:00 PM / PST / TEST DAY and Mini Tournament
  • Saturday – 12:00 PM / PST – Day 1 / First Rounds
  • Sunday – 12:00 PM / PST – Day 2 / Final Rounds

Marty Carey Jump Q



cheqio-logo (1) WEB


Found on AZ Billiards from Drawman623 Left to Right: Terry Stonier, Bill Staten, Minnesota Fats and Jim Rempe

Found on AZ Billiards from Drawman623
Left to Right: Terry Stonier, Bill Staten, Minnesota Fats and Jim Rempe

The 47th Annual Terry Stonier Player List – 2016

Entries still being taken – Call – Mike or Joe Murphy at – (916) 456-3243

***Transcription from 3rd party. – Please email any name corrections to – Thank You!

  1. Tony Chohan

  2. Amar Kang

  3. Jason Williams

  4. Vilmos Foldes

  5. Geo Pagulayun

  6. Lance Wilson

  7. Ronnie Rodas

  8. Deo Totoy Alpajora

  9. Rudy Estoque

  10. John Avalos

  11. Mike Mitchell

  12. Shawn Roy

  13. Frank Giordiano

  14. Ed Aames

  15. Jeff Gregory

  16. Bryan Hart

  17. Tommy Imura

  18. Skip Nikakis

  19. Dan Russo

  20. Nick Cano

  21. Tyler Tallant

  22. Chic Melson

  23. Tim Larson

  24. Rodney Wynn

  25. Tinsley Johnson

  26. Phillip Prentice

  27. Bob Halloran

  28. Allan Atkinson

  29. Avinash Pandea

  30. Robert Aldana

  31. Jaynard Orque

  32. Ramesh (Danny) Gohkul






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