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The 2016 Andy Mercer Memorial Tournament at Rum Runner Lounge

March 18-20, 2016

The Rum Runner Lounge – Las Vegas, NV


 Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 6.22.44 PM

Since 1991 the Rum Runner Lounge in Las Vegas, Nevada has honored pool player and enthusiast, Andy Mercer, with an annual 9-ball bar box tournament.  For the past 26 years, this event has drawn the best pool players from across the country, and this year March 18th – 20th is no different.  With some of the world’s best professional players entered this year and a full field, we wonder will defending champion, Scott Frost win again?  Or will previous title holder Shane Van Boening take it back, or will Dennis Orcullo take conquer it this year?   Other professional and top players include Warren Kiamco, Ernesto and Oscar Dominguez, Roberto Gomez, Vilmos Foldes and Bernardo Chavez.


Players Entered – Field is FULL!

1 Dave Gomez 33 Mike Kaiser
2 Dave Datillo 34 Brendan Crocket
3 Donnie Branson 35 Gary Onomura
4 Grant Gilbert 36 Curtis Johnson
5 Doc Rice 37 John Lalo
6 Debra Aarens 38 Shane Van Boening
7 Joseph Corpuz 39 Johnny Kang
8 Joe Cannella 40 Todd Fowler
9 Sal Butera 41 Rigoberto Pena
10 Thomas Butler 42 Paul Juarez
11 Ken Brisbon 43 Sean Lane
12 Lee Harvey 44 Fred Boggs
13 Brian Parks 45 Mike Hutcheson
14 Ernesto Dominguez 46 Joel Chin
15 Oscar Dominguez 47 John Staten
16 Vilmos Foldes 48 Ed Scott
17 Scott Frost 49 Joe Nicita
18 Don McClelland 50 Tom Sampson
19 Ronnie Allen 51 Mark Estes
20 Adam Roberts 52 Mitch Ellerman
21 Tres Kane 53 Roberto Gomez
22 Bernardo Chavez 54 Jeff Gray
23 Tinsley Johnson 55 Ray Skenadore
24  Jamie Bruce 56 Frank Rocha
25 Marc Vidal 57 Jose Mendoza
26 Dennis Orcullo 58 Patrick Rhea
27 Warren Kiamco 59 Tommy Lipps
28 Jason Osborn 60 Ramin Bakhtiari
29 Jeff Schilder 61 James Harling
30 Stacy Allsup 62 Jim Carmona
31 James Harris 63 Brian Miller
32 Christina Gonzalez 64 Jamal Oussi
1 Dave Hemmah
2 Max Eberle
3 Dereck Lorcher

Event Details:

andy mercer 26

This year’s event will be available to the masses to watch FREE on POV Pool!  Three days of pros battling it out on bar boxes.  The free stream is brought to you by the Rum Runner Lounge, Rack City Billiards, Kamui Tips, Tiger Products, Marty Carey’s Jump Q, and Joe Klimchak’s Cue Repair.


Watch Last Year’s Coverage of the 25th Annual Andy Mercer Memorial…

This year the Andy Mercer Tournament is brought to you by:

Thank You to – Andy Mercer Tournament Staff:

  • Geno Hill
  • Gordi Hill
  • Jim Blakeman
  • Mike Ganz

TIGER TRANS Kamui_logoBlack Marty Carey Jump Q

cheqio-logo (1) WEB  rackcity


Live Streamed Embedded Window

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Gilbert Najm’s, “USBA Nationals Qualifier Event” – Real Time Feed Page!

February 27th-28th, 2016

The Burbank Elk’s Lodge #1497




This year, Gilbert Najm had something special planned for his comrades at the Burbank, Elk’s Lodge. ‘Gil’ has organized an intimate, yet somewhat prestigious 3-cushion billiard, qualifier event for his fellow playmates that belong to the United States Billiards Association. We hope to see more of these events in the future, which brought in 18 players, total. No prize monies are to be awarded at this special competition which will span 2 days at the #1497 Elk’s Lodge on Hollywood Way; however this competition will award 1 of every 3 competitors a chance to compete in this year’s USBA Nationals Tournament being held less than one month from now at Million Dollar Billiards.

Featured matches are live streamed on and sponsored by: Tiger Products,  Kamui Tips with additional product support from Cheqio Sports – we would also like to thank The Elk’s Lodge #1497, George Aronek, Ricardo Carranco, Ryan Naccarato and Fred Delange.

The United States Billiard Association is sponsored by:

TIGER TRANS  1251463874 pqb

Simonis_Logo1 verhoeven

Please enjoy this ‘Real Time Feed’ page. Be sure to continue checking in on this page, with as much information that we can pack into it.



Players prepare for battle!


The honorable George Aronek – Our Statistician






Here are some first round results so far and a few more fun pics…

1pm Results on Day 1

1pm Results on Day One

IMG_7794 IMG_7793

Hector Ocampo

Hector Ocampo


Bilal Khalifa

Bilal Khalifa

Bilal Khalifa

Bilal Khalifa

IMG_7765 IMG_7761 IMG_7758 IMG_7756 IMG_7754 IMG_7752 IMG_7748 IMG_7740

Day 1 Results!



2016’s West Coast Action Unveiled!

February 12th, 2016

POVPOOL Headquarters – Los Angeles, CA

POV Pool is Officially Sponsored By:

Tiger ProductsKamui TipsMC-JumpCheqio and Taom Break/Jump Tips

Kamui_logoBlack TigerTransBlackMarty Carey Jump Q   cheqio-logo (1) WEB -POVPOOL - TAOM LOGO

The Tournament Trail is Heating Up in the Wild, Wild West! 

This is an official call out to ALL of the best players in the world and to anyone else that wishes to compete! There are an incredible number of quality pool tournaments scheduled on the West Coast of the United States this year. Listed in chronological order below, the rooms and venues involved should all be applauded for stepping up to bat and coordinating together to keep everything well-timed and cohesive. Record prize funds and added monies are being discussed and will be officially announced as soon as they are finalized. POV Pool will NOT be providing live coverage of everything you see listed below, but regardless, these events are just too hot to miss for the aspiring pool player and for the seasoned professional. Once again, a huge THANKS to room owners – Delbert Wong, Hector Ocampo, Karen Markulis, Chris Swart, Clyde Norris, Geno Hill, Mike Murphy (Jointed Cue), Gary Onomura and Eddie Arreguin who mainly responsible for hosting these events. Support your local pool rooms and buy your friend a drink or two!

Events listed in chronological order: 

Dealer’s Choice – Las Vegas, NV / Stop #1 – The Tiger ‘Sin City’ Tour!

  • Mosconi Points – NO

February 20th-21st / Las Vegas promotors, Tim Kovacs and Kristy Lipps have teamed together to form 10 separate events at various venues and on various sized tables and formats in the area, to be dubbed “The Tiger Sin City Tour” – This 1st stop will be streamed live on POVPOOL and will take place at Dealer’s Choice on Spring Mountain Road, featuring four, Diamond bar-sized tables. Additional dates are also scheduled for this year so be sure to get your entries in.

On Cue Billiards – La Mesa, CA / The Swanee 9-Ball Tournament!

  • Mosconi Points – YES

February 20th-21st / Clyde Norris, owner of La Mesa’s, On Cue Billiards will be hosting CSI’s, 20th Annual, Jay Swanson Memorial 9-Ball event, awarding Mosconi Cup points to top competitors in the field. This year’s event has been scaled down from 192 to 128 players with an already full field. On Cue Billiards venue in the San Diego area is the perfect venue for this year’s 20th event which was, the late Jay Swanson’s stomping ground before passing in the late 1990’s of a heart attack. According to the gospel of Mark Griffin, this event is streamed for free by CSI’s own staff. No Link as of yet.

California Billiards – Fremont, CA – / The Mezz Top/Lo Gun Tournament

  • Mosconi Points – No

February 27th-28th / It’ll be the end of the 2nd season Mezz Tour. Congrats in advance to either Vilmos, Oscar, Ernesto, Rodney, Mika or Beau for 1st and 2nd place on the Top Gun Event. Nothing personal, but I am routing on all of my underdog friends (you know who you are) to rattle everyone’s cage. As for the ‘Lo Gun’ portion… ‘Come One – Come All’ (Well. sort of…), eligible to play as long as you’re paid up on the additional $25 for their tour registration – the $2,000 added ‘Lo Gun’ tournament will be held concurrently for those who didn’t make the cut for the ‘Top Gun’. Chris Swart of California Billiards is putting up a total of $4 grand of the prize fund towards both tournaments on the same weekend. It’ll basically be a huge event at the largest, newest and ‘bestest’ pool venue on the west coast. A huge thanks goes directly to Chris Swart for stepping up with the cash and for building venues like California Billiards that, basically make events like ‘theirs’ pretty damn amazing!

Easy Street Billiards / Straight Pool (14.1) Tournament – CSI “Qualifier Event” 

  • Mosconi Points – NO
  • Entry Fee $100
  • Call Danny Barouty at (831) 333-0825 for details

March 5th / Well, I just love Straight Pool, so I thought I’d throw this one in the schedule. I wish I was going to this, but I’m just too darn busy doing these write-ups. If someone wishes to sponsor me to play, I’ll gladly accept your donation and promise I’ll leave the keyboard for long enough to practice in time. Email me at Anyway, if you like Straight Pool and you wish to qualify for CSI’s US Open Straight Pool Championships in Connecticut this year, get to Monterey, CA’s ‘Easy Street Billiards’. 

The Jointed Cue – Sacramento, CA / The Terry Stonier Memorial Tournament

  • Mosconi Points – NO
  • Call Mike Murphy at (916) 456-3243

March 12th-13th / $3,000 for 1st place and so on… Only $75 to get in on this one. Race to 6 on both sides. Take a crack at NorCal for this old-school reunion of crisp, cool, California players, The 47th Annual Terry Stonier Memorial Tournament should be a must, especially if you don’t mind the chance to have the great, Robert Ross photography take a shot of you while you’re down on the 9. For more information, please give the room owner, Mike Murphy a ring at (916) 456-3243 and I’m sure they’ll straighten you out.

The Rum Runner Lounge – Las Vegas, NV / The 26th Annual Andy Mercer Memorial Tournament

March 17th-20th / At the Rum Runner Lounge, there’s a hell of a lot more going on besides the best $5 burger in Las Vegas! Geno Hill, Jim Blakeman and the rest of the Rum Runner gang, sure know how to run an efficient tournament. For 25 years running the Andy Mercer Memorial has seen some of the world’s best players mix it up with the best Vegas locals, playing 9-ball, races to 6 on diamond bar tables. Past winner’s like Shane VanBoening, Scott Frost, Brian Parks, Ernesto Dominguez, Morro Paez, Jeff Heath, Warren Kiamco are normally expected. What’s not expected is some of the chilling upsets that take place under the Rum Runner roof. Full Bar/Smoking Permitted/Poker Machines galore/Flat Screen Sports and THE BEST DAMN, $5 BURGER YOU’RE EVER GONNA GET in VEGAS! This is a really huge event for its size and the action is enough to give you withdrawals after you’re done. Call for entry information: (702) 736-6366.  Streamed live on POVPOOL’s Ustream Channel

Million Dollar Billiards – North Hollywood, CA / The 2016 USBA 3-Cushion National Championships

March 16th-21st / When it comes to premier venues for cue-sports, Hector Ocampo has definitely worked hard and earned the honor of becoming the ‘host’ venue for this year’s, USBA 3-Cushion Billiards Nationals Tournament. By working with billiard promoter, Ricky Carranco, Hector Ocampo has pulled the trigger on numerous ‘Summer Tournaments’ to import some of the best 3-cushion billiard players in the world. Complete bleacher sections, food and drink, raffles and prizes to spectators always make Hector’s events great. Mazin Shooni, the current President of the USBA, couldn’t have made a better choice by bringing the prestigious, National Championships event to the west. Streamed live on POVPOOL’s YouTube Channel!

Hard Times Billiards – Sacramento, CA / The 8th Annual Chuck Markulis Tournament 

  • Mosconi Points – YES markulis

May 13th-15th / We believe that this year’s Markulis Tournament will be 9 or 10 ball only but the word on the street is, an astounding $10,000 added money is being proposed for this event. This also means that there is also an of opportunity for sponsorship. If anyone out there is interested in seeking some promotion, we highly recommend you target this tournament which, has it’s own live-streaming and will grab thousands of viewers for your business. Competing for Mosconi Points and huge added monies, we expect players to arrive from planets like Mars, Pluto and maybe even someone from another dimension.

  • $10,000 added
  • $95 entry
  • No green fees
  • 128 player limit.
  • 9 Ball, Double Elimination
  • Race to 8/7, Finals a single race to 11.
  • Winner Breaks
  • Magic rack with the 9 on the spot.
  • Mosconi Cup ‘Team USA’ Points Event

Will run 8 person, $12 entry satellite tournaments for a cheaper way for locals to enter. Will have different satellites for different skill levels. Contact me for more information.

More details coming soon. Visit and ‘like’ Hard Times Billiards on Facebook!

 The 2016 West Coast Swing!

The Official West Coast Swing Press Release is HERE 


The ‘West Coast Swing’ has returned to California this year and will occur during the month of July. It’s a golden opportunity for the best players on earth to leapfrog from venue to venue for a whole month and compete for over $50,000 in added monies right before the ‘Swing’ to the Rio in Las Vegas, for the CSI US Open Event and The BCA Nationals on July 20th-30th. ‘The West Coast Swing’ will start in San Francisco on July 2nd and 3rd, work its way down to Fremont on July 6th-10th and then to Bellflower on July 15th-17th before its final we ‘Swing’ to Las Vegas. Although no Mosconi points are to be awarded for these 3 events, we are pulling strings to make that possible in 2017. Check out the 2016 ‘West Coast Swing’ events below:

Family Billiards – San Francisco, CA / $2,500 Added, 4th Annual Cole Dickson 10-Ball Tournament 

  • LIVE ON POVPOOL – West Coast Swing Event!
  • Mosconi Points – NO
  • Open to 128 Players / $75 entry 
  • Call for details and entry information (415) 931-1115

July 2nd-3rd – / Delbert Wong’s, Family Billiards venue on Geary Ave in San Francisco was a regular destination spot for one of the most feared and respected players of our time, Cole Dickson. Since Cole’s passing in 2013, Delbert has dropped everything to make sure that this tournament is a ‘go’. Hats off to Delbert, to the Dickson Family and best of luck to all the players! Past winners of the Cole Dickson Memorial Tournament include Amar Kang, Rodney Morris and Oscar Dominguez.

California Billiards – Fremont, CA / $15,000 ADDED – ‘The West Coast Challenge’ One-Pocket and 10-Ball!

  • LIVE ON POVPOOL – West Coast Swing Event!
  • Mosconi Points – (10 Ball YES)
  • $10,000 Added 10-Ball and $5,000 Added One-Pocket
  • Call for entry details and other tournament information: (510) 668-1670

July 6th-8th One-Pocket / July 8th-10th Ten Ball / California Billiards! Oh, you haven’t heard of California Billiards? Formerly known as The California Billiard Club; in 2014, owner Chris Swart had to temporarily shut down and move this venue from Mountain View, California. It took 2 long years to build…but at long last, Chris’s ‘Opus’ to pool has come back with the venue of all venues; an oasis which is now known as California Billiards. This 15,000 square foot room will host this year’s ‘West Coast Challenge’ event. Two tournaments on 9 foot tables, spanning a 5 day period in July. It will be the epicenter of some of this year’s most exciting 9 foot action you can find. And, here’s another little secret that I will let you in on; there’s some background discussion about a huge action match that could take place just before the tournament, that will blow your minds – Oh, and yes, POVPOOL will stream this special match too, if permitted by the players.

Hard Times Billiards – Bellflower, CA / $5,000 added, 7th Annual Hard Times 10 Ball

  • LIVE ON POVPOOL – West Coast Swing Event!
  • Mosconi Points – NO

July 15th-17th / Who HASN’T played this tournament? Traditionally held right before the BCA Nationals and CSI events in Las Vegas, The $5,000 Added, Hard Times 10-Ball has hosted the best names worldwide – SVB, Dennis Orcullo, Wang Can, Brandon Shuff, Rafael Martinez, Johnny Archer, the ‘Ko Brothers’, Carlo Biado, Alex Pagulayun, Mike Massey, Jesse Engel, Hunter Lombardo, Raj Hundal, Thorsten Hohmann, Ralf Souquet, Warren Kiamco and many, many others… Hard Times Billiard IS ‘The Home Of Champions’ – need we say more?

July 22nd-29th @ The Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas, NV / (866) 746-7671

$30,000 Added – U.S. Open 8-Ball and 10-Ball Championships

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 11.10.49 AM

The US Open 10-Ball and US Open 8-Ball Championships will be USA Mosconi Cup Team points events! Players finishing in the top 32 will earn points on a sliding scale. The top three American players with the most points at the end of the year will be selected for the USA Mosconi Cup Team! To learn more, visit theMatchroom Pool website.





Announcing the 2016 “Tiger Sin-City Tour!”

February 16th, 2016

Las Vegas, NV

By: Tiger Sin City Tour Staff

New Tiger ‘Sin City’ Pool Tour Announced in Las Vegas!

TigerTransBlack Hustlin2 KRAYVINGS LOGO PoolTools


The Cue Club in Las Vegas!

We are proud to announce the Tiger Sin City Tour in Las Vegas Nevada.  This is an open 9-ball Tour consisting of 12 stops beginning February 20-21st and running throughout the year until our last stop December 10-11th. This will also include a Womens stop, a B players stop, and a Scotch Doubles stop. Tour and tournament Directors,Tim Kovacs and myself, Christy Lipps would like to thank our sponsors for coming on board.  Tiger Products, Hustlin USA Clothing, Pool Tools, and Krayvings Restaurant.  Additionally the room owners at Dealer’s Choice, Good Timez, The Rum Runner Lounge, Putters Lounge and The Cue Club for hosting our events and putting in added money.

Rankings and Points! 

Points will be awarded at every tournament (excluding the B and Women’s stop) and the top 32 will be playing in the Championship in December.  The top of the championships winner will also receive a Tiger cue package, Pool Tools package, and merchandise from Hustlin.  The tour will also be raffle merchandise and prizes from exclusive tour sponsors at each stop which, will also include various side pots added to the prize fund/s.  A full field of 64 also guarantees that first place pays $1,000.

Coverage, live-streaming and other information


Most all of the stops on this tour are already in place for live-streaming with a shared responsibility by local, Las Vegas video engineer, Adam Roberts and several other stops being covered by Point Of View Pool Media. Please stay tuned to for more coverage information as it develops. You can also find out more information and additional announcement about the Tiger Sin City Tour by joining our Facebook Group Page!  Our tour schedule is listed in the profile picture.

Tiger Sin City Tour Stop #1


Entries are still being taken – Contact Tim Kovacs on Facebook or call (702) 234-5729

Dealer’s Choice has been providing great friendly service to patrons in Las Vegas for 25 years. Irene has owned Dealer’s Choice for the full span of existence and you can find her there behind the bar on occasion. Many regulars and the absolute best pool players in Las Vegas hanging out at Dealer’s Choice.

Things to Know about Dealer’s Choice:

  • 5 Well Kept Pool Tables including 5 Diamond tables
  • 75 cent Pool Tables
  • Smoker Friendly
  • 14 Gaming Machines .25 to $1
  • Quarter Video Poker Progressive starts at $1750
  • NY Giants Bar
  • ATM
  • Jukebox
  • Karaoke Friday and Saturday at 9pm

The 2016 Tiger Sin City Tour Schedule! 

Contact Tim Kovacs on Facebook or call (702) 234-5729

2016 Tiger Sin City Tour Stops

POV Pool in 2016 – Live Stream and Event Schedule

February 5th, 2016

Los Angeles, CA – POV Pool Headquarters



POV Pool’s Live Stream and Event Schedule for 2016!

For all of you players on the tournament trail or just plain looking for action to watch at your favorite room, we are creating this list of solid dates of the events which POV Pool will be providing live streamed coverage. ALL DATES ARE LOCKED, so start making your travel arrangements! YES, The West Coast Swing is back with a bang and there’s also a chance that these events may find even more money added – more on that, as things evolve. You can look forward to an official press release for each upcoming event on our schedule with further details, interactive maps and even a few ‘real time feed’ pages during the events.

A Big Thanks to Friends and Sponsors! 

Without the friends of POV Pool and also these great sponsors and event organizers, none of the coverage or the events would be happening at all. Please take the time to thank them all personally and support their efforts. Corey Harper, Scott Doucette, Ian Brock, Tim Kovacs, Kristy Lipps, Adam Roberts, Ryan Deberg, Jeff Gray, Tony Kalamandaryan, John Bertone, Marty Carey, Josh Edgar, Gilbert Najm, The Burbank Elk’s Lodge, Hector Ocampo, Mazin Shooni, Paul Frankel, Gino Hill, Jim Blakeman, Joe Klimchak, Ken Hoshide, Marc Ong, Dawn Tarver, Brian Elwell, Delburt Wong, Yoli Handoko, Christine Dickson, Chris Swart, Mark Cantrill, Jerry Forsyth, AZ Billiards, Eddie Arreguin, Chad Beleber, Dave Hemmah, Dan Hernandez, Geraldine Thibodeau, Brook Thomason and many, many others…

POV Pool is Officially Sponsored By:

Tiger ProductsKamui TipsMC-JumpCheqio and Taom Break/Jump Tips

Kamui_logoBlack TigerTransBlackMarty Carey Jump Q   cheqio-logo (1) WEB


  • February 6th / Sat / Foothill BCA ‘Heads Up’ Championships / Golden Cue / 9-Ball
  • February 13th / Sat / SoCal TAP Scotch Doubles Event / Pins & Pockets / 8-Ball
  • February 20th-21st / Tiger Sin City Tour Stop #1 / Dealer’s Choice, LV / 9-Ball
  • February 26th-28th / Gil Najm’s USBA Nationals Qualifier / Burbank Elk’s Lodge / 3-C
  • March 13th-14th / The 47th Annual Terry Stonier 9-Ball Tournament / Jointed Cue / 9-Ball
  • March 16th-20th / The 2016 USBA Nationals / Million Dollar Billiards / 3-C
  • March 17th-20th / 26th Annual Andy Mercer / Rum Runner Lounge, LV / 9-Ball
  • April 30th-May 1st / Sat-Sun / The Hard Times 1st Saturday/Sunday Tournaments / Bellflower, CA
  • May 21-23 • Sat-Mon • The Efren Reyes Challenge! • Hard Times Billiards • Bellflower, CA
  • May 30th / Memorial Day Open 9-Ball Tournament / The Golden Cue / APA Format OPEN Registrations
  • June 4th • Saturday • SoCAL TAP League’s Scotch Doubles 8-Ball Season Ender • Pins ‘N’ Pockets • Temecula, CA
  • June 27th-29th • “Special Event Pending” (TBA) • 
  • July 2nd-3rd / Sat-Sun / Cole Dickson Memorial / Family Billiards / $2,5k / 10-Ball
  • July 6th-10th / Wed-Sun / West Coast Challenge / California Billiards / $5k – 1-Pkt / $10k – 10-Ball
  • July 13th • 10-Ball /ACTION MATCH • Ruben Bautista vs Sal Butera  

  • July 14th • 10-Ball /ACTION MATCH • Rodney Morrs vs Edgie Geronimo

  • July 15th-17th / Fri-Sat / 7th Annual Hard Times 10-Ball / Hard Times, Bellflower/ $5k / 10-Ball

  • July 19th-21st • Tue-Thur • Francisco Bustamante vs Tony Chohan • $15k, 1-Pocket • Good Timez Billiards, Las Vegas (PPV)

This list will be updated, so save this link – More dates to be added. All events, streamed live on / Tell a friend and get your entries in!

Keep Loving Pool!

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