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Florian ‘Venom’ Kohler to Perform at The Golden Cue!

November 29th, 2015

Golden Cue Billiards – South El Monte, CA

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Viral Sensation, ‘Venom Trickshots’ Perform at Golden Cue Billiards!

The ‘Action Room’ on Sundays at The Golden Cue in South El Monte, CA – usually reserved for it’s weekly 9 Ball Tournament, will be hosting a very special event with Florian ‘Venom’ Kohler to perform a 90 minute exhibition of some of his best tricks and artistic pool shots. This event, sponsored by The San Gabriel Valley APA League and The Golden Cue Billiards welcomes all spectators to attend for free, but be warned also that you may get picked out of the crowd assist Florian with one or two of his numbers. Florian, who currently resides in Las Vegas and performs annually around the world, will be in Southern California on a two-day tour of 2 rooms, starting on Saturday at Danny K’s in Orange County, his final appearance will be at The Golden Cue Billiards. Oh – and don’t worry – the usual Sunday 9 Ball Tournament will still go on at 8:00pm, so don’t forget to bring your cue/s.

Special Guests at The Golden Cue Only! 

The Golden Cue has also scheduled two very special guests, Abram ‘Too Tall’ Diaz and Marty ‘The Farmer’ Carey to open for Florian for 20 minutes each. Marty Carey, well known throughout the world for his product ‘The Marty Carey Jump Cue’ and his top 20 world ranking will start things off with a few of his best jump shots, while Abram Diaz, a top 10 world ranked artistic pro also known for having a humungous stroke at the table will bring us a few of his finest moments.

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Spectators Welcome – Please join us! Golden Cue Logo

  • Golden Cue Billiards
  • 1953 Durfee Ave
  • South El Monte, CA 91733
  • (626) 575-4821

Sunday’s Schedule at The Golden Cue Billiards – November 29th, 2015: 

  • 5:00pm – Marty ‘The Farmer’ Carey
  • 5:25pm – Abram ‘Too Tall’ Diaz
  • 5:45pm – Florian ‘Venom’ Kohler
  • 7:15pm – Autographs and Photographs
  • 8:00pm – Sunday 9-Ball Tournament

Marty Carey Jump Cue


Live Streamed on POV Pool! 

For all of those around the world, this event will be streamed to your desktops and mobile devices, LIVE and FREE by Point Of View Pool; covered using 3 cameras and graphical shot displays. To watch this event, please join us here or on Ustream at 5:00pm / PST

Ask me for a free sample of Cheqio’s Precision Drink and Capsules! 

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BTW – The regular Sunday 9 Ball Tournament will still go on at 8:00pm, so don’t forget to bring your cue/s! 

  • 8:00pm – Sunday 9-Ball Tournament




Visions of the Future!

November 14th, 2015

Sneaky Pete Mafia – Magazine

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By: Sherri Smith

KIDS ON TABLEThey are anxiously waiting for the doors to be unlocked. Murmuring between groups can be heard and an occasional laugh. Someone calls out to another person and joking begins to happen. The lights come on and the group gets antsy.

Finally, the key turns in the lock and the door is flung open. The crowd surges forward and begin to scatter throughout the room. What is this? A group waiting for a concert? Are they waiting in line to buy the newest electronic gadget?

Not this group. They are waiting for Starship Billiards to open their doors on Saturday morning. This group ranges in age from seven to twenty, and they are ready to shoot pool.

Players find their table with their paperwork, order something from Stephanie Bender, and they look at their opponents. Stephanie is a special person who manages this great establishment, and yes, she chooses to work Saturday mornings while the Juniors are playing. No, the tips aren’t the greatest, but she has a passion for Junior APA Pool.

This group of Decatur Juniors are receiving more and more attention in the world of Junior Pool.

Jerry Brown, who has a son and a daughter playing, is the leader and mentor for this group of kids. He is perfect for the role of mentoring and coaching. Last spring, he led a group of 22 Juniors to the APA Nationals in Davenport, Iowa. They all had a wonderful time and placed high in the standings, with Serena Black and Timmy Bly taking first in their divisions.

In August, the BEF hosted a Junior Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada with five Juniors representing Decatur. Timmy Bly, Serena Black, Katlin Schilling, Zachary Johnson and Colton Adams represented our area.

Billiards is trying to change the perception of the world about this sport. The future of billiards is with our young Junior players.

This amount of participation is not luck or chance. They have a wonderful support system. Parents and grandparents bring their kids to play every Saturday. They stay to support and cheer them on. Each team has an adult supervisor to be sure the games are played on time and to help keep track of the scoring system.

The supervisors are not the only adult support this league enjoys. APA director, Kim Jones, is a huge supporter, in addition to Tom Fankhauser, who operates the BCA/ACS league.

In order to help our five Juniors go to Vegas, these two, along with Bill Pickerell and Robert Black, organized a benefit tournament. Dave Carr and Michael Durbin also helped sponsor this event, which took place at Starship Billiards in Decatur, Illinois. Teams and players from the surrounding area came to participate and show their support.

Everyone who participated, helped get these five to Las Vegas by raising over $6,000.

These kids are excited about the game of billiards, an excitement fueled by the awesome support of parents and loads of coaching, teaching, and mentoring by some wonderful adults in our area. They represent us well while playing with good sportsmanship and respect for the game.

Do you have an active Junior League in your area? If not, talk to your league operator and get one started.

These players will be the face of billiards in the future. You can help make that happen by starting and supporting a Junior Pool League in your area. You won’t regret it!


About the Author:

Sherrie SmithSherri Smith lives and plays pool in Central Illinois. She plays on ACS/BCA on Monday, and APA on Sunday and Wednesday. She is mother of five — one daughter (and her fiance) play on theirSunday night team. Sherri and husband Steve have 20 grandkids and three great-grandkids. Out of the 20, five are actively on either an APA roster, ACS/BCA, or Valley roster.
She is a published writer with a trilogy of Christian inspirational novels, one book of poetry, and one children’s book.
Photo: Flickr/Venturist
Editor: Kristen Maciejowski

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FILM: The Untold Story of the Greatest Pool Players in the World!

November 5th, 2015

Los Angeles, California


  • David Thomson, Medium Pool, Producer, 310.450.8525
  • Philip F. Messina, Messina Productions, Director, 213.280.2595

New Documentary Film Project – “From Hustler To Champion”

Messina and Thompson

Filmmakers: Phillip Messina and Dave Thomson

David Thomson, owner of Medium Pool – pool’s promotion and advertising agency, and Philip F. Messina – an award winning filmmaker, have joined forces to produce “From Hustler to Champion”, a documentary film profiling 20, plus, past and present, top pool players in the sport. From Strickland to Van Boening; The Black Widow, The Striking Viking, The Duchess of Doom; Reyes, Sigel, Varner, and Hall – anyone who has had any impact on pool is present.

Click here for POV Pool’s Live Stream Schedule!

“From Hustler to Champion” delves deeply into their lifelong passion for the game, how they became possessed by its difficulties and mysteries, with an almost addictive need to master it. The film, also, realizes that this mesmerizing game has never been given appropriate respect in the larger world of sports. One reason is that, despite pool’s worldwide popularity, it has been plagued by a controversial reputation—that shady world of sharks and hustlers in smoky pool halls—a common image seen in film and TV. Because of this, mainstream sponsors have shied away from support.

Sneak Preview: “From Hustler To Champion!”

Jeanette Lee Black Widow

For the first time, “From Hustler to Champion,” tells the untold story of these extraordinary men and women who have transcended that stigma to become legends. We unearth their individual struggles to survive, including those who chose the ritual of going on the road and living the gamblers’ perilous, high-wire-act and, finally, rising to become champions.

On set with "Hustler To Champion"

On set with “Hustler To Champion”

“From Hustler to Champion” gives you an intimate insight into their remarkable personalities, their family lives, passions, fears, and their uncanny ability to conquer the overwhelming pressure to triumph in a head-to-head arena sport. “From Hustler to Champion” is a passion project, a labor of love that’s been in process for over ten years while capturing many of the greatest players of the last 50 years. It is near completion. The Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign is to generate funding to complete the editing, purchase license clips, obtain pertinent music, titling and graphic elements–all the unseen expenses it takes to create a film suitable for mainstream broadcast.   

Many of you know how they play, now you can find out how they think…and what’s in their hearts.

Join them on SOCIAL MEDIA:



Please support this film on KickStarter!

We thank all of you in advance for supporting our project!


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