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Cole Dickson Memorial: “Real Time Feed”

June 27th-28th, 2015

Family Billiards – San Francisco, CA

The 3rd Annual Cole Dickson Memorial

9 10-Ball Open…


Delbert Wong, owner of Family Billiards, initially wanted a 10-ball tournament, but the poster went to print and wasn’t changed.  During the player’s meeting it went up for vote, and all but two players preferred 10-ball format.  So, at the last minute, it was changed to 10-ball, but you do not need to call pocket.  Slop Counts!

$2,500 Added 

  • Advanced Entry Fee (Register by 6/24) $85
  • Register on 06/27 Entry Fee $100
  • $10 GreenFee
  • Race to 7 on the Winners’ side/ 7 on Losers’ side
  • Races changed due to player attendance 
  • Practice begins at 10:30am
  • Matches begin at 12:00pm

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1st Place: $2,100 Vilmos Foldes

2nd Place: $1,500 Oscar Dominguez

3rd Place: $1,000 Rodney Morris

4th Place: $650 Amar Kang

5th Place: $425 Jaynard Orque

6th Place: $425 Josh Gomes

7th Place: $300 Damian Pongpanik

8th Place: $300 Nick Callado

9th Place: $175 Rylan Hartnett

10th Place: $175 Ramon Mistica

11th Place: $175 Corey Deuell

12th Place: $175 Randy Baker

13th Place: $125 Ernesto Dominguez

14th Place: $125 Rodger Goodman 

15th Place: $125 Robert Yulo

16th Place: $125 Ian Costello


Total Purse $7,900



 Sunday, June 28th: Day 2

Day One of the Cole Dickson Memorial Tournament leaves us with the top 16 left in the tournament.  Rodney Morris, Randy Baker, Amar Kang, Damian Pongpanik, Vilmos Foldes, Josh Gomes, Nick Collado, and Josh Gomes go into the second day of the tournament undefeated.  Ramon Mistica, Robert Yulo, Ian Costello, Corey Deuel, Oscar Dominguez, Roger Goodman, Rylan Hartnett, and Ernesto Dominguez are all in danger of exiting the tournament the first round of play on Sunday. 
IMG_6293 IMG_6294 IMG_6295 IMG_6297 IMG_6298 IMG_6300 IMG_6301

Saturday, June 27th: Day 1


IMG_6238 IMG_6243 IMG_6248 IMG_6249 IMG_6250 IMG_6251 IMG_6252 IMG_6253 IMG_6254 IMG_6256 IMG_6257 IMG_6258 IMG_6260 IMG_6261 IMG_6263 IMG_6264 IMG_6266 IMG_6269 IMG_6272 IMG_6273 IMG_6275 IMG_6278 IMG_6279 IMG_6282 IMG_6283 IMG_6284 IMG_6286

Player List

  1.  Javier Ramirez
  2. Geno Santoro
  3. Tommy Sovia
  4. Sylvester Coronado
  5. Al Markasky
  6. Cary Camona
  7. Reid Stensrud
  8. Shon Damani
  9. David Espinoza
  10. Corey Duell
  11. Doug Whaley
  12. Peter Leung
  13. Damian Pongpanik
  14. Alex Mason
  15. Lindsey Dorn
  16. Yoli Handoko
  17. Joe Paul Trevino
  18. Harold Cajucom
  19. Alejandro Aguila
  20. Bert Benish
  21. Joseph Harris
  22. Rylan Hartnett
  23. Jay Mulinbayan
  24. Jaynard Orque
  25. Dave Cabinel
  26. Robert Yulo
  27. Amar Kang
  28. Rodney Morris
  29. Frank Giordano
  30. Mike Langarcia
  31. Todd Emmett
  32. Mike Leahy
  33. Chino Reyes
  34. Delbert Wong
  35. Bob Simon
  36. Geronimo
  37. Todd Gooch
  38. Roger Goodman
  39. Randy Baker
  40. Brian Law
  41. Duke Obaob
  42. Ernesto Dominguez
  43. Oscar Dominguez
  44. Joseph Gomez
  45. Marcelina Montoya
  46. Kenny Koo
  47. Steven Poma
  48. Neil RodenMeyer
  49. Bill Hart
  50. Jonathan Morgan
  51. Danny Gokhul
  52. Frank Robutz
  53. Dan Russo
  54. Willie Campers
  55. Ian Costello
  56. Shakey Dave
  57. Deo Alpajora
  58. Billy Silviera
  59. Jeff Summers
  60. Ramon Mistica
  61. John Otanes
  62. Eric Scott

More may have been added after player list was published.  Please refer to the bracket.

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Remembering Cole at Family

June 27th-28th, 2015

Family Billiards – San Francisco, CA

The 3rd Annual Cole Dickson Memorial

9-Ball Open…

Fog City’s Biggest Tournament

enhance-2What factors contribute to why a pool hall would want to hold a memorial tournament after a player passes away?  Why after three years, does Delbert Wong, the owner of Family Billiards in San Francisco, still honor the memory of Cole Dickson?  The stories of delbertCole Dickson are many, but all good.  From a young age, Dickson traveled the country playing against the best…and winning!  He was known as a stand-up individual who played with heart.  He wasn’t afraid to put his money where his mouth was.  He was a rare commodity in the pool world.  Unfortunately, his pool playing days ended short.  For these reasons, Delbert Wong, and the Dickson daughters, Christine and Susan honor his memory with an annual memorial tournament.

Delbert has graciously, for the past three years added money to bring people together to play the dannysport Dickson loved.  This year, Delbert is contributing $2,500 added to the total purse of the tournament.  This open 9-ball tournament brings the top players, not only in Northern California, but the country, as well.  In years past, champions like Ramon Mistica, Rodney Morris, Oscar and Ernesto Dominguez and Santos Sambajon have come to play in this class-act event.

rail birdsThis year entry fees are $85 if paid before June 24th and $100 if paid on the day of the event, June 27th.  There is a $10 green fee that helps to pay for table time and the tournament director.  Although the tournament is slated at race to 8 on the winners’ side and race to 6 on the one-loss side, the tournament director will use his/her discretion whether to shorten or extend the race prior to the tournament beginning, depending upon the amount of players.

So, cross the Golden Gate, Bay, Dumbarton or San Mateo bridges and show up early on Saturday because practice begins at 10:30…get a nice hour and half warm-up prior to the tournament beginning at noon.


If you’re out of the area, expect the exceptional coverage LIVE & FREE by POV POOL!  Also, this year POV Pool will be providing a live digital bracket (brought to you by CompuSport), tournament photos, updates pay-outs and much more on our Real Time News Feed!

Get on BART and Get to Family Billiards!

$2,500 Added 

  • Advanced Entry Fee (Register by 6/24) $85
  • Register on 06/27 Entry Fee $100
  • $10 Green Fee
  • Race to 8 on the Winners’ side/ 6 on Losers’ side
  • Race will be determined based on amount of entries on day of tournament
  • Practice begins at 10:30am
  • Matches begin at 12:00pm




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Your Questions and Inquiries: 

  • Tournament Info & Sign Ups: Family Billiards – (415) 931-1115
  • Advertising Space on Live Stream: Daniel Busch – (310) 923-6639
  • Anything else:

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USBA International Open – Real Time Feed

Friday-Sunday – June 19th-21st, 2015

Million Dollar Billiards – North Hollywood, CA


The ‘Real-Time’ results and news for this event!

Players list so far:


Exhibition match – streamed live! 

  • Raymond Ceulemans vs Torbjörn Blomdahl
  • 7:30pm / PST
  • Race to 40-Points
  • Stream Link:

Torbjorn and Raymond

Results: Blomdahl wins it! Score 40-19 points in 2o innings.  Watch it on YouTube on July 1st, 2015. 

Stay tuned for the players meeting final, player count, tournament format and the draw!




The Draw and Round Robin!

FullSizeRender (1)

Round Robin Matches Start at 10:00 am / PST – 2015 POV Pool Media

FullSizeRender (3)

Javier Teran examines the competition – 2015 POV Pool Media

FullSizeRender (4)

Tournament Director – Ricky Carranco, pulls the draw – 2015 POV Pool Media


Players Meeting – 48 Players total – 2015 POV Pool Media

Daniel Busch - taking a load off! - 2015 POV Pool Media

Daniel Busch – taking a load off! – 2015 POV Pool Media

Friday – June 19th, Day 1

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 6.46.23 PM

Matches on feature table (Matches to 25 points)

Streamed Match Results so far…

  • 10:00 am / PST – Ray Raskin (8) vs Arturo Magana (25) – Innings: 18
  • 11:00 am / PST – Ceulemans (25) vs Mendoza (4) – Innings: 7
  • 11:30 am / PST – Palafox (25) vs G. Najm (17) – Innings: 19
  • 12:00 pm / PST – Piedrabuena (17) vs Palafox (25) – Innings (19)
  • 1:00 pm / PST – M. Torres (25) vs Carlos Alvarado (18) – Innings 18
  • 2:00 pm / PST – G. Najm (17) vs G. Sosa (25) – 20 Innings
  • 3:00 pm / PST – T. Blomdahl (25) vs N. Cho (3) – Innings 8
  • 5:00 pm / PST – Ricky Carranco (25) vs A. Valadez (22) – Innings 24
  • 5:00 pm / PST – J. Teran (23) vs Vicky Pineda (25) Innings 20
  • 6:00 pm /PST – M. Kim (25) vs C. Choi (11) – Innings 15
  • 8:00 pm / PST – T. Blomdahl (25) vs C. Choi (11) – Innings 13
  • 8:00 pm / PST – L. Avila (25) vs R. Carranco (10) – Innings 12
  • 9:00 pm / PST – T. Blomdahl (25) vs H. Nguyen (13) – Innings 19
  • 9:30 am / PST – T. Blomdahl (25) vs B. Khalifa (21) – Innings 12
  • 10:30 am / PST – T. Blomdahl (25) vs M. Kim (9) – innings 11
  • 11:30 am / PST – P.Piedrabuena (25) vs G. Najm (6) – Innings 7
  • 12:30 pm / PST – R. Ceulemans (25) vs A. Magana (16)
  • 1:30 pm / PST – R. Ceulemans (25) vs R. Munoz (21)

Semi Final Results (streamed matches only):

  •  T. Blomdal (30) vs M. Torres (21) – Innings 18
  •  L. Avila (30) vs Salinas (8) – Innings 22
  •  P. Piedrabuena (30) vs R. Munoz (8) Innings 11

The Semi Final Rounds – Saturday

  • 7:30 pm / PST – R. Ceulemans vs R. Munoz

Sunday Semi Final Rounds

  • 10:00 am / PST – T. Blomdahl vs R. Carranco
  • 11:00 am / PST – F. Palafox vs S. Diaz
  • 1:00 pm / PST – R. Ceulemans vs P/ Piedrabuena

Sunday Schedule continued…

Quarter Finals will start at 4:00 pm / PST 

We are currently on a dinner break at 3:00 pm / PST 

Please see current results provided below by CompuSport

All Semi-Finalists - 2015 POV Pool Media

All Semi-Finalists – 2015 POV Pool Media

Daniel Busch with Tournament Director, Ricky Carranco

Daniel Busch with Tournament Director, Ricky Carranco

Ricky Carranco playing Guillermo Sosa - 2015 POV Pool Media

Ricky Carranco playing Guillermo Sosa – 2015 POV Pool Media

Ricky Carranco - 2015 POV Pool Media

Ricky Carranco – 2015 POV Pool Media

Luis Miguel Avila looks on... 2015 POV Pool Media

Luis Miguel Avila looks on… 2015 POV Pool Media

Daniel Busch with Angel and Sir Raymond Ceulemans - 2015 POV Pool Media

Daniel Busch with Angel and Sir Raymond Ceulemans – 2015 POV Pool Media

FullSizeRender (12)



1st Place: $4,000

2nd Place: $3,000

3rd Place: $2,250

4th Place: $1,750

5th Place: $1,500

6th Place: $1,300

7th Place:  $1,100

8th Place: $800

9th – 12th Place: $375

High Run in the Semi Finals or Finals: $100

Best Game in the Semi Finals or Finals: $150

Best General AVG. in Semi Finals and Finals: $250


Compusport Logo

Thank you to Compusport for providing the online bracket…If you’re running a tournament, check out CompuSport for a comprehensive bracket system that you, your players and spectators can follow!

Final Bracket: 

Sunday Semi-Final Results: 

Sunday Results

[Click to Enlarge]

Saturday Semi-Finals results: 

Saturday Semi results

[Click to Enlarge]

Semi-Finals Rankings: 




Saturday Schedule and match results: 

Saturday Results

[Click to Enlarge]

Friday Schedule and match results: 

Friday Schedule

[Click to Enlarge]

Tournament Rankings: 






3-Cushion Champions to Descend on Southern California!

June 17th – 21st, 2015

Los Angeles, CA

by: Daniel Busch

*Full Schedule Below*

Will there be a ‘Real Time Feed Page’? – YES

Torbjörn Blomdahl  raymond 

Before we start this off, I’d first like to thank Ricky Carranco, Hector Ocampo, Gilbert Najm and Carlos Elias for their tireless efforts to make these historical events possible on our beautiful west coast of the United States. Also a special thanks to POV Pool’s sponsors, Tiger Products, Kamui Tips and Kamui Brand for supporting our efforts to provide coverage – let us also not forget the Simonis Cloth, Verhoeven Billiard TablesUnited States Billiards Association, UMCB (Union Mexicana Campeones de Billar) and also Paul Frankel and Professor Q Ball’s National Pool and 3 Cushion News.

A Busy Week for the World’s Greatest Players!

This June, as the final stages of planning are underway for the prestigious, 2015 Verhoeven Open event at The Carom Cafe in New York this coming July, the 3-cushion community will be treated to some of this year’s most anticipated exposure with the arrival of Torbjörn Blomdahl and Sir Raymond Ceulemans to the western coast of the United States and Mexico for an action packed itinerary of events at several billiard venues.


The Homage to Ray Ceulemans in Mexico!


On June 8th-12th, the UMCB (Union Mexicana Campeones de Billar) held a tournament in Mexico City that was hosted at The Hotel Ejecutivo. With a filled room of spectators, there were a handful of US and Pan-American champions present, including Guillermo Sosa, Jose Luis Avila and Pedro Piedrabuena. In addition to scores of photo ops, autographing sessions, matches and awards presentations, everyone present was also treated to a presentation by Gabriel Miguel Fernandez, who sang a rendition of “Que Seas Feliz” by Consuelito Velázquez as an honorary serenade to the guest of honor.


A Special Exhibition – Raymond and Torbjörn in Los Angeles!

Wednesday, June 17th @ 3:30 pm – 8:30 pm – West L.A. 

*Looking for the the last ticket? Call Ricky Carranco at 323-490-8075

When we say special, we mean it! Tickets for this private exhibition are $100 each and there are just 3 or 4 seats left at this intimate setting for only 23 spectators. 5 lucky spectators of this event will win a chance to play their own personal match against Torbjorn Blomdahl to 25 points.  Raymond Ceulemans is scheduled to arrive by 7:30 pm for an exhibition match and Grand Finale with Torbjörn Blomdahl, racing to 40 points.


Did you know that Torbjörn Blomdahl is the #1 world ranked player? 

A Full Day of Clinics and Seminars! 

Thursday, June 18th @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm – Two Locations

Having to choose between the worlds best and the all-time worlds greatest could be a challenge for some, but for other 3C fans out there who want to work on their game, you’ve definitely got the best of both worlds coming to you.

At two locations, each player is splitting off to hold separate clinic days at separate venues! the ‘Blomdahl’ school will be scheduled at a private location in West Los Angeles for 2 hour sessions in groups of 4 and the ‘Ceulemans’ school will be scheduled in North Hollywood at Hector Ocampo’s – Million Dollar Billiards for 2 sessions only.

Which Clinic Would You Choose?

Torbjörn Blomdahl or Raymond Ceulemans

Or how about both clinics?

For Blomdahl call Ricky Carranco at 323-490-8075

For Ceulemans call Hector Ocampo at 323-304-3156





The USBA International Open Tournament! 

Friday – Sunday – June 19th-21st @ Million Dollar Billiards

And finally, to round things off with a huge bang and beginning this Friday, June 19th at Hector Ocampo’s, Million Dollar Billiards venue in North Hollywood, CA; there will be a USBA, open 3-cushion event with over 55 players registered and featuring U.S., Pan-American, Latin-American and European champions converging to compete for a prize purse that is over $18,000.11209734_10153464918554673_8332343541828482700_n


Watch Last Year’s Final Match from Million Dollar Billiards!


Spectators to this event are welcome to attend with the appropriate cover charge. The honorable, Hector Ocampo has spared no expense to provide ample seating and bleacher sections, providing for easy viewing of all tables in progress. POV Pool will provide live-streaming services to the international community wishing to view matches and track progress over this 3-day event. Streaming or not, I personally recommend that if you are local to the area NOT to miss out on attending this event in person. Million Dollar Billiards always makes sure that your experience there will be remembered as one of your best.

For more information tickets, entries or to attend

  • Hector Ocampo and Million Dollar Billiards at: 323-304-3156
  • Tournament entries still being taken: Call Ricky Carranco at 323-490-8075
  • Live Stream questions?




The Golden Cue’s Monthly One-Pocket – Every 2nd Saturday!

Saturday, July 11th – 2015

Golden Cue Billiards – South El Monte, CA

Golden Cue Banner

One-Pocket with a 3-Level Handicap

The Golden Cue Billiards and it’s management has settled on a handicap – one-pocket format, designed to attract players to the game who may normally feel a little hesitant to get into the box with some of the better ‘one-pocketeers’ that frequent the venue for its monthly event. Played out every 2nd Saturday of the month, The Golden Cue takes in around 2o players to the ‘action room’ to compete for prize money which consists of $100 added and a $24 entry fee. This Saturday will be no different except to say that the less skilled of the ‘one-pocketeers’ will have slightly better odds and will afford them the opportunity to play a few more matches with some of the better players in the field.

Handicapping Explained

In the game of pool there are many players of varying skill levels, so our goal here is to equalize the field by changing some of the requirements to win. In the game of One-Pocket, when to players, play ‘EVEN’ it means that there is no handicap and in a rack of 15 balls, the first player to pocket the 8th ball wins the game. The Golden Cue’s monthly will make adjustments to this ball count, depending on the division of skill level that it has settled on. With the help of the ‘all knowing’ public, Tournament Director, Geraldine Thibodeau will assign each player’s skill level that will determine your handicap.

Geraldine states, “We believe this is going to be a successful way to promote one-pocket to new players that want to learn more about this game. Working with Golden Cue’s owner, Kenny Hoshide, we have done some polling and surveys to find out what will work best and we are happy to provide this format of play for the game of one-pocket. The only spot that we have not committed to is if a ‘Super Pro’ like Dennis Orcullo or Scott Frost shows up and wants a piece. At that point, it’s possible that even those in the ‘Pro’ category may even be spotted a ball or two. We are looking forward to seeing some new faces and also our regular visitors. Please join us this Saturday at Noon for practice – the tournament begins at 1:30 pm.”

What Shot Would You Do? 

POV Pool will also the at Golden Cue to capture a few matches and to record a video response to our second edition of “What Shot Would You Do?”  – In the future, we expect this to become a sponsored segment that will occur monthly.

what would you do 2


Skill Level          Ball Spot              Your score against a beginner 

  • Beginner             4-Balls                         8-8
  • Intermediate      2-Balls                          9-7
  • PRO                     0-Balls                        10-6
  • Super PRO         0-Balls                         To Be Determined



Video Recording and Live Bracket

As an additional courtesy to its players and to The Golden Cue, POV Pool will be there to provide video recording services using a 3-camera package and audio commentary. This event WILL NOT be live streamed, so spectators will have to visit the venue and enjoy the A/C, Beer and Snacks available. There will also be a live bracket available to view online, which is powered by CompuSport; a custom link which will be made available soon.

POV_minimal_v-300x168  Compusport Logo

Tournament Details and Times

The Golden Cue 2nd Saturday One-Pocket Tournament – Every 2nd Saturday of the Month! 

  • Open to 32 Players
  • $24 Entry (Includes $4 Green and TD Fee)
  • $100 Added – Based on 16 Players
  • Start Time 1:30 PM – Practice at Noon
  • Double Elimination / Race to 2/1
  • Handicap Format – Balls Spotted
  • The Golden Cue Billiards / Google Map
  • Phone Number: (626) 575-4821
  • Tournament Director: Geraldine Thibodeau (310) 889-4799

Find out about the Hard Times 10-Ball and One-Pocket Event In July! 


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