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Down to 12 at Break Time Billiards


Top 12 Updates on Day 2 of stop #11 of the Mezz West State Tour at Break Time Billiards in Modesto, CA!


Winner’s Side

Jaynard Orque (W) vs. Jerry Janito (L)
Francis Ritarita (W) vs. Curtis Parch (L)
Vilmos Foldes (W) vs. Billy Silveria (L)
Jason Williams (L) vs. Beau Runningen (W)

combination jason

1-Loss Side

Ernesto Dominguez (L) vs. Jerry Janito (W)
Amar Kang (L) vs. Jason Williams (W)
Brian Law (L) vs. Curtis Parch (W)
Kevin May (W) vs. Billy Silveria (L)

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 2.50.20 PM

Winner’s Side


Jaynard Orque (L) vs. Beau Runningen (W)
Francis Ritarita (L) vs. Vilmos Foldes (W)

1-Loss Side

Kevin May (W) vs. Curtis Parch (L)
Jason Williams (L) vs. Jerry Janito (W)

Winner’s Side: HOT SEAT MATCH


Vilmos Foldes (L) vs. Beau Runningen (W)


1-Loss Side

Jaynard Orque (W) vs. Kevin May (L)
Francis Ritarita (W) vs. Jerry Janito (L)

photo (6)

Jaynard Orque (W) vs. Francis Ritarita (L)
Vilmos Foldes (W) vs. Jaynard Orque (L)


Waiting in the HOT SEAT

Beau Runningen



Beau Runningen (L) vs. Vilmos Foldes (W)


Winner: Vilmos Foldes


1. Vilmos Foldes $1,200
2. Beau Runningen $850
3. Jaynard Orque $650
4. Francis Ritarita $400
5. Jerry Janito $250
6. Kevin May $250
7. Jason Williams $200
8. Curtis Parch $200
9. Amar Kang $100
10.Brian Law $100
11.Billy Silveria $100
12.Ernesto Dominguez $100
Top Female: Melissa Herndon $100

Break-Time Billiards Hosting Mezz West State Tour Season Finale!

Article: Daniel Busch

Jan 24th/25th, 2015
BreakTime Billiards – Modesto, CA


Last Chance to Qualify for the Mezz West State Tour! 

This is it, Folks!

The Mezz West State Tour has staged the final destination of its inaugural season for 231+ registered competitors, who are attracting broad attention and writing the new history for cue-sports in America. Modesto, California, found in the heart of California’s northern Central Valley will probably see its largest billiards event in 10 years. Hosted by BreakTime Billiards at 304 McHenry Avenue, Modesto, CA 95354,  this 10-ball competition will be the final, ‘Top Gun’ qualifier played on 11, fully tuned 9 foot Diamond ‘pro-cut’ pool tables at 4-1/4″ pockets. The sports bar vibe at the 10,000 square foot venue comes with additional Diamond bar tables, huge 6 x 8 foot screens and, 11 taps of beer and some tasty bar food.

More Diamond Table Pics! Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 8.53.51 AM

When asked about the Mezz West State Tour, BreakTime Billiards owner, Joe Gonzalez stated, “I’m thrilled to be hosting this event for Oscar and Desiree and to be a part of this great tour. Apart from the major tournaments in the country, the Mezz West State Tour has the potential to be very successful for the sport and I look forward to hosting more events in the following season as well.”

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 4.30.45 PM

The Last Stand for ‘Top Gun’ Hopefuls 

Everything depends on performance and attendance for those who currently threaten the current ‘Top 32’ names on the rankings list!

The Mezz West State Tour rankings will determine ‘who’ gets to play the Top Gun event in March of this year. With a prize fund that has grown to approximately, $7,000 thus far and open to 32 players, a ‘stand-by list’ will also be generated with the final rankings announcement, so that if any top 32 players cannot attend Top Gun, players in the next ranking position will qualify.

Watch Mezz West State Tour Matches on YouTube!

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 2.36.17 PMIn fact, we already know that Efren Reyes, ranked #28 is unable to qualify because he did not play enough events and Danny Gohkul, ranked #31 still needs one more event to qualify. This is good news and possibly bad for players like Melissa Herndon #33 and Anthony Ortega #34 who, in waiting for the final rankings announcement, would surely slip back in rankings after Modesto if they do not attend or play poorly. Likewise, we can think of almost 25 players who have full potential to steal a ranking position from the deep such as, Mark Whitehead #35, Art Garcia #36, Deo Alpajora #56, Chris Robinson #61 and many others. With such talent on the tour and a chance to win big, this stop becomes an absolute must for tour members.

This final stop should produce some great matches. Be ready to see everything from desperation, despair and glorious excitement as pool players stage their final assaults to earn a ‘Top Gun’ spot!

If the TOP GUN were today, who would qualify? 

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 10.56.35 AM

Raffles and Top Prizes! 

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 4.05.34 PMThe Mezz West State Tour has had a regular tradition of raffling Mezz Cues and Cases at almost every stop on the tour in addition to a cash prize to the top finishing female/s. Along the way, MZWST also picked up the interest of Allen Hopkins, who has graciously sanctioned the #1 ranked player on MZWST to receive a free entry to the 2015 Allen Hopkins ‘Professional 10 Ball Event’ held annually at the Super Billiards Expo.


BreakTime Stop

Live Stream on POV Pool!

Please be sure to join us for live coverage of the this tour stop, brought to you by Mezz Cues, West State Billiards, Zan Tips, Turtle Rack, Marty Carey’s Jump Q, Virtual Pool 4, Kurzweils Country Meats.

Event and Live Stream Info

Mezz West State Tour – Stop #11
  • Saturday/Sunday – January 24th/25th
  • 11:00 am PST / Registration
  • 12:00 pm PST / Tournament Begins
  • 10 Ball / TRUE Double Elimination
  • Pro race to 9, Semi Pro race to 8, Amateur race to 7
  • $65 Entry / Open to all / Entries in Cash / DAY OF EVENT.
  • $2,000 Added
  • Alternate Break / No 10 Ball Break / 3 Foul Rule / Jump Cues Allowed
  • Diamond Tables / 4-1/4″ Pockets
Host Venue
  • BreakTime Billiards
  • 304 McHenry Avenue
  • Modesto, CA 95354
  • (209) 846-9656
Live Stream Information
Full Event Flyer

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 4.25.54 PM

MZWST #10 – Another Victory for “Edgie” Geronimo!

Cover photo: Chris Santana
Story By: Desiree Rivera

Mezz West State Tour Stop #10

On Cue – La Mesa, Californiaec2577e4ce7d45700645f36cffe22bac-1

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 4.47.50 PM

A Packed House at OnCue Billiards! 

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 9.00.36 AM

The Mezz West State Tour was held in gorgeous La Mesa, California at its premier room, On Cue Billiards. The Nooris family welcomed 88 players including none other than “The Magician” himself, Mr. Efren Reyes. It was quite a treat for both, players and spectators to watch and interact with the legend himself during the two day event.

Dan Wallace - Photo: Copyright © 2015 - Ashi Fachler

Dan Wallace – Photo: Copyright © 2015 – Ashi Fachler











 Watch the MZWST #10 Matches on YouTube! 

The top half of the bracket was packed with talent as it contained not only Rodrigo Geronimo, Ramin Bakhtiari, Vilmos Foldes, Johnny Kang, James Cabal, Dan Wallace, Dave Gorham, Rodney Wynn and Victor Castro but also Efren Reyes. Foldes and Reyes met up in the final 16 of the winner side in a TV table face off. Foldes fought hard, but was out matched by Reyes with a score of 9-4. Reyes’ bracket got no easier, as Rodrigo Geronimo was waiting for him following his 9-3 victory over James Cabal. This Filipino match up went back and forth to the bitter end with Rodrigo pulling away a 9-7 victory and sending the Magician to the losers side. This win secured Geronimo’s spot in the final 4 of the winners side where he would defeat Victor Castro, who had tough wins over Mark Whitehead, Ray Pajarillo and Dave Gorham. Geronimo would go on to defeat Castro 9-6 to find himself waiting to battle it out for the hot seat.

Beau Runningen - Copyright © 2015 Ashi Fachler

Beau Runningen – Copyright © 2015 Ashi Fachler

Efren Reyes - Copyright © 2015 Ashi Fachler

Efren Reyes – Copyright © 2015 Ashi Fachler

Vilmos Foldes - Copyright © 2015 Ashi Fachler

Vilmos Foldes – Copyright © 2015 Ashi Fachler








Attila Bezdan and Oscar Dominguez - Photo: Copyright © 2015 - POV Pool

Attila Bezdan and Oscar Dominguez – Photo: Copyright © 2015 – POV Pool


The bottom half of the bracket was no cake walk either as Oscar Dominguez, Attila Bezdan, Kenichi Uchigaki, Ruben Bautista, Sal Butera, Beau Runningen and Melissa Hernadon made up just a few of the great players that filled up this portion of the chart. Second round of the winners side found Beau Runningen taking on Toyko player, Kenichi Uchigaki. Beau made a heart filled effort but fell short, sending Uchigaki further into the winners brackets and himself to the losers side. Uchigaki proceeded to find wins over Branch Talley, Larry Bohn and Sal Butera all of which allowed him to face off against Oscar Dominguez in the final 4 winners. Dominguez made his way there with wins over Melissa Herndon, Amir Shoshan and Attila Bezdan. This was hard fought battle between the two international friends, but ended with Kenichi Uchigaki taking down Dominguez 9-6. This win ensured Uchigaki to face off with Geronimo for the hot seat. The match up one sided early on with Geronimo taking the win 9-5, putting him in the hot seat.

Live Stream on POV Pool! Daniel Busch and Geraldine Thibodeau - © 2015 POV POOL MEDIA

Live Stream on POV Pool! Daniel Busch and Geraldine Thibodeau – © 2015 POV POOL MEDIA

All Eyes OnCue!


Meanwhile, the action continued on the losers’ side where team Hungary faced off. Vilmos Foldes defeated his best friend and road partner 9-4 knocking Attila out of the competition. Vilmos would then go on to beat Sal Butera in a hill-hill, nail bitter which came down to a safety battle on the 8 ball in the final game. However the hill-hill matches were not over for Foldes just yet, as Victor Castro played his heart out but fell short to Foldes in the following round. On the top side of the losers bracket, Oscar Dominguez found himself fighting back against Efren Reyes, who at one point led the match 8-2. Dominguez came with great out after great out, eventually tying the match at 8-8. In the case game, Reyes was up to break. Reyes broke in two balls and skillfully made an incredible out on Dominguez, forcing Oscar to settle for 5th/6th.

More by Ashi Fachler!

More by Ashi Fachler!

Kenichi Uchigaki - © 2015 ASHI FACHLER

Kenichi Uchigaki – © 2015 ASHI FACHLER

The 3rd/4th match found Foldes and Reyes once again. Foldes found his revenge on Reyes winning 9-6 and sending him to the losers side final against Uchigaki. Uchigaki, who was feeling ill and very jet lagged opted to allow Foldes to move onto the finals by forfeit. The finals between Vilmos Foldes and Rodrigo Geronimo was a match to be seen. In true double elimination format Foldes would have to defeat Geronimo twice to claim victory. Foldes easily handles Rodrigo winning the first set 9-3. The second set was much more of a grind with many break and runs, kicking and safety play. Rodrigo eventually grinded down Foldes and took his victory in a close 9-7 win. This win would make Rodrigo a three time tour stop winner this season. Also, a congrats to Melissa Herndon for being the top female finisher and receiving a $100 bonus.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 9.54.57 AM

Vilmos Foldes, Daniel Busch and Edgie Geronimo – © 2015 POV POOL MEDIA


Geraldine and Daniel w/ POV Pool - © 2015 ASHI FACHLER

Geraldine and Daniel w/ POV Pool – © 2015 ASHI FACHLER

The MWST would like to thank their sponsors for their continuous support of bringing pool back to the west coast. In addition, a very special thank you to Daniel Busch, Geraldine Thibodeau and POV POOL for their hard work providing the live streaming. Mezz Cues, West State Billiards Supply, ZAN Tips, Kurzweils Country Meats,,,, Marty Carey Jump Q, Virtual Pool 4, The Turtle Rack, and Fast&Loose designs.

Daniel Busch, Rolando Vicente and Ray Reyes!

Commentating on POV Pool – Daniel Busch, Rolando Vicente and Ray Reyes!

GPP Banner



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   Mezz Site   Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 2.32.00 PM


Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 10.40.51 AM

MZWST – Stop #11 at Breaktime Billiards! 

Be sure to join POV Pool and Mezz West State Tour at BreakTime Billiards on January 24th, 25th for the final open event on the tour. It’s the last chance for players to obtain a ranking in the TOP 32 for the upcoming TOP GUN event being held on March 7th/8th at Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower, CA! 

TUESDAY ACTION! 10 Ball w/ Geronimo vs Bautista

Watch, Philippine sensation, Rodrigo Geronimo play the Mexican Champion, Ruben Bautista. Rodrigo ‘Edgie’ Geronimo is giving Ruben the 8 ball, playing 10 Ball! 

LIVE NOW on FOB Pool! Playing 10 Ball!

  • – Race to 17 Games
  • – Call Pocket
  • – $1,000 Each Player

– Streamed live on FOB Pool – Watch it here:

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Mezz West State Tour: On Cue for Day Two

Mezz West State Tour at On Cue

Top 24 Updates on Day 2 of stop #7 of the Mezz West State Tour at On Cue Billiards in La Mesa, CA!

Winner’s Side

James Cabal (L) vs. Rodrigo “Edgie” Geronimo (W)
Dave Gorham (W) vs. Dan Wallace (L)
Victor Castro (W) vs. Ray Parajaro (L)
Oscar Dominguez (W) vs. Amir Shoshan (L)
Hiroko Makiyama (L) vs. Attila Bezdan (W)
Sal Butera (W) vs. Ruben Bautista (L)
Kenichi Uchigaki (W) vs. Larry Bohn (L)
Vilmos Foldes (L) vs. Efren Reyes (W)

1-Loss Side

Rene Enciso
Beau Runnigen
Ray Rey
Johnny Kang
Steve Eakins
Kevin May
Omar Vachhani
Melissa Herndon

Winner’s Side

Rodrigo “Edgie” Geronimo (W) vs. Efren Reyes (L)
Victor Castro (W) vs. Dave Gorham (L)
Sal Butera (L) vs. Kenichi Uchigaki (W)
Attila Bezdan (L) vs. Oscar Dominguez (W)

Bezdan Dominguez

1-Loss Side

Ray Rey (W) vs. Hiroko Makiyama (L)
Johnny Kang (W) vs. Ruben Bautista (L)
Steven Eakins (L) vs. Larry Bohn (W)
Kevin May (W) vs. James Cabal (L)
Rogin (L) vs. Vilmos Foldes (W)
Amir Shoshan (L) vs. Beau Runningen (W)
Omar Vachhani (L) vs. Dan Wallace (W)
Melissa Herndon (W) vs. Ray Parajaro (L)


1-Loss Side

Ray Rey (L) vs. Beau Runningen (W)
Johnny Kang (W) vs. Larry Bohn (L)
Kevin May (L) vs. Vilmos Foldes (W)
Melissa Herndon (L) vs. Dan Wallace (W)

1-Loss Side

Efren Beau

Vilmos Foldes (W) vs. Attila Bezdan (L)
Efren Reyes (W) vs. Beau Runningen (L)
Dan Wallace (L) vs. Sal Butera (W)
Johnny Kang (W) vs. Dave Gorham (L)

Winner’s Side

Kenichi Oscar

Rodrigo “Edgie” Geronimo (W) vs. Victor Castro (L)
Kenichi Uchigaki (W) vs. Oscar Dominguez (L)

1-Loss Side

Vilmos Foldes (W) vs. Sal Butera (L)
Efren Reyes (W) vs. Johnny Kang (L)

photo (1) photo (2)

Efrén Reyes (W) vs. Oscar Dominguez (L)
Vilmos Foldes (W) vs. Victor Castro (L)

Efren Reyes (L) vs. Vilmos Foldes (W)

Hot Seat Match

photo (3)

Rodrigo “Edgie” Geronimo (W)
Kenichi Uchigaki (L)

photo (4)

After losing to Rodrigo Geronimo, Kenichi Uchigaki concedes to take 3rd, the winner between Vilmos Foldes and Efren Reyes will play Rodrigo “Edgie” Geronimo in the finals.




Congrats Edgie!!!


1. Rodrigo “Edgie” Geronimo $1400
2. Vilmos Foldes $1000
3. Kenichi Uchigaki $700
4. Efrén Reyes $450
5. Victor Castro $300
6. Oscar Dominguez $300
7. Sal Butera $225
8. Johnny Kang $225
9. Beau Runningen $150
10. Dan Wallace $150
11. Dave Gorham $150
12. Attila Bezdan $150
13. Melissa Herndon $115
14. Ray Rey $115
15. Larry Bohn $115
16. Kevin May $115
17. Amir Shoshan $80
18. Omar Vacchani $80
19. Ruben Bautista $80
20. Ray Parajara $80
21. James Cabal $80
22. Hiroko Makiyama $80
23. Rogin $80
24. Steve Eakins $80
Top Female Melissa Herndon $100

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