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Mezz West State Tour #2 – Jaynard Orque Double Dips Ernesto Dominguez!

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

Hard Times Billiards – Sacramento, CA 

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 8.50.09 AM

The Mezz West State Tour Stop #2

A Field of 68 Players

The Mezz West State Tour kicked off its second stop of the season at Hard Times Billiards in Sacramento, CA. The beautiful room of 31 pool tables offered a premium setting for players along with bleacher seating for spectators. A big ‘thank you’ goes out to Mike and Karen Markulis and their entire staff for supporting our sport and having one of the premier rooms in the country. After a successful first stop in Los Angeles, the energy and excitement of the tour went north garnering a very strong field of 68 players who played on the very tight equipment Hard Times Sacramento had to offer. The top half of the field was littered with strong players such as returning winner of stop number one, Rodrigo Geronimo of the Philippines. San Francisco bay area resident, Jaynard Orque had a very impressive showing of smooth play with wins over Nick Callado, Oscar Dominguez, Jeff Gregory, John Henderson, before he stumbled to Ernesto Dominguez in the semis. The 59 year old Ernesto had a 1985 flashback winning matches with excellent safety play and decision making. Ernesto won the hot seat over the always dangerous Los Angeles player, Ramin Bakhtiari.

The Finals!

Winners (Left to Right) Jaynard Orque and Ernesto Dominguez

Winners (Left to Right) Jaynard Orque and Ernesto Dominguez

Watch the 2nd Race of Finals!

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 12.54.27 PMOnce on the losers side, Jaynard Orque showed his shot making ability on the table defeating Amar Kang, Oscar Dominguez, and Ramin Bakhtiari consecutively in very close matches to get another chance at Ernesto waiting in the hotseat.

 Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 12.58.29 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 12.58.57 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 12.59.20 PM

 Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 1.08.06 PM

In the true double elimination format, Jaynard easily ran away with the first set and defeated Ernesto hill-hill in a tense battle in set number two. The Filipino young gun demonstrated a solid game on extremely challenging equipment and earned $1400 for his efforts. Ernesto settled for $1000.

Other Finishers & Special Thanks

The top female prize was split between two strong female players from California, MaryAnn Starkey and Barbara Lee. Oscar and Desiree of the Mezz West State Tour would like to thank all our sponsors: Mezz Cues, West State Billiard Supply, ZAN tips, Turtle Rack, Fast&Loose designs, and our media sponsors; AZBilliards, NYCGrind, and POV Pool. Also, a very special thank you to Chris Kurzweils of Kurzweils Country Meats who donated snacks and jerky to the players and spectators of Hard Times Billiards. Next stop on the tour schedule is Diamond Billiards in Fresno, CA. For more information please the contact us tab at or visit our Mezz West State Tour Facebook page. We thank you for your support and look forward to bringing pool back to the West Coast!

Be sure to check the Mezz West State Tour on Facebook for TOUR RANKINGS for the final TOP GUN event in March, 2015! 

Jaynard Orgue, Ramin Bakhtiari, MaryAnn Starkey,  Time Larson, Oscar Dominguez, Kevin May, Amar, Kang, John Henderson, Jeff Gregory, Chris Fangre, Phillip Prentice, Josh Gomes, Geo Pagulayan, Tyler Van Wulven

Not listed in order: Jaynard Orgue, Ramin Bakhtiari, MaryAnn Starkey, Time Larson, Oscar Dominguez, Kevin May, Amar, Kang, John Henderson, Jeff Gregory, Chris Fangre, Phillip Prentice, Josh Gomes, Geo Pagulayan, Tyler Van Wulven


1st- Jaynard Orque: $1,400
2nd- Ernesto Dominguez: $1,000
3rd- Ramin Bakhtiari: $650
4th- Oscar Dominguez: $420
5th/6th- Amar Kang/ Tyler VanWulven: $255 each
7th/8th- Kevin May/ John Henderson: $180 each
9th-12th- Jeff Gregory, Chris Fangre, Phil Prentence, Josh Gomes: $140 each
13th-16th- Chong Vang, George Pagulayan, Tim Larsen, Francis Ritarita: $100 each
TOP FEMALE: MaryAnn Starkey/ Barbara Lee: $50 each
POV Pool Thanks…

Point of View Pool would also like to thank: Bob BeaulieauHard Times Billiards, Karen Markulis, Oscar Dominguez, Desiree Rivera, Ra HannaAlison Fischer, NYC GrindAZ BilliardsGeraldine ThibodeauMezz Cues and West State Billiards.

Resources and information:

Mezz West State Tour:

MZWST on Facebook:

Mezz Cues:

West State Billiards:

Hard Times Billiards:

COMING UP for Mezz West State Tour!

Sign up NOW for MZWST Stop #3 – Diamond Billiards – September 13th & 14th!

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Complete Flyer for print and promotion! 


ec2577e4ce7d45700645f36cffe22bac-1 Tour Rankings after 2 Stops! 

The top 16 players after the season will be eligible for the ‘TOP GUN’ event in March 2015

Current Point Rankings:

1. Ernesto Dominguez 190
2. Rodrigo Geronimo 175
3. Ramon Mistica 140
4. Jaynard Orque 140
5. Ramin Bakhtiari 120
6. Oscar Dominguez 115
7. Johnny Kang 100
8. Art Garcia 85
9. Kevin May 85
10. Fach Garcia 80
11. Tang Hoa 80
12. Beau Runningen 75
13. Chris Fangre 75
14. Steve Chaplan 75
15. Chris Wedekin 70
16. Amar Kang 70
17. Tyler Van Wulven 70
18. Frank Robutz 65
19. Jaden Brock 60
20. Lorry Deleon 60
21. Santos Sambjon 60
22. Rondey Wynn 55
23. Morro Paez 50
24. Josh Gomes 50
25. Jeff Gregory 50
26. Phil Prentice 50
27. John Fergeson 45
28. Mark Whitehead 45
29. Arturo Rivera 40
30. Chris Robinson 40
31. Jenny Lee 40
32. Paul Silva 40
33. Reid Flemining 40
34. George Pagulayan 40
35. Barbara Lee 35
36. Brian Law 35
37. Manual Herrera 35
38. Sy Nakashima 35
39. Wayne Larson 35
40. Dave Hemmah 35
41. Reid Strensrud 35
42. Loren Mah 35
43. Attila Csorba 30
44. Ben Black 30
45. Jason Gilbert 30
46. Jerry Stuckart 30
47. Ken Johnson 30
48. Nick Spano 30
49. Randy Hatten 30
50. Stanton Oda 30
51. Tim Daniel 30
52. Tommy Lipps 30
53. Chris Atkins 30
54. Deo Alpojara 30
55. Butch Barbra 25
56. Chad Barber 25
57. Dave Gorham 25
58. Howard Kennedy 25
59. Jay Pee 25
60. Jerry Lin 25
61. Jim Burt 25
62. Larry Bohn 25
63. Melinda Huang 25
64. Ruben Bautista 25
65. Steve Mansfield 25
66. Tina Hess 25
67. Eric Harada 25
68. Yoli Hakanado 25
69. Damian Rebman 25
70. Dave Espinoza 25
71. Daniel Aguiar 25
72. Rex Chan 25
73. Dan Rousso 25
74. David Gomez 25
75. Wei Ni 25
76. John Barroni 25
77. Eric Scott 25
78. Frank Giordano 25
79. Frank Almanza 20
80. Hiroko Makiyama 20
81. Kevin Collins 20
82. Mike Meeker 20
83. Paul Ewing 20
84. Ray Rey 20
85. Rich Hodge 20
86. Tony Rodiguez 20
87. Zeke Morrison 20
88. Nick Callado 20
89. Kenny Koo 20
90. Junne Padua 20
91. Jason Hardcastle 20
92. Jason Ferroni 20
93. Sajal Ghamire 20
94. Billy Pence 20
95. Mark Tiu 20
96. Rudy Estoque 20
97. MaryAnn Starkey 15
98. Andrew Park 10
99. Anthony Ortega 10
100. Bob Lachey 10
101. Carlos Mendoza 10
102. David Martineau 10
103. Eddie Cohen 10
104. Greg Harada 10
105. Jason Batin 10
106. Jason Katon 10
107. Joe Delio 10
108. Joey Chin 10
109. Juan Ortega 10
110. Justin Logan 10
111. Ken Gouso 10
112. Luke Mahan 10
113. Mike Laos 10
114. Paul Santos 10
115. Robert Laurie 10
116. Ron Riesler 10
117. Rudy Torres 10
118. Vicki Wade 10
119. Yvonne Asher 10
120. Carl Wilson 10
121. Ed Ramos 10
122. Tom Smith 10

’33 Taps’ in Hollywood – Wednesdays bring a little Pool & a lot of Fun!

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

33 Taps Sports-Bar, Hollywood, CA


Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 9.55.29 AM

 – Free Pool Every Wednesday!

 – 7:30pm – 9:00pm

 – Leagues Forming Now! 


33 Taps Gets You Over The ‘Hump’! 

Can a serious pool player can find a real game in Hollywood these days? POV Pool tries out ’33 Taps’ on Hollywood and Vine! 10557252_683862918358951_3356538779625926026_n

Playing on two, Global Billiards, bar tables at one of Automated Entertainment’s premiere clients, 33 Taps invites you to an open night of free pool, every Wednesday at 7:30 – 9:00 pm. I guess the owners of the joint aren’t just trying to sell you a lot of great beer because they are also interested in forming solid teams of pool players to compete in league events.

Thank John English for the Pool!Automated Logo DARK

John English has an optimistic attitude and works very hard to support the billiard community in more ways than one. His company, ‘Automated Entertainment’, services 36 locations in Southern California by providing pool tables and other income generating opportunities for establishments like 33 Taps. When asked about this new ‘Wednesday’ event, he stated,

“We are happy to invite anyone who likes to play pool to visit us every Wednesday at 33 Taps. Enjoy 8 or 9 ball on the tables and have a chance to make some great friends along the way. We also look forward to seeing weekly league events here, which is why we want you to join us every Wednesday and have some fun.”


What is 33 Taps? 

At this very moment, 33 Taps is your quintessential, ‘Hollywood’ sportsman’s bar, located just underneath the 6′ o’clock shadow of the famed, Capitol Records building on the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Vine Street. And, just to the left, also on Hollywood Blvd, sits the equally famous Pantages Theater. It is because of this landmark location that 33 Taps (which is formerly ‘Dillons Pub’) always sees a lion’s share of executives, starlets and tourists, galore. Since this intersection already sees it all, then why not a few teams of pool players too?


33 Taps is many things to its clientele. An eatery, a pub, a meeting and entertainment destination. And, thanks to John English, it is now a place to play pool!

For more information, please visit 33 Taps on Facebook and for league opportunities call or email John English at:  /714.742.9271. 

10356363_654889767922933_335236186042856626_n  10176069_629204200491490_1172743957445919781_n







3C @ Million Dollar Billiards – Pedro Piedrabuena vs Yoon Song / July 2014

Commentator: Daniel Busch

Sponsored by BA Pool Tables –
Please visit POV Pool at <a 

3C @ Million Dollar Billiards – PT 2 – Frédéric Caudron vs Valadez

Commentator: Daniel Busch

Sponsored by BA Pool Tables –
Please visit POV Pool at <a 

Monthly One-Pocket to begin at Golden Cue!

August 16th, 2014

Golden Cue Billiards – South El Monte, CA 

Coming August 16th!

Coming August 16th!

Design by: Chris SantanaFast&Loose Designs

New One-Pocket Event on 3rd Saturdays! 

Calling all One-Pocket Players from Hard Times, House Of Billiards, Epic Billiards, Shooter’s, Great Shots, Danny K’s, Stix, Stiix Butera’s Billiards and Mr. Lucky’s!

This Saturday on August 16th, The Golden Cue Billiards will begin holding a monthly, One-Pocket tournament on its 10, freshly covered Gold Crown I’s. Golden Cue owner, Ken Hoshide will also be adding $100 to the pot and the $30 entry fee seems a good number for a minimum number of players to take home a fairly decent payout. One Pocket players in SoCal and those passing through should not miss Ken’s ‘Action Room’ at the Golden Cue who look forward to drawing a regular field of interesting match-ups.

Format and Details

With tournament direction by Chris Santana at 323-679-4011, feel free to call with any questions. Entries are due on the day of the tournament. One-pocket players are also invited to provide their feedback to Chris as to whether they would like to raise the entry amount any higher, lengthen or shorten the format or change it to a round robin if the field is small. One thing’s certain though, SoCal One-Pocket players can consider The Golden Cue as a new oasis for monthly tournaments on every 3rd Saturday of the month.

This month’s format will consist of the following:

$30 Entry, Double Elimination, Race to 2/1, $100 Added (Based on 10 players), No Green Fee except a $15 flat ‘director fee’ for the event. What this means is that no matter how many people enter the room will only take $15 total from the prize fund.

Live Streaming

For now, live streaming has not been arranged but video taping of certain matches for later upload to YouTube will be arranged by us here at POV Pool! Future events may very well be streamed live for all to enjoy, Live and Free!

Golden Cue Banner




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