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The Broken Rack is Back!

July 30th, 2014

The Broken Rack  – Emeryville, CA

Photos and Article by: POV Pool




Open For Business!

Emeryville, 20140701_123920California welcomes back The Broken Rack this week, after being closed for relocation for over 3 months. With the owners Marilyn and Wayne Boucher, accompanied by Tom Butler, the general contractor, POV Pool was fortunate enough to get an exclusive tour through the new venue, which is located just across the tracks from the old location at the beautifully restored 10,000 sq foot, Bayer distribution and operations building. With a spacious atmosphere, the high ceilings, VIP lounge and a grand island bar, you can look forward to a refreshing experience on the NorCal pool scene with the same, pleasurable service of old.


Spacious and Playable!

The (New) Broken Rack is a well-lit building that showcases 2 x Diamond, 9 foot tables (The Diamond Lane), 14 x Olhausen, 9 foot tables, 2 x Olhausen 8-Footers, 1 x Full size Brunswick Billiard Table and 1 Full Size Snooker Table. Raised, spectator seating will overlook the 9 foot tables and allow for future tournament action as well as a comfortable gathering with friends. The uniquely shaped, 800 square foot, VIP lounge is also a great addition to the Broken Rack’s ‘rep’. Enjoy a meal or a drink, hold a small party or event or simply bask the day away watching the Giants take the ‘Series’ or have eat your ‘Bowl’ while the 49ers take theirs. 20140701_124028

Kitchen and Dining!

Lunch, dinner or a midnight snack from their new and improved kitchen and menu will make the the island bar worth staying at, which seats over 15 and is adorned with flat screens and fresh beer-taps galore! In contrast to the old location, this bar is much more spacious, so be sure to spread out with your mates and dates.


Diamonds and More!

In addition to the new and improved amenities at The Broken Rack, customers will definitely enjoy a run for their money on brand new 860 Simonis Cloth. All of the tables from the old location have been fully restored, the pockets completely rejuvenated by none other than Ernesto Dominguez. Marilyn Boucher states, “We went to great lengths to make sure these tables are going to be playable to both the casual and hardcore pool-playing public. We put a lot of thought into making this decision although a difficult one to make, ultimately we felt that the classic drop-pocket tables of the old location are something of a signature to the look and feel of our history as a billiard establishment, which we didn’t want to lose. Plans to expand the new ‘Diamond Lane’ from 2 to possibly 5 or 6 tables are in the works, but for now we think the investment of one additional Diamond table will be enough to capture the attention of traveling road players and visiting pros.”

Games and Fun For All!

The Broken Rack will also be one of the only pool halls in the Bay Area that will have a full size Snooker table, for all the worldly players in Northern California looking to pocket the red and colored balls.

For the amateur player looking to enjoy drinks and a good time with their friends, the intense 1-pocket money playing regular, the holiday 9-ball tournament player or the local business employee looking to getaway for a delicious lunch, the Broken Rack will definitely have it all.

The Broken Rack
5768 Peladeau St.
Emeryville, CA 94608
(510) 562-9808

Million Dollar Billiards’, 3-Cushion Event to be Streamed, Live!

July 25th & 26th 

Million Dollar Billiards – 12135 Victory Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91606

Entries Still Being Taken – Call (323) 490-8075

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 8.57.22 AM

3-Cushion Billiards Gets A Boost in SoCal! 

The Billiard Community can thank, Hector Ocampo, owner of ‘Million Dollar Billiards’ in North Hollywood, CA who has been hard at work preparing for his biggest event since opening his doors in 2011, Frédéric Caudron, Pedro Piedrabuena and Kyung-Roul Kim are just a few of the huge names to look  for on July 25th and 26th, 2014. The event will be live streamed on POV Pool, With tournament direction and management by Ricky Carranco. Hector has made a point of bringing in some of the world’s top billiards playing talent to compete in this, 1st and hopefully annual, ‘Summer Tournament Of Champions’. With at least 40 participants expected, it’s an open event with a slight handicap for top players and semi-pros, giving the less skilled players a real chance to come in the money. It will be played on 7, ‘Paramount’ – Verhoeven Tables which are maintained by Insoo Park, Hector’s table mechanic of choice.

Live Streaming Scheduled on POV Pool!

POV Pool would like to thank Ricky Carranco for suggesting to Hector Ocampo to enlist our streaming service, which will commence at 9:00 AM / PST to feature the first day’s ’round robin’ format and carry on through the evening until we arrive at a final 16, single elimination bracket at 9:00 AM / PST the following morning.  The live stream will be free for all to enjoy.

POV Pool would also like to thank: Automated Entertainment, Kozoom, Hector Ocampo, OB Cues and Kamui Tips

 Live streaming on July 25th & 26th at 9:00am PST at




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