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POV Pool Begins a New ‘Action Match Series’!

Friday, Dec 20th / 11:00 AM PST
Hard Times Billiards – Bellflower, CA


11:00 AM / PST – Point Of View Pool’s – New, “Call In Show!”

Everyone’s talking about pool in these forums. Now’s the chance for your voice to be heard. Your opinions, your concerns and your blessings. Please join POV Pool’s ‘Call In’ segment, by emailing me at with your phone number and the subject you’d like to discuss and I will call you ‘Live, On The Air’. Holiday Greetings and Blessings will also be heard from many others in the pool community.

12:00PM / PST – POV Pool News & Pre-Game Show!

Join Daniel Busch with a very special guest to discuss news and events in the billiard community, and also watch our players warm up for their action match.

1:00PM / PST – Action Begins!

Jenny Lee – Know to many as ‘The Assasin’ is no slouch to the game! Feared by many, both male and female, Jenny will be matching up with none other than ‘OMGWTF’s – Melinda Huang, who recently came in 2nd at the APA National Championships and has taken down a host of other strong female talents!
– Race to 21
– 9-Ball
– Live from Hard Times Billiards!

Please share and enjoy the show!

Don’t forget to tune in to ABR – The American Billiard Radio Show at New episodes every Thursday Night! Stay on the pulse of the pool scene!

POV Pool is proudly sponsored by: Kamui Tips, Pool A Holic Apparel and RunOut Apps!

Live Today on POV Pool!

Saturday, December 7th, 2013 – 11:00 AM PST 

Santa’s Lair!


Streaming LIVE n FREE today, direct from Santa’s, hideout in Menifee, CA – Please join Point Of View Pool on YOUTUBE as we cover the action  with Ian Brock and the Riverside TAP 

Stream Starts at 11:00 AM PST 

That’s on YouTube, Folks! Chat will still be available on Ustream and also on YouTube! 


New Billiard Radio Show Airing Tonight!

Thursday, December 5th – 8PM Central Time 

ABR Studios – Chicago, IL

ABR Logo

Dave Bond takes on a Billiard Radio Show!

Live Streaming? Well, yes of course. But not in the sense that most pool fans are used to enjoying. Dave Bond, founder of The Chicago Billiard Museum has taken on a new project, which, by the looks (or rather sounds of it) are somewhat tantalizing. As far as I know, there have been many hours of phone time logged by Mr. Bond with some pretty high profile characters in the billiard community. Suffice to say, that you the reader, will now have the opportunity to be ‘the listener’ of ‘American Billiard Radio’ at – Oh, and who are these high profile characters? You’ll just have to tune in at 6PM PST to find out. Let’s just say that the first edition will be addressing ‘The State Of The Union Of Pool’! WOW! That’s a tough one! I already have a few opinions…


Although, tonight’s episode is dubbed a ‘soundcheck’, we should expect to be hearing some pretty important news about recent events in pool, its struggles and achievements and possibly some solutions to many of the issues which, this sport has been enduring over the last 30 years. Dave has recruited support of correspondence from none other than Jerry Forsyth and Mike Howerton of AZ Billiards, who, were actually the first to launch a pool related radio show called ‘RunOut Radio’. Representing some of the activities on the east coast of the U.S. will be friends that we know from NYC Grind, who have been devoted to promoting the pool on its website for several years now. There’s also some participation scheduled from Mark Cantrill of Legends and Champions Tout and promotions, and finally, if I can just get this head of mine out of my proverbial ass for long enough – I’ll see what I can do to contribute to the show on behalf of the west coast of the United States.

Pool Making Waves – Airwaves, that is… 

One thing’s for sure, radio is definitely one medium which is much needed within the pool community. A possible chance for anyone with a real voice to offer an opinion or state their case to the world with professional host who honestly cares about the game. I most certainly applaud Dave Bond’s efforts and highly recommend you to share this last minute announcement for the inaugural episode of American Billiards Radio at 6PM PST / 8PM Central / 9PM Eastern.

Tune In Tonight @ 6PM PST!

And, good luck ABR! (American Billiard Radio). 

ABR Logo





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