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POV Pool at 2013 TAP National Championships!

October 31st – November 3rd, 2013

Pheasant Run Resort – St. Charles, IL

POV Pool to Stream The Nationals

POV Pool has graciously accepted the invitation by TAP, LLC League President, Lloyd Schonter to provide LIVE streaming coverage of the 2013 TAP National Championships, being held this year at the beautiful Pheasant Run Resort, located just east of Chicago in St Charles, Illinois.

National Products at the TAP National Events are: Team 8-Ball – Team 9-Ball – Singles 8-Ball – Singles 9-Ball. Various Mini Events are ran throughout the event.  Times will vary depending on the schedule of the main events.

TAP, Pool’s Amateur Tour offers sanctioned and non-sanctioned leagues to the Pool Player as well as the best billiards leagues in North America. Started in 1989 by founder, owner and CEO, Loyd Schonter – TAP, The Association for POOL as well as TAP, LLC and Pool Net offer the pool player a league for the player, by a player with a vision to offer the best.

TAP League:

Pheasnt Run Resort:

Schedule of the main events:

POV Pool:

TAP League







Nov. 3 Hard Times Stream Cancelled For…?

November 3rd, 2013 

Hard Times Billiards, Bellflower, CA

There has been a change of plans, folks! POV Pool has had to alter its live stream schedule in order to accommodate another event. Please stay tuned for more news as it develops as all of the details should be provided to you within the next 48 hours.

This DOES NOT mean that the 1st Sunday Tournament itself is cancelled! Players are still encouraged to attend the usual, 1st Sunday event, with the exception that it will not be live streamed by POV Pool.

1st Sunday, December Still On? 

The remainder of POV Pool’s schedule is still a ‘go’ with the exception of our recent revision. Please expect our normal broadcast of the 1st Sunday, Hard Times Tournament to resume as normal on December 1st. In addition, there will be another stream added to POV Pool’s schedule in December, which will occur on Sunday, the 8th which will be at Manila Billiards, in Carson, CA. This will be a World PPA format event, $400 Added, 9-Ball and shall also serve as the ‘Manila Billiards 9-Ball Christmas Challenge!” Open to 32 Players. Please keep your eyes out for more details on this event also.

Thanks to all the readers and supporters out there!

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Bonus Ball Bouncing Back!

Web Banner

November 2th – 9th

Bonus Ball Arena – Las Vegas, Nevada

Bonus Ball Set To Finish Off Season 1

Believe it or not folks, we got Bonus Ball back! Even though the website isn’t updated yet, with schedules or press reflecting this, it’s true! With just 18 matches left to play of 54 total of the first season of Bonus Ball – Las Vegas, Nevada will once again be teaming with almost 36 top professional pool players who have agreed to return to play Larry Chiborak’s brainchild, the game called “Bonus Ball”.  With the exception of Shawn Putnam’s team, The Pittsburg Poison, who have actually completed their games during the first run of this show, rumor has it that ALL remaining Bonus Ball players will be back!

Viewable For Free

Instead of a live stream, the WPBL has made the decision to begin airing the first 36 matches which happened earlier in the season. . Although the first run of Bonus Ball was streamed live on Thursdays for free and all other days were Pay-Per-View, this time around; only the arena spectators will be watching those matches live and as they happen. Airing will begin on October 11th on the WPBL website and each match will be archived every other day, making room for the next match in the order it was played. POV Pool estimates on this time-line, we should begin to see the new matches for the remainder of the season, sometime in the middle of December. So, for those who didn’t understand that, Play in October – Watch in December.

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 12.42.29 AM

 Filling The Seats

This revision of programming  may entice fans to fill the 110 seat arena available to them. There were possibly several reasons, for this, but during the first run, there was little local support for the game, primarily due to lack of awareness. This time they have stepped up their game by incorporating local print media outlets. In addition, they are giving free popcorn, soft drinks and a $50 door prize to every one who attends the live tapings happening Nov 2 – 9.Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 9.50.00 PM

Learning To Play

The game has rules which make the game much easier to comprehend after a review of the rules, so get your homework done and get to the games! Bonus Ball is often times touted by its players as the best new game ever to hit the mainstream style of broadcast which, the show’s Director Nathan DaMoulin has aspired to. The WPBL and ALL of its players are ready to entertain the crowd with top notch skill, precision and hopefully some personality.

Learn The Rules Here: 

Learn Bonus Ball

End Of Season Only!

This session of 18 leftover matches in the season, will not include playoffs! Rumors on threads and forums indicate that the playoffs will happen in possibly January and be seeded to all teams, so that they may return to play (seeded) with still a further chance to make additional monies and camera time.

As of yet also folks, along with some adjustments to player pay structure as well, there is no announcement of the final prize fund either; so we shall have to wait and see how the WPBL”s promotions and marketing can stay the course to enable this game to achieve long term success.



Pitstop Pub To Host TAP Scotch 8-Ball!

October 26th, 2013

 The Pit Stop Pub – Menifee, CA 

Once again, POV Pool is off to Riverside County to work with Ian & Nikki Brock, Owners of Riverside TAPPOV will again attempt to provide coverage of the fall Scotch Doubles 8-Ball Open Tournament. With 30 teams formed and Mr. Brock’s polished experience under tournament pressure. Riverside TAP open tournaments are always fast paced, with a 30 second shot clock with no time outs (Note: playing partners can communicate as long as the stay within the clock).

Infrequently, as in all open tournaments there seems to be a few characters from the inland empire who attend, yet are completely unaware of TAP rules and Etiquette and show up ready for bar pool. And the last tournament held at the Pit Stop was a disappointment as the owners could not provide the promised internet service which reflected the nights mood among the patrons. We were very entertained that night watching Brock handle two unknown players displaying grade school behavior who were ultimately ejected. The results were swift and fair. Mr. Brock is a well known and highly respected tournament and league director, who is a native Southern Californian,

Having been selected in May as the Franchisee of the Month by TAP corporate.  TAP is the fastest growing pool league in the nation the last 4 years with over 150 franchisees in the USA and Canada. Brock is often quoted saying “$20 a year and $7 when you shoot. For cash, prizes and trips to the TAP National Championships with entry and airfare included, which is nearly impossible as we pay nearly twice over our competition.”

But I had to ask him why he really does it. . Brock says  “I just love of the game, watching the competition, and most importantly..watching our players improve year after year”

Please tune into on October 26th at 11:oo am PST or tune in on Ustream for those who wish to use the interactive chat room at



POV Pool Adds 1st Sundays To The Schedule!

Sunday, October 6th, 2013

Hard Times Billiards – Bellflower, CA

Hard Times Billiards Bellflower

POV Pool Returns For 1st  Sundays! 

Beginning this Sunday and adding 3 events to a rapidly forming schedule, which is soon to be officially released sometime before October 15th, POV Pool will return to Hard Times Billiards to live-stream the 1st Sunday events there for the remainder of this year. 

It’s been almost 4 months, since hungry fans got the chance to witness some of the biggest names in pool take down the ‘Devil Table’ at Hard Times Billiards. During that hot July weekend at the 4th Annual 10-Ball Open, POV Pool had the pleasure of live-streaming some of it’s best  matches ever. The cameras were on, the stream was strong and the commentators were superb.

And, as the cue-ball turns, ‘change’ is the only constant. Like the switching of an old cloth, Father Time  purges its legends into retirement and death, yet he leaves behind a new generation of young guns, starry-eyed hopefuls and serious contenders to the queue . Wang Can, Carlo Biado, Nikos Ekonomopolous, Shane VanBoening, John Morra, Jesse Engel, Oscar Dominguez – These are  just a few of the latest giants to lead the pack, who ,along with its regular ‘giant killers’, Hard Times Billiards sees a lion’s share of.

Capturing History!

Over the decades, Hard Times has seen its share of promoters and video professionals who were eager to record the history of these phenoms of pool. Before the days of live-streaming, the birth of the video camera brought J.J. Jenkins to the scene in 1988, where he recorded events for a whopping 6 years. Capturing Jay Swanson, Keith McCreedy, Grady Matthews, Ismael (Morro) Paez, Cecil Tugwell, Efren Reyes and even the 21 year-old Dennis Hatch, if you are a connoisseur of historical matches, I  urge you to contact J.J. Jenkins directly at and order some of his videos.

In 2009, Chad Pollman and Justin Collett’s ‘The Action Report’ produced live-streamed events at Hard Times, such as the 15th Annual Jay Swanson Memorial and a phenomenal 3-day action match entitled ‘TAR 16’  played between John Morra and Oscar Dominguez. TAR 16, happened to be the first chance for me to get hands-on experience with live-streaming a pool match. Working as Andy Chen’s assistant on the TAR crew, I got to run camera, operate the jib, getting a first-hand look at how a quality stream is presented. It is an experience for which I am forever grateful! Andy Chen also went on to provide further streamed coverage at Hard Times and other venues, working with Melissa Herndon of the SCL9T, Sacramento’s Hard Times Billiards for the Chuck Markulis’ memorial tournaments and more.

It is in this tradition that POV Pool is committed to bringing you continued action from Hard Times Billiards for the remainder of 2013, every first Sunday, starting October 6th. POV Pool’s live stream channel can be found on with a chat interface for loyal viewers to mingle, or you can tune in to the live video only on

 Tuning Up The Champions! 

Over the course of 25+ years, Hard Times has lived up to it’s name as ‘The Home Of Champions’, attracting some of the world’s top players and notorious gamblers from all over the world.

Since Chuck Markulis opened Hard Times in 1988, the 1st Sunday, 9-Ball tournament has served as an institution for local players, roving gamblers and rail-birds alike. It’s widely known as one of the toughest pool workouts for a player to endure for just a $30 entry, combining all elements of a championship tournament, including top notch equipment, a roster of ‘god-like’ shooters and not to mention the incredible stamina needed to wait for your match to be called. For just a little less entry each week, every other Sunday there holds the same tournament but with no added purse. Format and prize fund for 1st Sunday the tournament has gone through various changes over the years and now stands at $600 added, based on a full field of 64 players.

It is a tournament which I recommend to any player, looking to improve their game on all levels. Marie Lim is the Tournament Director and entries are accepted at 12 noon on every 1st Sunday of the month. For more information, directions and phone number please refer to the information below or simply click here.


Hard Tmes Billiards – Bellflower

17450 Bellflower Blvd
Bellflower, CA 90706
(562) 867-7733


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