West-Coast Pool News: ‘The 2016 NorCal Pool Tour’ is underway!

September 20th, 2016 Edgie’s Billiards – Milpitas, CA By: Daniel Busch Additional Photo Credit: Andre Kim Pham Northern California’s newest pool tour makes a strong debut! A queue of 9 pool rooms on the More »


Francisco ‘Django’ Bustamante vs. Tony ‘T-Rex’ Chohan Access

July 19th-21st / Tuesday – Thursday @ 3:30pm / PST   Francisco ‘Django’ Bustamante vs Tony ‘T-Rex’ Chohan   Audio-Video Web: Returning Users Click Here! If you have already paid for the Pay-Per-View and More »


2016 Hard Times 10-Ball – ‘REAL TIME FEED PAGE’

July 15th-17th, 2016 Hard Times Billiards – Bellflower, CA 17450 Bellflower Blvd, Bellflower, CA 90706 • (562) 867-7733 Sponsored by:   Live Bracket at:    Pay-Outs 1st Place $3,000 2nd Place $1,500 3rd More »

2016 WCC copy

Real Time News Feed: 2016 West Coast Challenge

$5,000 Added 1-Pocket  Wednesday, July 6th – 8th $10,000 Added 10-Ball Friday, July 8th – 10th California Billiards, Fremont POV Pool is Sponsored by:     West Coast Challenge $10,000 Added 10-Ball   Pay-Outs 1st More »


Real Time Feed Page – 2016 Cole Dickson Memorial 10-Ball Tournament!

        July 2nd-3rd, 2016 Family Billiards – San Francisco, CA  Family Billiards 2807 Geary Blvd SF CA 94118 (415) 931-1115 *Parking Available on roof, entrance on Wood Street Cole More »

Bustamante vs Chohan POV Pool

Bustamante VS Chohan: 1-Pocket Smash Up!

July 19th-21st, 2016 Good Timez Billiards – Las Vegas, NV Author: Geraldine Thibodeau POV Pool and Good Timez Billiards in Las Vegas bring you the One-Pocket match up you’ve been waiting for, Francisco More »

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West-Coast Pool News: ‘The 2016 NorCal Pool Tour’ is underway!


September 20th, 2016

Edgie’s Billiards – Milpitas, CA

By: Daniel Busch

Additional Photo Credit: Andre Kim Pham


Northern California’s newest pool tour makes a strong debut!

A queue of 9 pool rooms on the west coast have agreed to host a string of tournaments dubbed, ‘The Pierce Custom Cues, NorCal Pool Tour’ in association with Jim Pierce Custom Cues. The rooms will host a mix of 9 and 10 ball tournaments that are formatted to attract multiple levels of players from the top pros, the colorful competitors and even the self-proclaimed ‘pool hustlers’. Boasting $1,000 added monies per event with a $65 entry fee per stop, The Pierce Custom Cues, NorCal Pool Tour features a slight ‘game’ adjustment which, is based on overall skill level. All player ratings determined by past performance and reputation in the pool community at various other events and tours. Most established, professional players will play to 10 games whereas, the lowest skilled player would play to 6 games, with an 8 game ‘intermediate’ level.


The NorCal Pool Tour kicked off it’s 2016 season on September 3rd & 4th at Edgie’s Billiards in Milpitas, CA; took in 90 players and was won by ‘Combination’ Jason Williams who, hails from Concord, CA. Edgie’s Billiards will also host the final stop after 8 more destinations that, will take us through to March of 2017. The Edgie’s ‘Finale Event’ will be open to any player who plays at least two of the 9 tour stops. All $15 registration monies are to be added to the prize fund of the ‘Finale Event’. Edgie’s Billiards in Milpitas has been in business for 23 years and have hosted multiple pool and billiards events including multiple, special exhibitions with Efren Reyes and Francisco Bustamante, APA Tournament and regional playoffs and The 2012 California Classic (3-Cushion) Tournament Event.

Check out the photos from the 1st tour stop!jason-williams-w-text

Edgie’s on the web: www.edgies.biz

See what people are saying about The NorCal Pool Tour!

NorCal Pool Tour on Facebook

More about the NorCal Pool Tour

The ‘Pierce Custom Cues, NorCal Pool Tour’ was originally conceived by a local, Bay Area pool player named Jaynard Orque who approached his friend, Jim Pierce, a cue-maker, about supporting and sponsoring a pool tour in the area. With Jim Pierce on board, things fell into place and Jaynard’s job very quickly began to take shape. Jaynard has taken on the monumental task of organizing, scheduling and coordinating all stops, arranging the sponsor packages and is taking a back seat from playing this year, in order to fill the shoes as the tour’s ‘official’ Tournament Director. Jaynard states, “Deep down, I am a pool player and would love to compete but, I feel that it’s my job as a promoter and organizer to focus on each event and to make sure that everyone involved is satisfied with the operations.” Hopefully in the future, we will get to see Jaynard compete as a player on this and other tours. It is no secret that he is talented enough to become one of the tour’s favorites and to win a few of stops. A big sacrifice for Jaynard Orque (Hats off, to you).

The goal of the tour is to promote the local billiard venues and players in the northern California region whilst, providing additional support and promotion to its sponsors. Each host venue has committed to posting $1,000 added money toward the prize fund/s, while tour sponsors provide merchandise support for giveaways to those in attendance. At each stop, Jim Pierce has handcrafted a special, player’s cue to be given away to one of the players or spectators in attendance.  Hustlin’ USA is providing custom ‘NorCal Tour’ shirts for sale, whilst Doug Montgomery’s ‘Unglove‘ company, Bain Mendoza’s ‘PiUS Promotions‘, AndyCloth USA and Len’s California Billiard Supply have provided additional support and tour-funding items.

Be sure to check these dates below and get your tips on for these great events coming up in the Bay Area of California – Thanks to Jaynard Orque, Jim Pierce, Hustlin’ USA, Unglove, PiUS Promotions and to all of the room owners who support these functions.

The NorCal Pool Tour Schedule (Save the dates): 

  1. September 3rd/4th – Edgie’s Billiards • 10 Ball • WEBSITE
  2. October 15th/16th – Diamond Billiards • 9 Ball • WEBSITE
  3. October 22nd/23rd – California Billiards • 10 Ball • WEBSITE
  4. November 5th/6th – Family Billiards • 9 Ball • WEBSITE
  5. November 19th/20th – Gold Rush Billiards • 9 Ball WEBSITE
  6. December 3rd/4th – Billiard Palacade • 10 Ball WEBSITE
  7. December 10th/11th – Blue Fin Billiards • 9 Ball FACEBOOK
  8. January 14th/15th – The Jointed Cue • 9 Ball FACEBOOK
  9. February 18th/19th – Hard Times Billiards (SAC) • 10 Ball WEBSITE
  10. March 11th/12th – (Tour Finale) Edgie’s Billiards • 9 Ball WEBSITE

Pierce Custom Cues at a glance…

The first of 10, Pierce Custom Cues was won by Gerald Scheuerman at Edgie’s Billiards. Congratulations, Gerald!

pierce-cue1 pierce-cue2 pierce-cue3

More information and inquiries…

For more information or additional sponsorship inquiries on the ‘Pierce Custom Cues, NorCal Pool Tour’ you can visit their Facebook page. POV Pool is pleased to announce that we will be providing live coverage of the 3rd stop at California Billiards in Fremont, CA on October 22nd/23rd. Please feel free to join us on POV Pool’s YouTube Channel at www.YouTube.com/povpool/live. We would also like to extend an additional ‘Thanks’ to Chris Swart, Owner of California Billiards who, is instrumental in bringing the broadcast to your devices and homes.  

POVPOOL is proudly sponsored by:

www.KamuiTips.com, www.KamuiRetailStore.com, www.TigerProducts.com

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POV Pool to celebrate its 5th Year Anniversary (December, 2016)

POV Pool to stream from Casino Del Sol in Tucson, Arizona (January 2017)




Francisco ‘Django’ Bustamante vs. Tony ‘T-Rex’ Chohan Access


July 19th-21st / Tuesday – Thursday @ 3:30pm / PST


Francisco ‘Django’ Bustamante vs Tony ‘T-Rex’ Chohan

Bustamante vs Chohan POV Pool

Kamui_2012_logo_800TigerTransBlackTAOM TIPS PNG


Audio-Video Web: Returning Users Click Here!

If you have already paid for the Pay-Per-View and are now accessing it Click HERE!



2016 Hard Times 10-Ball – ‘REAL TIME FEED PAGE’


July 15th-17th, 2016

Hard Times Billiards – Bellflower, CA

17450 Bellflower Blvd, Bellflower, CA 90706 • (562) 867-7733

Sponsored by:

Hard Times Billiards Bellflower andyFINAL

TigerTransBlackKamui_logoBlack-webMarty Carey Jump Q

Live Bracket at: Compusport Logo



1st Place $3,000

2nd Place $1,500

3rd Place $1,100

4th Place $800

5th – 6th Place $500

7th – 8th Place $300

9th – 12th Place $200



Entrants List:



The 7th Annual Hard Times 10-Ball Event! 

Welcome to the Hard Times 10-Ball ‘Real Time Feed Page’. Included here will be a digital tournament bracket where you can follow results and upcoming matches. Feel free to browse our additional photos and editorial comments regarding this event!

As of July 12th, entries are still being taken for this event and I have no idea how many are enrolled. 

  • $5,000 Added Guaranteed
  • 10-Ball – Call Pocket, International Rules
  • Races to 9/8
  • Start time 12PM / PST, Friday July 15th
  • Call: Hard Times Billiards at:  (562) 867-7733

Live Stream Information: 

POV Pool will be live streaming this event for free via YouTube at http://youtube.com/povpool/live – At this address you will be able to access our broadcast and interact with the chatroom, as long as you have a valid ‘gmail’ email account. It’s easy and free to open a gmail account, HERE.







Real Time News Feed: 2016 West Coast Challenge

2016 WCC copy

$5,000 Added 1-Pocket 

Wednesday, July 6th – 8th

$10,000 Added 10-Ball

Friday, July 8th – 10th

California Billiards, Fremont

POV Pool is Sponsored by: 

-POVPOOL - TAOM LOGO  Marty Carey Jump QTigerTransBlackKamui_logoBlack-web

cheqio-logo (1) WEB

West Coast Challenge $10,000 Added 10-Ball



1st Place $5,000

2nd Place $3,000

3rd Place $2,000

4th Place $1,125

5th – 6th Place $850

7th – 8th Place $600

9th – 12th Place $ 400


1st – Dennis Orcullo

2nd – Alex Pagulayan

3rd – Jason Williams

4th – Ernesto Dominguez

5th-6th – Thorsten Hohmann / Vilmos Foldes

7th-8th – Oscar Dominguez / Edgie Geronimo

9th-12th – Jaynard Orque / Santos Sambajon / John Morra / Bill Meacham

13th-16th – Ramin Bakhtiari / Bill Skinner / Brandon Shuff / Gus Briseno

17th-24th – Allen Mahon / Tony Chohan / Delbert Wong / Francisco Bustamante / Eric Esquivel / Rodney Morris / Steve Linglebach / Amar Kang

Winner of the West Coast Challenge 1-Pocket and 10-Ball Tournaments:

Dennis Orcullo


07/10 5:30pm


Alex Pagulayan vs. Dennis Orcullo

True Double Elimination (Race to 11/9)

alex dennis

Dennis Orcullo wins the first match to 11, but now has to defeat Alex Pagulayan in a race to 9.

07/10 5:15pm

Jason the local hero, the comeback kid, the monster killer…falls short on the 10-ball in a case game match against Dennis Orcullo.

07/10 3:00pm

Dennis Orcullo defeats Ernesto Dominguez 9-6, to go on to play Jason Williams for 3rd place.

Dennis Orcullo vs. Jason Williams


Combination Jason Williams takes on Robocop, Dennis Orcullo.

07/10 12:00pm

Ernesto Dominguez vs. Dennis Orcullo

ernesto dennis

Ernesto Dominguez defeats Vilmos Foldes 9-6

Dennis Orcullo defeats Thorsten Hohmann 9-3

07/10 11:00am

Thorsten Hohmann vs. Dennis Orcullo


Ernesto Dominguez vs. Vilmos Foldes

Winners will face each other, and then the winner of this match will face Jason Williams.

And the finals against Alex Pagulayan.

07/09 10:15pm

Hot Seat Match

Alex Pagulayan vs. Jason Williams

With a back cut one to the ten, Jason Williams was able to defeat Thorsten Hohmann to Alex Pagulayan in the HOT SEAT for a guaranteed 3rd place.  With Jason on the first break and no balls pocketed, Alex was able to get to the table.  With a missed jump shot from Alex, Jason was able to get back to the table.  Unfortunately, Jason hangs the five ball and Alex comes back to the table to get the first point of the game.  With a funny configuration on the 9 and 10, Jason’s opportunity for a point diminished. Once again the ball hung in the pocket and Alex took the second game.  Alex was able to take the next game, giving him a 3-0 lead.  Alex breaks the game, making four balls, but scratches.  With a miss on the seven ball, Jason lets Alex back to the table to then play a safety. Although Jason rattled the 8 ball, he was still able to win the game leaving the match at 3-1.  Alex takes the next 3 games bringing his lead to 6-1.  Fortunately for Jason, we was able to pull his strength together and get to 6-2, but not for long.  Alex capitalizes on Jason’s scratch and makes it 7-2 and then 8-2…and another and another game for 10-2 for Alex. And he kept running without looking back, defeating Jason, 11-2. 

07/09 11:00am

First match featured on the live stream table will be John Morra vs. Francisco Bustamante.  With one mistake John Morra was able to take an early lead from Bustamante.  John Morra then had the opportunity to run a 3 pack before Bustamante was even able to get back to the table.

Players List

pl1 pl2 pl3 pl4

West Coast Challenge $5,000 Added 1-Pocket 

2016 West Coast Challenge 1-Pocket Champion

Dennis Orcullo


07/08 8:00pm


Robert Herchik vs. Dennis Orcullo

True Double Elimination


Dennis Orcullo took an early game lead to Bob Herchik 2-0.  After another hour and fifteen minutes, Bob Herchik was able to overcome Dennis’ shotmaking and took one game.  With a fantastic battle, Dennis Orcullo defeats Bob Herchik the first match, due to a double elimination another match, race to 3 is played.  Dennis goes on to defeat Bob 3-1.

07/08 5:00pm

After defeating Santos Sambajon 3-1, Dennis Orcullo moves on to play John Schmidt for 3rd place.  Unfortunately, the 1st game starts out a little rough for John as he owes two balls, but just as soon as those balls are pocketed, spotted and the coins come off the table, but he was never able to catch up to Dennis in that game.  John was able to capture one game over Dennis, but Dennis went on to defeat John Schmidt 3-1.  After some great playing and patience in the tournament John took 3rd place.

13652914_10154397642189673_6888647145045977941_o (1)

07/08 12pm

With the close of a late night, Bob Herchik was able to defeat John Schmidt 4-2.  Herchik owed 4 balls the first game and was able to make a comeback and win that game.  Of the 6 games, most of them were played up table and with a lot of patience.  At 3am, it is hard to not want to just finish the match and get some sleep.  Today, however is a new day…third day of one pocket with the final four remaining and the beginning of the West Coast Challenge 10-ball.

On the live stream table, most of the day will feature the end of the 1pocket tournament.  Dennis Orcullo vs. Santos Sambajon battle it out at noon.  The winner will face John Schmidt at 4pm/pst.  And finally the winner from that match will meet up with Bob Herchik, scheduled at 8pm.

07/07 4:15pm

On the Winner’s side, Santos Sambajon vs. John Schmidt take to the feature table.  This is not the first time they have matched up.  A little over a year ago, they matched up in an action match in Victorville and also in Los Angeles.  In Los Angeles, at Santos’ home room, Santos was able to beat him, but in Victorville they raced to 10 for $3,500 and John beat Santos.  So, this match-up is the tie breaker!  John Schmidt has been playing very well on the West Coast Swing and this 1-pocket tournament hasn’t been any different.  He started out very strong in the first game, winning 8-0.  After a long second game, John Schmidt beats out Santos, leading the match 2-0. Santos was able to snatch up the next game, but John captured the 4th game to make the score 3-1.


07/07 1:45pm

Two different styles enter to the feature area, Tony Chohan vs. Bernie Pettipiece.  Tony, a strong, aggressive, fast paced player versus Bernie, a slower methodical player.  With that, Chohan takes the first game within 10 minutes of starting the match.  And within another 15 minutes after that, Tony takes his second game. After pushing one single ball around the table for almost 30 minutes, at 7-7, Tony finally sinks it and wins the match!

20160707_133709 copy

07/07 11:00am

After a long day of play yesterday, we are down to 24 players left.  Our day begins with a winner’s side match between Dennis Orcullo and Santos Sambajon.  Games started out quick, but as the match progressed to 2-2, each player buckled down and started putting in more thought and becoming more strategic.  At this point, the table next to the stream table featured Edgie Geronimo vs. Alex Pagulayan from the 1-Loss side.  After another win for each player, they were both on the hill.  Santos goes on to take the win!  Dennis was pretty upset, as he sat in the player chair for another 10 minutes after it was over.


07/06 10:15pm

Case game between Jeff Gregory and Paul Marquez left Paul the winner!  On the next table over Oscar Dominguez defeated Jerry Matchin in a hill-hill match.  Because the Gregory/Marquez match took 3 hours, the tournament director could not hold the next match much longer and John Schmidt would prefer not to be streamed, Alex Pagulayan vs. John Schmidt was placed on the table beside the live stream table.  As the final match on the live stream, with a few unconventional camera angles, Pagulayan and Schmidt were featured.  Pagulayan won the first game racing to 4 on the winner’s side. With 5 balls on the table in the second game a battle up table starts to form.  Two balls and the cue ball on the rail, both players nudging the cue ball along.  Alex comes up to the table nudge the cue ball against an object ball and says, “How long we got here?…like 8 days?”  From there each player fouls a couple times to bring up a balls. Tournament director, Janet Okamoto is called to watch the hits, as Alex no longer feels he should be watching John’s hit, to ensure the legality.  John went on to win the game, tying it at 1-1. John Schmidt found his opening in the third game beating Alex 8 to -1.  Alex was not out of it the next game, though…he beat John 8-0, making the match even at 2-2.  On the fifth game, John goes on to beat Alex, again 8 to -1!  Not only are the scores phenomenal, but they also have played at a quick speed. With a score of 7-1 and John Schmidt on the hill, Alex concedes the final game and the match.  Schmidt played one of the best matches of the tournament!


07/06 6:45pm

One Pocket can be a trying game and a true battle of the minds.  Wedges can form in the tournament bracket, as players can take much longer in their matches.  As Alex Pagulayan waits for his second round match, Jeff Gregory and Paul Marquez step up to the live stream table.

07/06 5:45pm

Brandon Shuff and Dennis Orcullo came to the feature table BATTLING!  By hour 3, the score 3-2 with Dennis in the lead.   Each player playing with caution and care, tactfully choosing just the right shot.  The game of patience was with each of the players.  Each player paced the table several times before choosing their precise shot.  At times we saw them string the pearls, but most of the time it was a waiting game.  Although, at one point Shuff was ahead 2 games, he fell to a champion player, Orcullo 4-2.

07/06 5:30pm

IMG_9389 IMG_9390 IMG_9391 IMG_9397 IMG_9393 IMG_9394 IMG_9395 IMG_9398 IMG_9399 IMG_9402 IMG_9410 IMG_9412 IMG_9416 IMG_9417 IMG_9420 IMG_9431 IMG_9432 IMG_9435 IMG_9438 IMG_9423 IMG_9424 IMG_9426 IMG_9427 IMG_9430IMG_9441

07/06 3:45pm

The first match on the live stream table today featured Tony Chohan and Edgie Geronimo’s 1-pocket debut.  Edgie was getting a few pointers just the other day from Santos Sambajon and Efren Reyes.  Chohan may have been a bit slow starting today, as he was behind 2-1 to Edgie.  Edgie incorporating his straight shot making, some of his new found knowledge and capitalizing on Chohan’s mistakes.  Chohan proved that he was the stronger player, by winning the match 4-3.

Players List

1plist1 1plist2 1plist3 1plist4



1st Place $3,3002016 WCC

2nd Place $2,275

3rd Place $1,400

4th Place $1,000

5th – 6th Place $750

7th – 8th Place $500

9th – 12th Place $150


Real Time Feed Page – 2016 Cole Dickson Memorial 10-Ball Tournament!






July 2nd-3rd, 2016

Family Billiards – San Francisco, CA 

  • Family BilliardsFamily_Billiards LOGO

  • 2807 Geary Blvd
    SF CA 94118
  • (415) 931-1115
  • *Parking Available on roof, entrance on Wood Street

Cole Dickson – Real Time Feed!

News • Results • Social LinksCOLE DICKSON TRANS

Welcome to the Cole Dickson “Real Time Feed Page” for this live event, streaming on POV Pool’s YouTube Channel! Be sure to bookmark and save this page and follow the updates of this event, as they come in to us. Feel free to share and leave us a comment or feedback and we shall surely get back to you as quickly as possible. 

POV Pool would like to give a special ‘Thank You’ to The Dickson Family, Delbert Wong and all the staff at Family Billiards! POV Pool would also like to thank our sponsors – Tiger Products, Kamui Products, Marty Carey’s Jump Cue, Cheqio Sports and GoPlayPool for their support. 

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Follow POV Pool on Instagram INSTAGRAM LOGO

Log #3 – July 2nd, 2016 

For the second day of play the races are extended.  Winner’s side matches go to 9 and 1-loss matches go to 8.  We’re down to the top 16 players, all of which are in the money!  After the first round of play today, we will be down to the top 12.

Returning from the Winner’s Side:

  1. Dennis Orcullo
  2. Angelo Inness
  3. Santos Sambajon
  4. Jason Williams
  5. Phil Prentice
  6. John Schmidt
  7. Francis RitaRita
  8. Vilmos Foldes

Returning from the 1-Loss Side:

  1. Rylan Hartnet
  2. Francisco Bustamante
  3. Jaynard Orque
  4. Rodney Morris
  5. Oscar Dominguez
  6. Delbert Wong
  7. James To
  8. Doug Whaley


1st Place: $2,300

2nd Place: $1,550

3rd Place: $1,025

4th Place: $650

5th-6th Place: $450

7th-8th Place: $300

9th-12th Place: $ 200

13th-16th Place: $125

First on the LIVE STREAM Sunday, Vilmos Foldes vs. Francis RitaRita (winner’s side match).  Vilmos takes the lead at 6 to 2.  Vilmos continues to gear up and extend his lead and defeated Francis 9-2!

Francisco Bustamante quickly started the morning by defeating James To and knocking him out of the tournament.  In the same breadth, Dennis Orcullo beat out Angelo Inness, sending Inness to the 1-Loss side.  Delbert Wong continues, as Rylan Hartnet falls out of the tournament.  And, Doug Whaley, after playing in the tournament until 3am, unfortunately came back Sunday to lose to Jaynard Orque.


Vilmos Foldes vs. Francis RitaRita

Featured next a 1-Loss match, Francisco Bustamante and the loser of Jason Williams vs. Santos Sambajon.  Santos Sambajon maintained his lead, until Jason won 3 games in a row to tie Sambajon.  Sambajon defeats Williams 9-6, sending Williams to the next argonaut, Francisco Bustamante.  Sambajon will advance on the winner’s side to play Dennis Orcullo.


Francisco Bustamante took on a tough match against Jason Williams.  Williams stood strong down one at 5-4, but missed a 2ball and couldn’t recover from there.  Bustamante took a break after the following game and came back defeated Williams 9 – 4.

Delbert Wong, owner of Family Billiards defeated Angelo Inness in a hill/hill match, sending him out of the tournament, to then face Francisco Bustamante.  At the same time Francis RitaRita conquered Jaynard Orque, to then move on to play Oscar Dominguez (who defeated Phil Prentice).


On the Winner’s Side, Dennis Orcullo met up with Santos Sambajon, where Santos maintained a 4-0 lead, but not for long.  Dennis crept back up, but Santos still led 6-3.  Dennis then takes the lead at 7-6, but Santos wins the next game to make it 7-7 and breaking.  After the next game bring Santos gets on the Hill at 7-7.  He then misses the 5ball, to give Dennis the table.  Dennis takes advantage of this and gets to the Hill and has the break.  With a dry break and tough lay-out, Santos tried to be a hero and ends up losing!  John Schmidt got to the hill first playing Vilmos Foldes at 8-4, but Vilmos won a couple games to make it 8-7…Schmidt might have been too much for Foldes and wins 9-7.

The feature table presented a strong Oscar Dominguez who started out the match up 6-0 versus Francis RitaRita.  Francis finally gets a game to make it 6-1, but Oscar was too much for Francis and beat him 8-2.

Francisco Bustamante runs a 4pack!!!  Bustamante came out strong against Delbert Wong making it 7-0 before Delbert even made it to the table!  Bustamante then wins 8-1.


John Schmidt vs. Dennis Orcullo

Dennis Orcullo came out feverishly winning two racks in less than 10 minutes, but when John Schmidt got to the table he took advantage. At 4-2, Dennis Orcullo put his car into the next gear going to 6-2, but with a couple innings on the 3ball, John Schmidt takes a ball-in-hand and wins the rack.

FullSizeRender (1)

Francisco Bustamante and Oscar Dominguez were then featured on the live stream table with a large audience watching as the two battled it out.  Bustamante got to the hill first 7-2, but not without Oscar winning another game bringing it to 7-4. Oscar was down on the 7ball and misses (which at first looked like a skid)!  Oscar at that point concedes the match to Bustamante.FullSizeRender (1) copy

John Schmidt takes his time to warm up for Francisco Bustamante for 3rd place and $1,025!Bustamante wins the lag, but scratches on his break, but with a bad roll on the 5ball for Schmidt, Bustamante comes back to the table to clear the table. With several innings to the table and mistakes by both players, John Schmidt ties up the match at 1-1. Schmidt scratches on the bracket and Bustamante then runs the table (2-1).  With Django’s fancy maneuvers around the table, he was able to take the fourth rack. Bustamante overtook Schmidt and got to Hill-2.  After John was able to win his 3rd match, Bustamante played a safety.  After what he may have thought was a bad hit on the 1ball, John Schmidt conceded to allow Francisco Bustamante the win.


Dennis ‘RoboCop’ Orcullo


Francisco ‘Django’ Bustamante


(One race to 11)

Francisco Bustamante comes out the gate winning the first game, but Dennis checks his 1 and raises him 5 MORE GAMES! After running 3 packs, the score was 6-1.  After Dennis played a successful safety, Bustamante turns to the crowd and says, “that’s all I got!” Dennis then goes back to his regularly scheduled program and wins the game bringing the score to 7-1.  Bustamante jokes with the crowd (being down 8-1), and says, “You can do it, Django!!!” As he misses the 1ball, Bustamante says more quietly, “Shit…I can’t do it.”  But, lucky for him, Dennis missed the 1ball and Francisco was back at the table.  Several innings on the two and hooking himself for the 4ball, Dennis gives up the table to Francisco to win the next game to bring the score to 7-2.  With a little funny foot work through a couple more racks, Dennis eats his 9th meal of the match.  Remember in the call pocket format, each pocket has to be called, so when Bustamante made the 4-ball in a different pocket and Dennis got up, Django jokingly said, “Where are you going?”  With that, Dennis finished off the rack and put himself on the top of the hill.  As Django misses the 8ball, he concedes the match, give Dennis Orcullo the win!




Log #2 – July 1st, 2016 

First on the live-stream table was Rodrigo ‘Edgie’ Geronimo vs. Frank Giordano.  Edgie struggled a bit to wake up this morning at the table, but pulls off the win.

Franciso ‘Django’ Bustamante comes up next on the feature table against, a strong local favorite, Jaynard Orque.  Although, Jaynard came out strong and played a great match, but Bustamante was able to get to the hill first and defeat Jaynard 8 – 4.

With so many STRONG players, the match-up featured was Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes vs. John Schmidt.  Reyes starts off with a 2 game lead before Schmidt was able to get on the board, but with a 2-10 combo, Reyes got a third game.  Schmidt shows a lot of heart playing Reyes and ties up the match at 6-6.  Reyes gets to the hill first, but Schmidt doesn’t let the match get away without a fight.  At Hill-Hill, Reyes pushes from the break, but Schmidt gives it back.  Reyes kick safes the one ball, but Schmidt was able make the one and makes a phenomenal 2 ball with the cue ball slightly hooked.  From there the table opens up, for Schmidt to take the match with a 9-10 combo!

Another match not to miss…Rodney ‘the Rocket’ Morris vs. Francisco ‘Django’ Bustamante! Champion after Champion! Morris pulls ahead of Bustamante and defeats him 8-5.


Jason Williams  starts off with a strong start against Edgie Geronimo with a 3-0 lead, but not for long.  Edgie comes back with 2 games. Williams goes on to extend his lead to 6-3, as Geronimo looks a bit sluggish today.  Williams goes to the hill first at 7-4 and goes on to beat 8-5!


On the one-loss side, Patrick Rhea vs. Shakey Dave Vincent, racing to 7 were featured on the live-stream table.  Patrick Rhea defeats Dave Vincent and knocks Vincent out of the tournament.

Dennis Orcollo vs. Rodney Morris


Oscar Dominguez defeats Andi Iwan on the feature table on the 1-Loss side. Dominguez takes the win, to come back on Sunday in the money.

At 1:15am, Doug Whaley and Sajal Ghimire battle it out to see who returns in the final 16! At 3 am, Doug Whaley pulls off the hill-hill win to be able to return Sunday.

Some of the highlights and upsets of today include:

Francisco Bustamante (W) vs. Jaynard Orque (L)

Rodney Morris (W) vs. Francisco Bustamante (L)

Santos Sambajon (W) vs. Oscar Dominguez (L) 8-7

Jason Williams (W) vs. Edgie Geronimo (L)

John Schmidt (W) vs. Efren Reyes (L)

Dennis Orcullo (W) vs. Rodney Morris (L)

Lindsey Dorn (W) vs. Efren Reyes (L), Efren went 2 and out!!

Rylan Hartnet (W) vs. Edgie Geronimo (L) Knocking Edgie out of the tournament!

So, don’t go away or you will miss the EXCITEMENT!

Players List

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 1.21.01 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 1.22.34 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 1.22.17 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 1.21.50 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 1.21.35 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 1.21.18 PM

Race to 8/7 & Winner’s Break, International 10-Ball Rules


Players’ Meeting

As the players filter in and practice, the tournament bracket is being created. Follow the Real Time News Feed for photos, stories, results, brackets and much more!

IMG_9214 IMG_9241 IMG_9215 IMG_9216IMG_9217 IMG_9219 IMG_9218 IMG_9251  IMG_9242 IMG_9249 IMG_9245 IMG_9244 IMG_9240 IMG_9238 IMG_9236 IMG_9235 IMG_9234 IMG_9233 IMG_9230 IMG_9229 IMG_9225 IMG_9224 IMG_9223 IMG_9222 IMG_9221 IMG_9220 IMG_9255

Log #1 – June 30th, 2016 

This is event #1 of 6 total of “The West Coast Swing” of pool which, will take place throughout July, 2016. Entries are still being taken. Anticipated turnout for this event only (72 players) but open to 128. Tables are freshly covered with Simonis 860 by Ernesto Dominguez. Tournament direction will be done ‘in-house’ – Players meeting will be on July 2nd at 12:00pm / PST.

$2,500 Added Guaranteed / $75 to enter and NO LATE FEES!!! / Entries being taken until the tournament draws!

Confirmed pros entered – (Full Player List Soon!)

  1. Rodney Morris
  2. Edgie Geronimo
  3. Efren Reyes
  4. Francisco Bustamante
  5. Vilmos Foldes
  6. Oscar Dominguez
  7. Dennis Orcullo
  8. John Schmidt

 “The One Pocket Smash Up!” – Live From Good Timez Billiards, Las Vegas – July 19-21

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POV Pool

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